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2008 rally by families of prisoners in front of the WI DOC headquarters

                   FAMILIES for a  SECOND CHANCE 

WE invite you to join us in an epic task= Families and concerned people working with prisoners to bring back The DOC’s mission to keep the public safe and to rehabilitate. It does neither now.

   JOIN US by email by phone, in our weekly conference calls. WE NEED YOUR VOICE!!

          Email us: peg:,

          Phone: 608-536-3993 leave you phone number and when to call you back if no answer

          Website: “www,”

Overriding goals- 

  • to bring out the human face of prison, to state emphatically that truth matters and that prisoners are not their crime; everyone deserves a second chance.
  •  to start a movement by connecting the various WI prison activist organizations with  each other and with prisoners and their families so we work together, supporting and aiding other more effectively.
  • To educate the public on WHO WE ARE INCARCERATING with stories, with facts.


1)Weekly conference call. ALL WELCOME

                    :Wednesdays 3pm: dial 267-807-9495

                                then you will be prompted for this number: 568-065-540

  •   WE WILL BE strategizing on how we can help with individual issues as well as issues that effect all                                                        
  • If you cannot attend the  Wednesday meeting- we can meet in smaller groups any time by conference call or 2 of us via regular phone. 
  •   so again:

      Phone: 608-536-3993 leave you phone number and when to call you back if no answe         Email us: peg:


FIRST PETITION : put individual hygiene and food in Marcus Catalog.


      Making hygiene and extra food available to all is a big deal for prisoners and their families. Now only those prisoners with lots of money or family support can afford snacks, deodorant, shampoo or soap in quantities needed. We start with this in order to build a coalition that can petition, make calls and write letters on issues that effect all as well as individual issues. If we work together and help each other with issues, we can create a movement for real change, 

3)Madison day in spring. -WE need to prepare now.

This is a combined effort with EXPO and WISDOM  we converge the the capitol and talk to our legislators. This is an incredible opportunity for families of prisoners to actually speak to their representatives. There is much preparation to do as  making APPPOINTMENTS with the legislators is important and this takes a lot of phone tagging.  For those interested:

A) ontact FFUP with your information if you would like to  participate. We need zipcodes  also to assure we  make an appointment with your legislator.

B) A bus or ride share to the capitol is possible I am told, if there are enough people. (Contact info at end)


  •  We need  push-back to the constant barrage of misinformation this election has engendered- I was writing my usual parole letter when  the Rant about rapists and murderers came on the radio and my letter turned into a tirade which in a few paragraphs outlined the whole fiasco. I morphed it into an “OPEN LETTER” to the parole chairman. I suggest you do the same- Let ‘er rip- about whatever your issue- parole/ health care/ wrongly convicted or held/ no support treatment or training/harassment/ abuse- whatever it be.

We will be trying to connect with family members to form an activist group where we can tackle many issues together and support each other with our individual cases. SO if you are interested in composing one of these open letters, or who want to get more involved in other ways, contact us (


to new parole Chairman Blythe

to secretary CARR and Governor Tony Evers 


5)Spreading your stories through all venues- facebook, blogs, newspapers online and paper etc etc

We are looking for web savvy help to spread our message. If we get the grant, this will be a paid position.


6)A WISCONSIN Center for Investigative Journalism ( WIWATCH) reporter is working with us. We have spread the word about him and he is digesting and gathering the responses, We are working with him on these issues but he is interested in all complaints.

  A)Especially  compelling are stories of the impact of the prisoner’s ordeal on their families- we need contact of prisoners and their families who wish to be interviewed.

B) The mentally ill entombed in RHUs as that story will unwind to include all of the systemic corruption. And we have a doable solution that the DOC once embraced and then abandoned- a mental health treatment center and redoing of policies and rules.

C)health care is the second issue on front burner for Journalist.Let  us know of suits you are pursuing - we can get complaints from PACER and if you have filed complaints but gone no further, sum these to us. Also general stories are appreciated and contact information of families who are invested In helping you. THIS INCLUDES mental health issues also- lack of treatment in general population etc.

C) All other issues and FFUP focus- I will be concentrating on helping WIWatch go forward but also continue to gather and use information on all the issues and will see that WIWATCH gets them when they are ready. We are putting these on a private website  and docs for which we have permission to share, will go on the regular web- I use blogger as it is the most versatile. So keep that information coming - all of it- Although swamped, we learn to move forward anyway and do find a path through that coordinates all the factors


7)FFUP Reaching out for funding and legal help

1)Grant request sent to two grantor foundations in October- waiting

     Starting with grant for pilot project for 3 month room rentals for newly released prisoners- this grant will also give FFUP funds to HIRE STAFF

   One Grant request here:  

   Pamphlet here on pilot project here:

2) Letter of request for representation for two class actions sent- waiting and more going out.

view template letter to Lawyers

attachments sent: 

   issue one:

  issue two: Stop textbehind, the third party mail system

   two magazine articles on the new third party mailing system:

Monday, November 21, 2022



link to pamphlet:


Consider renting a room for three months to a newly released prisoner
1) A coalition of activist organizations are working on a grant to pay for the rental of
rooms and will pay the going rate plus expenses. We expect three month rental  intervals.
2) We will give each person interested in  renting to an ex-prisoner a list of prisoners requesting this help and their introductory letters and encourage them to pick someone and then to begin corresponding before release to make plans and find out if they can work well together.
3) We will back this project up with close attention and will need all your feedback as
we work out quirks. 
4) Once this pilot project is well started, we will be going for a grant that expands all
rehabilitative project we are doing within the prisons system and make sure we can give
prisoners the tools they need to begin healing on day one. We will also be working with
all activist groups in such a way that we enhance each other's efforts and make all
good things available throughout the system.
more coming:
 grant application
contact info if you are interested in helping
employment opportunity possibilities for exprisoners


prison assembly line- from an old pamphlet
,,                                                             sadly still relevant

As I was finishing  this letter a news report came on radio that the Republican candidate for governor was going after Govern Evers for paroling ANYONE . The baffling lies and misconstructions in this maneu           ver and my outrage led me to decide to submit this as open letter.   Forum for Understanding Prisons ( FFUP, a 501c3 Non profit)



 To:Wi Parole Chairman Christopher Blythe/3099 E. Washington St. /

September 20, 2022


I  have been part of a non-profit that works with prisoners and their families for over twenty years and have written lots of parole letters to the parole chairmen serving during that time. Each letter becomes more difficult. You are new and I write with renewed interest because I know nothing abut you and maybe you come to the job without entrenched political ideas.
       I work with many of  the prisoners in the adult system and the word spreads by mouth so I do see the whole picture and I ask you to look at this picture through my eyes for a minute as you consider the parole of  Rufus West.

