Unstick Parole

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Wisconsin Parole campaign
Wisconsin Parole Campaign
Did you know that there are parole eligible men (truly rehabilitated men) who are being denied parole
year after year?

We're not talking about an 18-year-old who committed a crime yesterday or last week, and doesn't even understand how selfish and terrifying he is to his own community and family. For those kinds of people need to be captured and rehabilitated.

The travesty we're talking about are those once 18-year-old's who have been incarcerated for 15 or 20 years so far, and have been parole eligible for the last 5 or more of those years, yet they're purposely being denied parole year after year. We're talking about men who have matured, developed an adult's perspective on life, and can clearly be seen as rehabilitated even by the most untrained eye. Men who have been model-inmates, completing several educational, vocational and life enhancing programs.

Paroling rehabilitated men who have proven themselves deserving of a second chance will 1.) ease the over-crowding. 2.) give a changed man a second chance, 3.) most importantly, create room for those who are committing serious crimes as you read these very words! There are rehabilitated men who need help, opportunity, and support. They have family, friends, and jobs that are lined up awaiting their arrival, but the secret hidden agenda of parole abuse is prolonging (year after year) the second chance of countless, changed, rehabilitated men who have no voice! (a prisoner in oakhill)

If a man has shown clear signs of rehabilitation and has reached his predetermined (by the judge) parole eligibility date, then why exactly is the Wisconsin Department of Probation and Parole's hidden agenda to constantly keep denying a man parole year after year?

National disgrace:
Good facts to know: our national disgrace

Parole primer: Parole primer 

The case for parole
Graphs and statistics show dramatic changes in last decade
   by Harlan Richards 

Graham article: although this is 10 years old, Our situation stays the same. 2008 milwaukee newspaper article gives good intro to Parole situation

How and why of no parole

The How of No Parole- illegal actions of Thompson administration
began the process of holding prisoners as long as possible.  

Meet your parole elligible prisoners , many elligible for over 20 yearsView blog of parole-ready prisoners, ever growing as prisoners submit their stories

Below are blogs for  individual prisoners

Frederick Spence, Standing Bear

"Vanguards of Justice", Lutalo AKA Rufus West   


Lene Cespedes Torres- stranded, from Cuba,
Charles Anderson 

 Ramiah Whiteside, A story of transformation      
Andre Bridges- sentenced to life at 18, tells his story



Marcus Porter
Cory Gilmore
Tyrone munson     



 claim and  elligible for parole                        


Joseph Orosco, waived into adult court as juvenile

Two juvenile offenders present their cases for parole and vision for new reentry plan for rehabilitated juvenile offenders

HELP WANTED- Please contact FFUP at pgswan3@yahoo.com
if you would like information on our campaign to unstick the WI system or if you have a friend or loved languishing in the system . We are mounting an education campaign to let the public know who they have in prison and are also working with judges and legislators to craft a release bill that will be acceptable to both parties. These efforts have a good chance of success now because of the enormous health costs incurred by the DOC as these prisoners grow old. We want to get these pirisoners out into the public while they are still strong and able to contribute so our bill will provide a release path for inmates over 55 who have served at least 15 years so. Most people do not care about prisoners, it is true- but the money incentive is strong.:Click here for one good example of the studies that have been done on the budget crisis that will grow of we do not act.
MOST needed:-
contacting representatives, outreach web help, Editorials to media
contact at pgswan3@aol.come welcome anyone viewing this web to contact FFUP at pgswan3@yahoo.com, to submit their own stories. Blogs about who is waiting


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