Tuesday, January 1, 2019


New Start 2019
                        Update/organization of 50 plus-some blogs ongoing. 
                                 We ask for your patience but there is much here.
                                                An organized (kindof ) start below:

These are hopeful times for those of us in prison work, with much talk and preparation for the coming of our new governor . Will we see some justice? Well, we prepare in expectation.

One of FFUP tasks is to organize the blogs that have piled up throughout the years. This will be a long project as there are many treasures in them but they are jumbled. Below is a beginning:

MAIN BLOG : ( you are here)  www.prisonforum.org  PRISON FORUM 
On side bar and across top are links to specialized blogs, essays etc

1)www.secondchancewi.org:  Second Chance Wisconsin, So far most important here is a scroll -down post of parole over- ready people which we hope can be quickly released.

this blog is devoted now to opening up parole but will expand to be portal for all other issues
2) https://parolecass.blogspot.com/ Waiting for Parole: these are individual prisoners’ stories of no parole- in the process of updating and have many to add.


                                      Our Blog on Solitary :
this is being updated, we request your patience. 

NOTE: FFUP has many solitary blogs and this is where the consolidation is particularly needed.

 https://needsfriendsnow.blogspot.com/ Stranded Friends: OUR PENPAL BLOG:  FFUP offers forward service and always is available for questions or suggestion/complaints

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