      I met Rufus soon after I started this work, The Wisconsin Supermax had just opened and he was in what was called “behavior Management” . He was always in trouble, unable to follow the rules and in deep traima over the death of another prisoner. He has since learned the law and become a leader to many. He has healed himself through his activism as so many of us do- and tirelessly works for justice wherever he is. I admire him tremedously especially since he is retaliated against at every turn by the system and I believe his activism, as with many other Old Law prisoner litigators, is why he is still in Maximum. FFUP also has endured retailaition so I do know what I am talking about.

     Rufus is long past the time he was eligible for parole,( which was set at a quarter of the sentence if behavior was good)and is now past his PMR( the time ,by law he was supposed to be release barring extrraordinary circustances) . He is one of thousands kept arbitarily in that they are given reasons over which they have no control.

Here is where I ask you to look broader . I am dealing with many young prsioners, TIS prisoners, who are by law released at their court mandated release date no matter their readiness. Many of these, I am finding, are in RHU ( restricted housing units), mentally ill and have spent months if not years in solitary confinement without treatment or training, Then they are literally dumped at release. This seems to work for the system because in WIsconsin, a prisoner can be reincarcerated for non felonies .So these ex-prisoners in the main are then swooped right back  up into the system. As I work with many TIS prisoners, they call on me for help while in prison and then again after release- it is heartbreaking and we are working on a grant to help with immediate need for transitional housing as the system is absolutely inadequate to the need.

What is wrong with this picture? All studies show that people after the age of 30 commit almost no crimes- ALL OLD Law prisoners, every person you deal with - are over thirty , many if not most in their 50’s and above. They are very little risk to society an have much to give. I often say “We have Nelson Mandelas in our prisons” because we do- They have learned to focus in a way we out here, with too much social media and stimulation, cannot. They have learned self control in a way we never have to. And in the main they have a deep deep desire to give back, to repay society for the harms they have caused. Surprisingly, most prisoners although severely traumatized, are NOT bitter. They just want a chance to give back..Many have children they want to mentor and their deepest grief is seeing their children fall victim to the current inanities . Rufus lost his son in this way- and has had to deal with it isolated and alone.

 It is these OLD Law prisoners the  WI DOC holds on tenaciously giving the false reason that  they are to great a “risk  to society”, while TIS prisoners are let go usually with little or no support . There are wonderful non profit programs like OARS and DOES that help disabled prisoners with release but they have to be referred to these programs by social workers and this is hard to get for most of the most needy.

   WHO benefits from this system? Certainly not the public. Our prisons are so overcrowded and understaffed, they are often on lockdown and programs are at a minimum;staff works 14 to 16 hour days. Overtime and lawsuits are all paid for by the taxpayer. AND because the system mines the poorer, mostly non white neighborhoods, many of the kids in these areas grow up without positive parental models and choose gangs as their families out of necessity. A study by the UW concluded that over incarceration CREATES CRIME and this is one of the reasons. *

   WHO benefits from this system? It works by keeping the public in constant panic over crime. It works because the WI DOC policy of revoking prisoners at the slightest excuse keeps the public from ever seeing just who they are incarcerating . But it is excruciatingly harmful- When I went to college eons ago, I paid 200  dollars a semester, my husband went free in NY city, there were 7000 people in WI prisons. Now there are 22000 prisoners and college graduates reel under thousands and thousands of dollars in school loan debt ,  We used to support  education and we believed in rehabilitation.

I ask you to consider this rant - help us to leave behind the easy politics of fear that is leads to disaster for the many , to real listening and discovery. Through openness we can find the path to healing.

We desperately need Rufus West out here- please okay his release- he has much to give .

Thankyou for your attention, Peg Swan, Founder and Co-director/

1)UNLOCKING AMERICA: a summary from JFA Institute/Summary by David Rhodes:

Whole study:


3) Wisconsin’s Mass Incarceration of African American Males: Workforce Challenges for 2013

By: Employment and Training Institute University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  2013



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lets get some facts Out there-


Murderers and Rapists. Yes , some crimes are horrendous. Most are property crimes and crimes of poverty' We used to believe in rehabilitation, that people change- that was before prisons become profit making enterprises and vilifying prisoner became a way to maintain  over capacity prisons no matter the consequences.

here are some charts to begin the conversation:

over a third of our prisoners are mentally ill , hundred have been designate by the courts as " not guilty due to mental insanity or defect" . they are in prison because the courts do not know what to do with them and many end of in torturous solitary confinement ( RHUS). See more:: ( coming)

Over half of new admissions any year in our prison system are there for NON FELONIES, RULE Violations and they are revoked ( reincarcerated ) with little of no due process. 
( see- coming)


As stated in blurb above, when I went to    college tuition was 2000 a  semester and we  have 7000 prisoners . Now tuition In WI INSTATE is around 10,00 dollars and population in prison is 22000 . who benefits?


Sunday, October 30, 2022

OPEN letter to DOC Secretary to kick off our campaign


OPEN LETTER TO SECRETARY CARR AND ALL CONCERNED WISCONSIN                                   A                                       WE NEED TO CHANGE COURSE IN OUR PRISON SYSTEM


Recently a young prisoner was stabbed to death in Green Bay Correctional Institution (GBCI)- stabbed in the heart . We are still obtaining information on this victim but we know he was  young with only a few months to go before release. he was well liked,  and was actually trying to stop a fight over a phone. The place had been on lockdown due to lack of staff and they had all come out raring to call loved ones and friends. And yes , racism and gangs were factors. Now the place is back on lockdown for a very long time.

I bring this incident up because the deteriorating conditions in our prisons with lack of staff and overcrowding have caused  the DOC to cut all programs and put staff on 12 to 16 hour shifts and install frequent partial and full lockdowns. One prisoner said it is like being in solitary confinement. There is a crisis here the MANDATES we look at the bigger picture. 

Right now the DOC"S reaction to every problem is increasing lockdowns and restrictions. We will start with the use of third part mail, TEXTBEHIND to address the fentinel drug problem .  OUR campaign will go on to try to educate people on just who is in our system for the rhetoric about rapists and murderers used to keep the public terrorized is nauseating and must be addressed. Also important is the fact that over a third of our prison inmates are mentally ill.  As the DOC has abandoned its mission to treat  and, we as a public have abandoned our responsibility to treat vulnerable people and relegate them to our prisons. 

