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Derrick Smith344250 WCI/ 1963, 59, B/ out 2050

   Derrick is an old friend. Was in fact released many years ago and was picked up by cops at the outdoor with a new charge- a revenge bogus charge but he has not beat it. He is a constant target for PREA violations and throughout the years did a lot of research and advocacy to find out just how broken the PREA system is and how fraught with danger is sticking up for yourself- Have written him about this shout out letter, asking victims to unite- whether he want his name on this this. He is a brave soul - I sned him Sudoku puzzles and ind vacation tools- there is little system progress possible without numbers- For him the w orst is “date rape-” where you re drugged and raped in your sleep I=in case he was in lock ed segregation and so know it was a guard but neither him no I could get a timely rape kit test done or any real investigation- happened many times- got himself to WRC abi where ever he is he is a target for gay guys, I guess and can get no protection.

MY ACTIONS -trying to USDOJ involved - PREA is part of Plea for investigation sent mid march,. I write him and send him destress stuff> This letter Is his response to my writing him about the DOJ submission.

 NOTE OTHER PREA VICTIMS AND VICTIMS OF GANG THREATS AND EXTORTION ARE IN usdoj REPORT-mostly, I bcome friends with them and we support each other, building strength.


Theron Harris 283940 OSCI/ 1975, 47 W/ out 11 25 23/


Got 3 20 23 -This letter is about new toilet policy at OSCI- prisoners in double WET CELLS ( they have toilet in cell) have to both be in cell when day room closed- not allowed a courtesy curtain when they use the bathroom and both are in cell , not allowed one to go out of cell or to block window while toilet is being used- very big deal a PREA violation he says- would like groups take on this. .

Background on Theron:Theron has been a frequent self -harmer- using anything at hand- perhaps partly thru Advocacy/discussion with psych staff, he did get some treatment and was connected to the OARS program which helps with release; was still revoked and is now looking at a 112523 release. Note the discussion was: 1)Theron needs treatment/2)answer he cannot get treatment until he stops self harming3) he needs tools to stop self harming etc etc - he got the tools. Finally , got support for release and was still revoked.recently relapsed and was in obs for self harming but had been free of that behavior for many months before and is learning other ways to vent.


ALSO AT OSCI 2022- Huge window in bathroom on one of the units from which staff perr at prisoners- prisoner put up a barrier and protested and exhausted remedies and FFUP wrote powers- nothing came of it.


PREA COMPLAINTS from initial USDOJ report

 2)Jeff Poff’s (390966 WSPF) testicals were hard during a strip search- he ends up with a hernia because of it and constant pain. I called the warden about it and was assured and investigation would ensue but there has been none and Jeff has since written about a chain of corruption within WSPF- this is unfortunate as in my experience WSPF has the best environment for prisoners, with the guards will trained and in one prisoner’s words- they are “decent”. It is important that this possible corruption be investigated and the perpetrators held accountable.  Two letters original and one typed:

3) Matthew Stechauner (378235, NLCI)was  slapped hard on his butt by another prisoner and had an explosive reaction, attacking the guy who slapped him. He filed a PREA complaint wheaich went unaddressed for weeks as Matthew’s anxety rose- He was transferred to NLCI against his will and here the situation has escalated, with no therapy and very little understanding of what Matt is going through.He sits in Segregation now for a “bogus conduct report”.

The background to Matthew Stechauner’s case is that he was sexually abused as a child and has a long history of mental illness. HE has done very well by learning the law and helping people with their legal work.He has servere PTSD and this work helping others and studying the law has helped him overcome his emotional hurdles. The sexual assault back several months ago has been too much for him . He  badly needs therapy and a new start.

This is one email, there have been many letters and emails:

 4) Daniel Peace 508684 NLCI- believes he is the object or retaliation because he  complained about a “date rape”  similar to the one described in #1 above. What is currently happening is harrassment and threats, accusations that HE is stalking and harrassing people and is gay. It started when he was exchanging letters with a close friend. They were sharing song lyrics and grew quite close. Derrick seems to  not know the turning point but his friend went to the CO and reported Derrick as harrassing him, Now this “friend” is spreading rumors about Derrick being gay and stalking others and he has received threats of  physical harm. Derrick insists he is not gay and never appraoaches others  on that level and his freindship with his accusor was not in the least sexual.

     Daniel is particularly concerned because only one side of the story is told- his final letter to the firend , not the ongoing exchange or any of the friend’s letters The CO make no effort to clarify or protect Derrick and he is always “looking over his shoulder” as prisoners have been sent to Harm him.

Daniel needs at minimum a change of prisons.

Situation in Daniel’s words: typed and original:


5) Cory Akstulewicz(311424 OSCI)- Cory is Trans and has the chosen name ”Angela”. She is currently plagued by what she calls “false PREAS” which have cost her her jobs and peace of mind and landed her in TLP. There have been no charges but the harrassment continues.

Link to Angie (Cory) Akstulewicz’s  typed and Original letter ( part of a series of letters):

 6) Damien Green 384855 GBCI- here writes in crayon, his only tool of a guard that is harassing him, in this incident lewdly watching him insert his catheter. 





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