Sunday, October 13, 2019

Advocacy meetings with legislators

FFUP is currently setting up meetings with State Senators and Assembly Representatives on prison-related committees, or who represent areas that are targeted for mass incarceration.

We've researched the current legislative agenda and made the below call to action we will press on these lawmakers.

First, we are deeply concerned by the lack of any proposed legislation to address the humanitarian crisis occurring in Wisconsin's prisons. Please see our "Staffing Crowding and Death" report for an in-depth look at these conditions and their causes. For an update with recent stories, please see our October Intake Report.

Second, we've heard that there is interest in making laws that will reduce the incarceration rate and address overcrowding, which is a major contributor to poor conditions. The only law related to this which has been introduced is a marijuana legalization bill. Meanwhile, there are 20 bills that will increase incarceration by criminalizing more activities, expanding penalties and scope of existing laws or eroding protections for people targeted by the system.

Finally, we're also calling on elected officials to support three campaigns FFUP is active with, by making public statements and signing these petitions:  the CLOSEmsdf petition, the Parole Rules change petition and the Free Chrystul Kizer petition.

Read the full call to action below...


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