FIRST FORAY: The failed attempt to cut down on drugs in the system

Against this background of the stabbing cited above is the increased use of drugs, which most people contend ,  come in mostly with staff. With the introduction of the deadly fentinel into the mix, and the total lockdown of the prisons because of covid, prison authorities decided to employ a company called TEXTBEHIND= which to this day, takes all incoming mail, scans it and sends copies to prisoners- nothing comes into them from the public through the mail (except from lawfirms. )

The downsides of this system are many and complaints from all have been vocal. But the powers insist there has been a dramatic reduction of fentinel deaths since they started using Textbehind. We contest that claim and further want to expand the discussion to the negative side effects of cobbling communication between prisoners and their supports system and the refusal of the powers that be to address ANY of the conditions that cause prisoners to turn to drugs for relief.

 For the rest of this essay I will try to discuss these subjects:

A)Problems with TextBehind.

1) Questions about the truth of the statement that fentinel deaths are down since text behind (tb) ,

2) the disaster this program has been for our non profit ( FFUP)

3) The disaster this program has been for the right of prisoners to access the court and to get help form other prisoners, a right ensured by the constitution

4) Deterioration of mental health of those depending on letters from loved ones- this is especially true of prisoners in solitary  ( RHUS) and prisoners without money.

5) Frustration of family members that not only are their letters no longer private but the quality of the final product delivered to prisoners is poor and the time it takes to be deliver is unacceptable.

 B) WAY FORWARD- we must look at the bigger picture that the use of drugs by prisoners tries to address.


1) The DOC says fentinel deaths are way down since TB.

A) We contest that and want to know how this is counted. Prisoners say that guards are especially quick in reviving and giving health care to those who overdose but let those that try to kill themselves in others ways languish. Also what is counted as prisoner death?- if the death occurs in the hospital etc. The interesting comparison would be fentinel overdoses, Conduct reports and deaths during covid lockdown and  now. There you would get a sense of how the drugs come in.

B) We are told the suicide attempts are way up all through the system as are all deaths. The stabbing cited in the beginning of this diatribe is an example of the increasing stress through out the system and it will get worse if we don’t  change direction in our corrections system. We contend that people turn to drugs when other ways to fill real needs are absent. The worsening conditions in our prisons must be addressed at their source. The prison authorities reaction to fentinel only makes all worse.

C) Drugs come in with staff mostly- weall know that the DOC powers know that but are afraid of possible quittings that could  result from good scanning of incoming staff. Sometimes drugs come in with visitors but visitors are so closely screened this is relatively rare. While TB made some sense during Covid lockdown, now fentinel and any drugs can come in through the front door  . here is link to a PLN article making the same conclusion about third part mailing nation wide>

D)As founder and co-director of FFUP, a non profit that works with prisoners and their families, I am concerned that we  are no longer able to send in our newsletters , learning materials or legal guides. All our programs are curtailed to a large degree because non profit mailing rates and USPS package rates are non available when everything has to be scanned and mailed at a per page rate.

Further we have a program where we help the prisoners learn the law as this is one of the only ways prisoners have in today’s prisons to learn how to ground their frustrations and turn that energy into positive behavior. We can , by law , get  legal material in , but with text behind our general newsletters and learning material as well as most expansive internet free legal guides are too expensive. And our program has prisoner helping prisoners, again a right protected by the constitution, and that is impossible with communications taking up up two weeks. Court deadlines are missed.

We are convinced that stopping prisoner litigation is the real reason for TB in our system and at that the system is very effective.



OVERCROWDING AND UNDERSTAFFING are the UNADDRESSED underlying systemic problems . Since the 90’s the DOC has increasingly given up its basic mission to rehabilitate “offenders and keep the public safe.  The prisons are now for profit institutions with corporations, communities , vendors large and small lining up the taxpayers trough. FOR example- Staff is so short it now serves 12 to 16 hour shifts- CAN YOU IMAGINE the overtime taxpayers pay?? For what? Because of overcrowding the prisoners are in their cells most of the time and programming and treatment is largely gone especially in our maximum prisons. We as taxpayers are supporting a dysfunctional prison system , not our schools. This needs to change.


Our campaign. FFUP is connecting with other activist organizations and to bring back the OLD TRUE belief that people change and that we can go beyond the fear mongering and see the human face behind our prisoners and their families.


Here is the latest update on actions requesting your help. Please help us spread the word


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So who ARE we incarcerating? let's look at some truths being hidden behind the politics


Some of the categories of prisoners that help us                   understand the different needs

1) About 2000 prisoners are older prisoners, many in their 60's and 70's and up, who were convicted before 2000 , ,when "Truth in Sentencing"( TIS) came about and many have been eligible for release for decades. These people have in the main long been ready to be constrictive citizens but are kept in prison thru series  contradictory parole and program rules. They  make the prisoner industry enormous amounts of money through taxpayers funs and are a main incentive to keep the prison population up and the public in fear. 
           A)All these prisoners are over the age of 40 and statistics show that crime reduces dramatically after 30 and goes to nothing after that. Crime is a youth problem  ( chart:)
          B) In the main, Old Law ( OL ) prisoners were by statute eligible for release after serving 1/4 of their sentences, so most have been eligible for decades. IF their behavior was good they would be released, if not they would serve the entire term. So I judge would say, for example"" I want you to serve 10 years so I am giving you 40,.Tragically , all this was misconstrued and cobbled when "truth in sentencing" came in and these guys, long eligible,  are trapped still. 
 Introduction to old law prisoners=Some cases:
 a) those convicted as juveniles ( under 18)

DarRen Morris- see blog and pintings

 b ) those non citizens who were slated by the court to be deported but because we had no treaty with their countries , are still entombed here
coming: Sonniel Gidarisingh
Lene Cespedes-Torres ( See blog)
Juan Navarro

 c) the very old, and those very sick
no compassionate release for old law prisoners

    d) those who still have strength and health and are ready to serve-in fact most old law prisoners want nothing more than to give back to society. and they have so much to give as many if not most have focus and the ability to concentrate and are no overstimulated like w are out are> They KNOW the drk side of America and where it needs to change .

2)Many of those convicted after 2000 are Younger prisoners,  under what is called "truth in sentencing"  and they are released at a certain date no matter what. With the prisons severely overcrowded and staff so short there are few programs, most prisoners are released without treatment or training. For many of the mentally ill, this means releasing straight after months, if nnot years in solitary. Most do not make it..           some cases: 

3) Those revoked/reincarcerated for rule violations: Over half the admissions each year are for NONFELONIES- NO NEW CRIMES. for rule violations and although there are guidelines for parole officers to use, in many cases a zero success rate is lauded- and prisoner are brought back to jail with little or no due process. coming

4) and most astounding of all are the hundreds and hundreds of prisoners incarcerated because we have  few to no  mental institutions or affordable mental health therapy for the poor. "NOT GUILTY DUE TO MENTAL DEFECT OR MENTAL ILLNESS" is what the court dictates and yet these peole end up in prisons and ofter in solitary confinement because they cannot handle it in general population. and the prison does not know what to do with them. 
    a.coming :the statute allows this
    b.DOC profile of many mentally ill prisoners entombed in out deepest most torturous gulags
    c Stories and letters from some of these prisoners

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Almost Murdered in Wisconsin's Secure Program Facility (WSPF).

