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If you comment on any of the blogs we have, we will forward your comments to the prisoner. Please include you mailing information if you want to hear from them . NO prisoners in WI has access to the internet. NO email.

1) forwarding service: You can use FFUP address for your return address if you do not want to give the prisoner your address. Give us your  address if you want to hear from the prisoner.
 our return address:
c/o 29631 Wild rose Drive
Blue river, WI 53518

2) We encourage you to keep in touch, let us know of any problems. Remember you set the tone. Many people in prison have never had the experience of real friendship and a solid penpal relationship can utterly change a mistrustful prisoner from someone always out to gain the advantage, to someone open , honest and ready to help. I have seen it happen.
3) The rewards of penapalling with prisoners go both ways- I believe I get as much from my work as I give. The is partly due to the fact that many of these prisoners have had to go to very deep places  within themselves in order ot survive and have much to give anyone who allows them to open up .
prisoners are moved around a lot. To find current address of prisoners, go to
.and follow their instructions. OR email FFUP and we will find the current address.
Also, Any questions you have or if you want suggestions on who to write , email us. Give us your interests so we can help match you. We always have  a list of most needy prisoners and those mentally ill in segregation- a special category. .
WHO TO WRITE? All prisoners featured on FFUP  websites and in our blogs want penpals.
We encourage prisoners to write about subjects they care about rather than short blurbs about their favorite things and who they want to hook up with.
You can choose someone to write to by going to the penpal blogs, which list many people,  or by reading blogs by individuals.

To standard penpal blogs:
latest penpals: These are our latest requesters, mostly up to date, however you still may want to check ww.vinelink.com for their current address.  We are concentrating more on essays and Meet your prisoners: here prisoners give a more substantial look at themselves.  
Stranded friends: These are prisoners without family and friends.
 Mentally ill in segregation. If you choose to write one of these prisoners, we encourage you to keep in touch with us. Cheerful, encouraging notes are very welcome and helpful. FFUP has a program to help eliminate the overuse and abuse of seg and we encourage you to read about it- : click on Wisconsin Committee on the ethical and Humane treatment of prisoners (WCEHTP) 

 Looking for an old friend or loved one? Try FFUP's first penpal blog. This is outdated and many of these  prisoners are released now but we keep it up because many people find their old buddies through it. Look on wwwvinelink.com to find prisoners current address or email us.pgswan3@aol.com
Again-ALL the prisoners on our blogs would love to hear from you.

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