 Despite solitary confinement having long been recognized as being torture by neuroscientists, former U.S. President Obama, Justices of our Supreme Court the U.N., etc., the State of Wisconsin, "God's Country," continues to house people in Solitary Confinement, calling it "Restrictive Housing" (RH) so they can claim "We don't house people in 'Solitary Confinement.'"

In 2011 I began posting my writings about my experiences/observations in Wisconsin's main Solitary confinement facility, WSPF, on my blog, Prometheus Writes: Then, in 2018, with a friend's help, with a friend, I expanded my blog to, where I was able to post more details, including the names of corrupt/abusive prison staff. That same year, while I was working on a comprehensive lawsuit that challenged the condition/practices in WSPF's RH unit as being inhumane, on 8 Oct., I was stabbed in my head three times by another prisoner while at rec (despite WSPF officials labelling us as "high-risk" prisoners, they required/require us to go to rec, in small, locked rooms, with other high-risk prisoners, to prove that we are safe enough to be let out of RH; that has resulted in numerous stabbings & assaults. (You can see photos of the foot-long steel knife, its tip curled up from impacting my skull, on @PromWrites on Twitter; I was also stabbed in my lip & gumline, left leg, arm, finger & eye socket.)

Monday, May 10, 2021

 Repost from ABOLISHmke

Green Bay CI[/caption]

Despite many cultural differences, Wisconsin’s prison system has a similar negative impact on people in both under-resourced rural communities and Milwaukee’s northside. Those who have been cut out of the jobs economy, who’ve been marginalized and neglected by political elites, business owners, and corporations, are more likely to struggle with addiction, despair, and violence. We know what comes next – they end up going to prison.

In prison, negligence, abuse, and confinement cause great and lasting harm. People then return with that trauma to the same struggling communities they were taken from. The addedhe stigma of a criminal record further removes them from economic opportunities. They become more likely to resort to crimes of survival, or of addiction and emotional distress. In this way, prison drives up crime. It contributes to a cycle of harmful behavior, of people hurting their neighbors.

Union Supply Monopoly

 Repost from ABOLISHmke

Prisoners are isolated to ordering solely from union supply as a contracted vendor... I'm under the impression it violates the consumers protection  act where we are to have price competitiveness  and is at contrast with the reasons the doc initially cited as their reasons to start the four original vendors contracts in 2007 or so, which included wider selection and “price competitiveness”. Please advise … and stop this unjust overtaxing of loved ones and prisoners hard earnings especially where union charges way more than  others, takes three times the wait to deliver and puts families on hold hours to place orders. Also, where prisoners earn 5¢ per hour and doc takes 50% of hat 5¢ for restitution even hough courts imposed 25% and hen turn around and take another 10% for release accounts. Who is criminal in his situation?!!

—Jose Soto #307830, prisoner at Waupun Correctional Institution


The Wisconsin DOC is working towards only allowing one vendor to provide essentials to their captives: Union Supply. There’s a whole host of issues that come along with this, not least of which being that monopolies are historically price-gougers and unreliable, because there is no competition, so they can proceed however they want and do whatever maximizes profits, disregarding the needs and rights of the people they’re doing business with.

Thursday, April 22, 2021




FFUP launches fundraiser for three new programs:

1)DESTress Project



Intro: FFUP started soon after the Boscobel Supermax opened around 2000 with its 500 solitary cells. We started with a penpal project. Since then the prison population has grown from 7 000 prisoners to 22000 and solitary is used to deal with all ensuing problems from overcrowding and understaffing, to lack programs and no treatment for the mentally ill . With the pandemic, all got even more toxic, and suicide attempts soared, even within the now locked down general population.

Prisoners have little control over what happens to them in this system. It is a caldron of frustration and Rage. However, we all have control over how we react to the world around us and FFUP has two programs that try to give prisoners ways to positively direct their lives; our DEStress project, and legal Project. Our third program “ A Place to Land,” addresses the final failure of the system- prisoner being released after years of trauma and little training or treatment. FFUP is dealing with an increasing number of prisoners dumped to homelessness or to a short-term placement that offers no support.

1)DESTRESS PROJECT: A volunteer puts together a monthly newsletter filled with games and stories, exercises, news articles etc., aimed at those who have trouble dealing with the stress of solitary confinement and/or the pandemic. We also offer craft and art supplies and books as part of our effort to encourage prisoners to “ground” their frustrations and anger thereby transforming that energy to positive actions. Because those in the deepest solitary units are allowed almost no tools for “distressing”, we have also crafted a pilot program proposal where prisoners and staff sign a contract allowing gradual increase in privileges and supplies in exchange for respectful, healthy behavior. We are in the negotiating process with DOC powers to get this enacted.

2)A SAFE PLACE TO LAND: funding for rental pace for donated trailer

        An EXPO member has donated the use of a trailer for a safe refuge for newly release prisoners who are indigent and would otherwise be homeless. We need funding for space rental and a few months of maintenance. We believe this project will soon be self- sustaining , as we could ask for affordable rent once these guys get a job. We will also ask an ex-prisoner to be a live-in supervisor, seeing that order is maintained, and it continues to be a healthy environment. He will be paid in free rent. We will be paying for food an supplies while this project gets going. We hope this can grow and we can realize the many dreams we have explored over the years- finally for a self-sustaining community for training and nurturing people traumatized by our justice department.


Because all funds go to maintaining the population, there is little treatment of the mentally ill and few programs. FFUP is dealing with many released prisoners who are released straight from years in solitary and have no support. They are often forced to stay in the berg where they committed their crime- whether there is safe placement for them or not. The best scenario for a prisoner who is indigent is the placement in what is call a TLP( temporary living placement), where they get a roof over their head for 90days and a curfew. Period. For some people that is plenty, for they hightail it over to the county health and human services department and get food stamps and then a manual labor job which are plentiful. This is not usually possible for many prisoners who are released from solitary. They need a safe place to land for a few months.

FFUP is dealing with two men this winter were released to homelessness and another who would have been homeless but for help with rental finds and person who was given a TLP but had no food or transportation and again, needed some time to orient being in society again. Because this was during stimulus fund time, FFUP was able to aid these four prisoners but now we need your help



This is an outgrowth of our legal Project, where we help prisoners learn the law. We connect them with a prisoner litigator guide, supply guidebooks, stamps, copies, case as we can. We find that prisoners that do learn their rights and use the law to address wrongs they see, have fewer mental and emotional problems, and are able to treat all with respect . They get retaliated against but can deal effectively with that. Prisoners help prisoners in this system, and we try to encourage that with this program.

With PLRSJF, we will go from individual cases, where winnings seldom garner any changes in the system to multiple cases efforts and cases that DO effect change if won. This will take funds for filing fees and copies, postage etc and we are working on getting a lawyer consultant-

Already with the inception of this fund, litigators and FFUP are beginning to think larger and are gathering cases of similar nature and organizing our legal project. We can umbrella most of the issues we will be addressing under one heading-“ACCOUNTABILITY”. As it is now, there is none- the DOC monitors, investigates itself on all levels from the inmate complaint system to the PREA fiasco. By showing patterns with multiple cases and featuring well done examples of systemic problems, we can, we hope, point the DOC back to its original mission- “To rehabilitate offenders and keep the public safe.”


FFUP General newsletter 4 21 “BRIDGE OF VOICES” :

DESTress Newsletter April 21:

11 20 Introduction to prisoners for requesting crafts/ arts with First DESTress newsletter:

FFUP main blog, (one of about 30):

Introduction to PLRSJF for prisoners:

Proposal for pilot project to get more DEStress tools int0 solitary prisoners:

Coming: photos of crafts, cards and art by prisoners using our DESTRess project.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Actions against Secretary Carr and DOC funding




this post: 

 Some friends of FFUP dropped bodybags in DOC Secretary Carr's driveway.

Then they put out a statement on the DOC budget calling for drastic reduction and defunding of the Wisconsin prison system.

Video of the action is online here:

The budget document is online here:

FFUP was not involved in this action, the people doing it are friends, but are not acting as members of FFUP. They tell us future actions in a similar vein will be posted to

Friday, November 20, 2020


sampling of latest letters- a start:

scroll down here for bulk of letters

 Volunteers and/or staff and funds needed


In this time of global panic, sickness and strife. it is easy to forget the most vulnerable among us while we lick our own wounds. The term ”essential  workers” hides a gruesome fact as it is the poor, usually minorities, that cannot afford the luxury of staying home- must go to work serving us in order to survive . They are the one’s dying along with the other groups hardest hit - those who cannot protect themselves, live in enclosed spaces-like nursing homes and prisons, where the virus is brought in by staff.  For many of our prisoners, the term “persons in our care” has become a cruel joke :they say“What care?” ,and reports to FFUP and other organizations contradict almost completely the one we hear from the WI Department of Corrections(WIDOC).  We have truly entered the world of the “survival of the fittest” where the virus wolves circle the herd picking off the weak.

Since the beginning of the pandemic activists and concern citizens have been calling for the universal use of masks, testing and that the prisoner be given adequate sanitizer and only now, when the virus is everywhere, are the national guard sent in to verify the hundreds of positive cases in each prison. And still prevention and treatment are a joke in most prisons, each fiefdom creating its own rules which mostly make little sense and are intended only to placate an uninterested public.

We need your help with our new “DEStress project , with answering phones , with web work and with funding. Overarching all our efforts is preparation for court action to get the prison population down to levels where the pandemic can be effectively handled. There have been two failed WI court attempts which we learn from and a successful in California, where the court has order the halving the population of the notorious prison SAN QUENTIN.

Here are some introductory links:

            1)  Court Decisions: a)San Quentin court decision demanding release of half the population. b)Decisions on the two failed WI attempts

           2)Report by Volunteer Ben Turk in March 2020:

           3)News Reports covering our “Covid Compassion Campaign”- our early effort by activists and families of prisoners to secure the release of those most vulnerable to the virus and later reports on widening spread of the disease.

          4) links to applications for pardons made by prisoners in early months of the campaign. The Governor responded by removing the waiver application from the Pardon. We got a note saying there was no pardon/clemency for prisoners.

          5) Statute giving full pardon powers to the Governor and links to pardons given by Governors in the past

          6) Report on National attempts to deal with the virus in our prisons

For this writer, how we treat these “persons in our care” is of utmost important for they actually are ”persons in our care” and have NO WAY TO PROTECT THEMSELVES. Like one of the presidential candidates is at this time touting about the election, helping these “persons in our care” survive the pandemic and getting those most vulnerable out of there and back to their families is a struggle for the “soul of the nation.”


1)      Phone help : FFUP founder keeps funded the LC Connections phone line to prisons funded and there are on average 10-15 calls a day- mostly needed is someone to talk to, these guys are terrified and they need to know someone cares. You would take down any brief messages(like the need for stamped envelopes) and perhaps take a few notes as you deem necessary, but the biggest need is just to listen and empathize- a chat line. FFUP would pay for phone upkeep and you can charge by hour for wages-to be negotiated

2)      DEStress Project:

A)FUNDING NEED for craft supplies, book to read, coloring books and games.

B) Internet help -All items must be purchased from approved vendors. FFUP would pay for items, you could get hour wage or do as volunteer for doing the actual purchasing.


Anxiety and terror is sky high in our gulags. After hearing from prisoners of suicide attempts even in general population we started this project and basically ask prisoners what tools they need to help them cope- we have bought some tvs and radios for the most fragile but that is rare-mostly it is puzzle books and coloring books and craft supplies books to read- beads and crocheting , drawing and painting are popular. The prison ironically provides less and less the more needy the prisoner. Those most mentally ill get to be in the darkest dungeon and only get a crayon to write with. Punishment is the only reaction given to any behavior that is the slightest bit disruptive or disrespectful . A big success has been getting permission send in book with packing slip instead of paper receipt- this was a 15 year attempt.  

        Essay MAD DOG by WI longest serving solitary prisoner ( 20 years and counting) written in early years of WI supermax.

       Our first and second DEStresS NEWSLETTER . This is put together and mailing is funded by a volunteer.


3)      LEGAL PROJECT- Here we are looking for folks with interest in the law- toweb help organize this very successful beginning attempt to help prisoners learn the law- Here is application  the prisoner fill out if they want to work a “prisoner litigator guide” and FFUP supplies guide books, stamped envelopes ,copies case look ups as needed- help needed here in all aspects. a)applications civil and criminal

4)      Penpals- a perennial need . We provide forwarding service for those who do not want to give their real addresses. Need help reorganizing penpal blogs as well as letter writers. Corresponding with these prisoners is easily the most rewarding part of this work for you get to know people on a very deep level and love grows.

5)      Money money money. Always needed – we have paypal site, a gofundme account where paypal pays the fee. And you can always donate straight to FFUP.

6)      MOST NEEDED someone to do social media for us and basic internet- Anywhere you look on FFUP  web, here is much help needed.( about 30 untended blogs for starters) We do have an enthusiastic possible leader of this project in a 20 year old soon to be released from prison- hope he will oversee anew effort.

Fi   Invite all to post /share their letters and emails  Finally, we thank prisoners for sharing their concerns for us and Jim Beadle for downloading many corrlinks complain, Gerard Rose for sharing his corrlinks correspondence and invite any one to send their emails and letters from prisoners and their families to us. 


Below we try to organize reports from prisoners in a readable format. They are heartrending for the terror is palpable. And they know exactly what is happening and that they can do nothing about it.

click here for reports in full organized by prison with  WIDOC photos and profiles

See below for a snapshot of what prisoners are saying about their conditions:

1) This is one of the best description of how and why the virus spread so completely throughout the system. From the beginning we have been asking that prisoners be given adequate soap and disinfectant  and that the staff is bringing in the covid. Since the virus is airborne prevention is all that could work. Ross takes us through the steps that happened in his medium custody prison.


           I’m writing about my concerns about the situation here at Stanley correctional institution. WE now have a covid outbreak within the institution Three out of the five housing units are now locked down because of it. To start off, we had been tested in the spring and found to be covid free Shortly after, they implemented the use of masks, no visits, and limited movement, among other things.  Then they started bringing in inmates that tested positive from minimums to house here. The reason behind this was the minimum security prisons were unable to quarantine sick inmates.

        As time went on, the staff has continued acting carelessly, regularly removing masks to eat and drink. They interact with us without masks outside of the buildings.  They claim to be tested daily by having their temps taken. I can’t see this being very effective when many stop at McDonalds or gas stations right before showing up for their shift. I know this because they eat what they had purchased right in front of us So who knows who they have come in contact with.

       In the last couple weeks, the things have completely come off the rails. A kitchen staffer tested positive for covid only after being around inmates. We have had one guard repeatedly escorting groups of rookies in and out of all the housing units and people’s cells. A couple days ago, a white shirt was going from infected housing units to covid free units. He even went into random cells just to have a “look see.” This all trouble me since they clearly have no regards to spreading covid. They are not concerned with our well being or prevention of this horrible virus.

     I don’t believe the DOC or this prison have any protocols for what’s taking place. Ow. The have so many people ( inmates) sick that now they are asking for volunteers to do various prisoner jobs They need everyone from plumbers to cooks in the kitchen.

    They have no place to quarantine sick inmate. Instead, they are being held on their housing units with the healthy ones. These buildings have 1 central ventilation system so everyone is breathing the same air.

     This place is short staffed and are requiring guards to work double shifts, often bouncing them around from unit to unit. This is further increasing the risks to us.

     There is no social distancing at all. As I write this, I have 7guys around me. To make things worse, its been decided to take away our hot breakfasts. We also have had a few of the better meals taken away. Gone are eggs, oatmeal, chefs salads and turkey wraps. They are replacing them with more carbs and starches.

     This has become unreal to me. My family and friends are concerned about my wellbeing. I’m non- violent offender with 14 months left. I have no institutional program needs. I am low risk with a minimum custody level. I’m cleared to go to a minimum but won’t get moved because of all this. I’m not even from this state. I live in Illinois where I have a home in the country, family, work, etc.  I’d be safer there.

     I am the first to say we all need to be accountable for our crimes. This is starting to get out of control. I feel like enough is enough, let me go home and quit putting me and others at risk. What in the hell is wrong with the powers that be? Do they make money on housing people? Do the not take into consideration the stress this adds to our families and friends? I understand that everyone Is going through this but do they ever stop to think if 400 inmates need urgent care at a hospital. What will they do? Overwhelm an already stressed hospital in the local area? Or just let guys suffer here? Things appear to get worse as time goes on. Would they rather let inmates die before releasing them?

      I’m sick of this mess. People need t hear us and really think about this situation. We are not all bad people. Hundreds maybe even thousands in Wisconsin prisoners are just like me. Made a mistake, first time in prion and just trying t get back home to family to rebuild. How can I get this word out to the public? Are there any TV or paper that care about us> Are there any lawyers or judges to write? I know FFUP care but I want to do whatever I can because this isn’t right. I’m not here to get sick and possibly die or have long lasting health effect from covid. In my strong opinion, Tony Evers, the DOC and courts have really dropped the ball on this issue. It makes me mad. Feel free to use this in your newsletter or forum.

2) Panic at not being able to breathe.

Matthew Stechauner 378235 OSCI

10 17 20


Hello to you Peg. I tested positive for Covid-19 today 10-17-20. 75 guys on my unit tested positive for Covid-19. I been calling a lot of medical emergency and I can not breath, chest pain, loss of taste, smell, headaches. I feel like I am going to die. The HSU staff, medical staff are not treating my Covid-19 symptoms. I told my mom to call you. They moved me off my unti to a unit R where they put people with Covid-19 and they do not check on us much or medical staff do not check on us. I am scare for my life Peg. Our prison has the biggest Covid-19 out break do to these prison officials leaving us in unsafe conditions like leaving sick guys on units with guys who aint sick. We get know outside, rec, indoor rec, library. I got a court deadline and can not use library is crazy, Peg file a lawsuit and pay filing fee for me. I will file a lawsuit myself unless we do a class action. Peg contact lawyer Dawn Sabel at phone (920) 922-6814 address lawyer Dawn Sabel 76 S Macy Street Suite 2 Fond du Lac, Wi 54935. She does prisoners lawsuit cases, she assisted me before. I I am sending you a copy of letter lawyer Sabel sent me. I can not breath Peg. Call Warden, news, people in power, they putting my pulse was 124 and blood pressure was 160/74 and they will not take me to the hospital, Peg. Write me back right away, call my mom at (414) 892-0522


3)Quick note below sums up alot.

Chance Wallow, #458649, WCI 

on Covid and Kitchen Work at Waupun Correctional.( WCI)

Also, on the phone you asked me to tell you about some of this Covid 19 stuff going on. Well, there are multiple inmates that have it in this institution. Just in this cell hall we have about 40. They are so short of people in the kitchen that they got a whole bunch of us volunteering. We started with about 21 people, now we are down to 12 people and we’re working 430am to 630pm. The southwest cell hall is the only cell hall that they are letting work. It’s very crazy and unethical the way they treat us here. I guess the positive thing about us working in the kitchen is we get to shower twice and we get to eat good and be out of our cell.

The thing that is getting to me and I’m not understanding is how so many inmates are catching Covid and they ain’t going nowhere. 

( he works from 4:30am to6:30 pm, gets between19 and 35 cent an hour and most of it is taken for restitution- he ends up broke /but is grateful for the food and showers and out of cell time)

4)Here is another Kitchen worker, this time at OSCI ( Oshkosh prison), which expresses well the rage many of the more politically courageous feel. Ditto for this writer.

5)Two essays by anonymous OSCI prisoner, expressing some of the rage and frustration that is widespread.

                               “Slavery Is Still Legal in the Prison System” 

I have heard the cries for social justice and equality out in society. I have seen the riots and protests fighting for equality. Yet here I sit in a Wisconsin Prison cell being paid 35 cents an hour. Most people make between 19 and 25 cents. That is sweatshop and slavery wages at the very least. How is it any different than it was 200 years ago? The prison staff are the slave owners feeding us meals that honestly would barely keep children alive, they give us a 2 inch mattress to lay on, and if we work, they pay us illegal sweatshop wages. How is that any different than the slavery and human rights violations of 200 years ago?

Now, because of prison overcrowding, 2 men in a room smaller than most of your bathrooms at home, the covid-19 has hit us and roughly 35% of the Oshkosh prison population have gotten Covid-19 so far...and people are starting to die because of it. 

Add to that the fact that the prison staff have been using about 300 of these prisoners as Frontline Workers, risking their lives in the process...Paying them 19—35 cents an hour to face death. Slaves required to risk our lives working 16 hour days in most cases, which wears down the body, and makes you more likely to get sick. We are not given proper surgical gloves to keep us safe. We cannot wash our own personal laundry, leaving us with clothing that is covered in dirt and bacteria, and that is now falling apart because of this. They stopped letting us clean and disinfect our rooms, again, putting our lives at risk. And staff members are not allowed to only work one unit to stop the spread of covid from unit to unit. They work one 8 hour shift on a unit with 100 infected prisoners...A Hot Spot...then, they come to our unit to work here, without changing clothes and showering the bacteria off their bodies. There are many times a day when 8-10 officers are up on the deck where they sit, crammed into an 7x12 foot area...many times up there without masks on.

I came down the stairs on 3rd shift about a month ago, to see 2 officers up there (all night) without masks on, and when I got down the stairs, the one who was not our regular, who had already worked in another unit, proceeds to wipe his bare hand all the way from mid forearm down to his fingertips across his snotty nose. He then immediately went to typing on the computer and using the mouse...spreading the bacteria.

They have started making prisoners disinfect the phones in between each call...But, the workers doing this are wearing No Gloves...they grab the phone barehanded, then they wipe off the receiver with a rag in another bare hand, and then they place protective cellophane (shrink wrap) on the receiver with their bare hand. They wipe off the keyboard and hang the phone back up, declaring it properly disinfected. Those workers are spreading the disease, not getting rid of it.

So, to all of you fighting against social injustices, I ask you...why does slavery exist and yet you do nothing to stop it? These prisoners have families who love them...So why does no one do anything to protect us?

                                                         OSCI, Covid 19 Punishment

So, the reward for working as slaves on the frontline is that if we get a common cold, the flu, or Covid019, we are sent to segregation to be held for 14 days without a tv, radio, or tablet for email. Seg is the place where they send people to be punished, and now that is where they put prisoners who get sick from risking their lives as frontline workers for the prison system. So, our reward is to be thrown aside, into the trash if we get sick helping our own slavemasters operate the prison. If we don’t die from covid-19, then our reward is to return back into slavery on the frontlines risking our lives for pennies.

One more reward? They punish you further by trying to throw away your property when you go to seg. They incorporate this into part of the punishment anytime someone gets sent to seg. Most of the time they throw away legally purchased property, claiming it was stolen and gotten illegally. When you get back from seg, you have to file a complaint, providing receipts for all that they threw away, and then they refund you a prorated amount of value for each item based on when you bought it...and you lose hundreds of dollars in the process as they commit crimes against you and you can do nothing to stop it… nothing to fight it.

Last fall I was sent to seg for simply starting a religious fast based on my Christian beliefs. The ticket they gave me for contraband had almost $500 in personal property listed. They were trying to throw it all away. They forced me to eat, violating my right to practice my religion, and only that saved my property. When the seg officer realized that I had broken no rules and would be returned to my unit after only eating 3 straight meals, he put all my things back in the boxes and said he would leave it up to my unit to deal with the contraband.

 When I got back to my unit, I grabbed all of my receipts to prove I owned all of it, and they had to amend the ticket and return all my belongings in except for my TV, which had a crack in its screen, so they forced me to throw it away giving me 7 days punishment for it being cracked. I simply kept it waiting for my new TV service, at least I could hear my TV shows.

 That ticket, which is public record, proves that they rob prisoners of their property as part of the segregation punishment...trying to use this bit of illegal cruelty to teach you to fear breaking the rules. Now...This is part of their punishment for just getting sick. 

I am personally hiding my symptoms because just like most prisoners are doing, I am trying to avoid the punishment process that they claim is to protect us. 

Please Help Us!!

But protect my identity, as they always retaliate!

6) PRISONERS in general are fully aware that half measures are for public show only

a)  Jermaine Hampton 406289  WCI 10 28 2020

Hi Mrs Swan:

Okay so there’s about 394 inmates at Waupun Correctional which have tested positive for the coronavirus 6 of which are hospitalized due to the security of Covid-19. The institution is still not taken this seriously they still are denying inmates the proper use of disinfectants. They expect us not to properly sanitize our living areas. They spray our towels twice in expect us to clean our rooms with it yet since the last outbreak we have not been allowed to clean our rooms at all cuz the institution is on lockdown and we are only allowed to shower once a week there’s no way the virus is going to leave this institution they are not cleaning the common areas used by staff or the inmates they are taken infected inmates from one unit in the institution and placing them in another part which only makes the other inmates in that unit sick from the virus yet the staff are not listening to our demands and our health is being ignored completely. I am in constant fear that I might die I have several health issues and I have already tested positive and I was not treated at all, no vaccine no medication. I was moved to the north cell hall in expected to stay in my cell and I was not even allowed to shower and I am still experiencing systems now. And I was not treated they took my vitals and told me to drink plenty of water, my kidneys hurt, I had a headache for the last week and I get tylenol for other injuries so I take them but they don't work, my back hurt my throat hurt I feel dizzy. And I am really afraid I will die because they are not doing anything to help us.

I wrote up that inmate grievance complaint like you told me to do in I mailed it to you I will mail you a copy of the decision and the appeal. Keep in touch. Also, did you check on that book yet? 

Your Friend,

PS I pray all is well with you and your family and friends, god bless you Peg you are my blessings. Thank you for all that you do I got that paper in envelopes too thank you very much you have to send me the complaint and acknowledgement paper back ok, for the inmate grievance complaint make you a copy.

         b) Tuesday 10 27 20 Faheem WCI

Ms Peg, how are you doing? I trust and hope you are in great health and good spirits up arrival of this letter.

Ones writing to let you know what’s going on with me and my situation. I was tested positive for Covid-19 virus on 10/20/20 and it felt as if I was going to do. I had bad headaches, eyes burning, couldn’t breath, taste and smell gone, I still don’t have any smell or taste. My body still aches and is fatigued. You know I had filed for that compassionate release back in June and I feel this should compel them to get us out of prison, because I fear if I get this virus a second time I will die! They are not equipped or competent enough to deal with this virus. I just seen Waupun on Fox 6 News and they acknowledge that it’s overcrowded and Fessahaye says it’s against the law to have prisoners in double cells especially with this Covid-19 virus and prisoners are getting it by being forced to be in a cell with another prisoner.

I am PRC’d out of this prison and been locked up for two plus years, yet they saying I will be here for a year before I’m moved this is Krazy!

Well, Peg ones will close this and get it out to you in hopes you can give us incited on what move I should make next because I shall be release for I am old-law and they need bed space.

Peace and Love


7)and a few of the death reports

a)Michael Garcia-Soto 431861 NLCI 10 21 20/

Hey its a sad day here? Curtis Schmidt died today I heard from inmates I'm sure due to covid-19 with his health problems. I was pretty good friends with Curtis and its very sad but I'm also very mad for a lot of reasons. Curtis told me after they denied him from getting out early that he would probably die in here from covid-19.

That makes me very mad for a lot of reasons and a ton of inmates on this unit pissed off and think someone should be charged for negligence on how covid-19 was handled down on our unit. That lead to the death of Curtis Schmidt. Positive covid-19 inmates were always kept on the unit in quarantine around not positive inmates. Putting Curtis in danger and other inmates. They kept moving inmates around on the unit spreading the virus and pissing off inmates at the same time. Curtis only had a few months left in here. Well the DOC and Governor Tony Evers just gave him a life sentence of death thanks to not granting him his early release. Its very sad! That someone had to die from this covid-19 that was supposed to go home to his family with only a few months to go.

I'm also pissed at all the lies and disrespect around here. A few inmates found out that the Oshkosh correctional inst. Lied to the public and having there people print off the false lies and having them sent in to the prison from websites. Like k-building's covid-19 inmates were NEVER all moved off the unit in isolation to protect non-covid-19 inmates. So here's an example I tested positive for covid-19 my cellie tested negative but be didn't get those test results back for 72 hours or 3 days so my cellie then got moved after those three days of being in with me who's positive to another negative inmates cell that was negative too. Now tell me that is the best way of spreading a covid-19 virus. We told the staff that and they still moved him that this was part of the game plan. Now can you see why I'm mad and the negligence here. That probably played a part in Curtis Schmidt's death or getting covid-19. They lied to the news my mom saw on TV on channel 2 news said they were giving inmates 5 free phone calls due to covid-19 pandemic that was a lie reported by the news. Who told them that? I can barely make a call or 2 if I'm lucky a week. The phones stay not being used. Oh don't get me started on phones either so we used to do time slots for the phones so we can call our families at a reasonable time. Meaning my mom works 3rd shift she sleeps in the after noon so I try to call her in the mornings so she can sleep the rest of the day for her to get up for work. According to the staff the unit manager took away these time slots which worked good for the inmates and the families on the streets and told the staff to just go down the teir knocking on doors telling inmates they can now use the phone. Not taking any consideration for that inmate's family members who can only answer the phone at a certain time because they have lives of their own and work too. Why stop time slot sign up when it was working? I know why because it pisses inmates off! K-building is turning into a hornets nest a lot of inmates are very on edge. Some been snapping but I've heard and seen why they getting mad. A lot come to me for advice. I tell them to stay calm but not sure how long that will last. They don't like being disrespected. Staff would just tell them " your acting entitled". Using group terms against inmates not hearing them out.

The game plan so far I've seen down here is.
1) no cleaning supplies given out to clean cells
2) two showers a week if you not a worker
3) 2 phone calls a week no time slots make call when staff gets you
4) no doing personal laundry so piles up in your dirty cell get caught doing in in shower or sink you get a conduct report
5)working inmates 7 days a week ( some inmates think they will get more pay for doing this as they think it was promised to them but true be that is another "lie" and when they find out on payday will be super pissed off)
6) no looking at property catalogs right now so inmates can't buy personal property from in here cause they don't know the prices let contractors know JL Marcus and Union Supply they won't let catalogs come in mail to inmates if sent in.
I'm sure there's a lot more but you get the idea of what is going on here at Oshkosh correctional inst. A lot of inmates are getting super mad about this and its only going to get worse before better. Staff blame the unit manager for these things say we can't do nothing about it. It's up to the unit manager. Staff is getting mad too you don't think I hear what they say about each other. No communication here! Thats problem #1! I think everyone should be clean, showers, cleaning cells, doing laundry, and doing their best to stay clean to stop the spread not have weeks of dirty laundry in cells, moved around to spread the virus (if your going to move them move them to a covid-19 quarantine unit) the CDC says to stay clean . but I do understand there's no extra room in the DOC prison system because they never let anyone out early. It's overpopulated and covid-19 will take lives and bring down that prison population which I think is the real game plan because our prison system is broken and nobody wants to fix it nobody cares.

Everyone's running around crazy here trying to come up with a plan but there never was one it was too late and it spread like wildfire when it got in here. But you know what Governor Tony Evers did he blasted the DOC staff here all over Fox news station saying the only reason covid-19 spread through Oshkosh correctional inst was because of the staff. Shows how much he cares. He don't care about inmates or staff that work for him. Thats so disrespectful on so many levels. Everyone needs to be respectful to each other and come up with a plan because from what I'm seeing here inmates and staff are not on the same page and aren't getting along. Even staff ain't getting along with staff.

I hope everything gets better here and hope the truth comes out about what's really going on here don't believe the fake news media or what you read online that things are under control here because they are "not" it's a huge mess. I pray that everyone is OK in here and if you have a loved one in here you better call to see if they OK if you haven't heard from them in awhile. I pray that things get better and things get worked out here before more people die. Pray for inmate Curtis Schmidt's family there loss is sad and didn't need to happen.

Thanks for reading my concerns here. I have the freedom of speech. Adam

b)Dave Olson reports of a death of his friend after writing me twice about his sickness with no response.for me Did I get the letter? Maybe, I get between 15 and 20 letters a day and do only my best- My greatest wish is to see an organization structure and effective enough that I canbe only intake worker and can respond better to these "persons in our care."

I have called mark;s family and ffup will help getting Mark's body/ashes home if that is possible

rescan letter better and post. 

c)And BJ


 To post where most of prisoners'  reports are linked along with DOC photos and profiles

 a rough draft of our covid lawsuit  goals and the problems it will address. 


          2008 rally by families of prisoners in front of the WI DOC headquarters                    FAMILIES for a  SECOND CHANCE   WE invi...