Sunday, April 19, 2020

COVID 19 and FFUP's clemency waiver action

Clemency for people convicted of all kinds of crimes was common until the prison boom days and the Governor Thomas administration. We hope to open it up again. Prisoners tell us they feel the public does not see them as human- Instead their crime defines them. We think it is time to change that, to bring compassion and the belief in rehabilitation back into our justice system.

Report by Harlan Richards, A WI prisoner, on the use of Clemencies before the present tough on crime era.:
Full report here:

Here are links to clemency actions given in the years 1975 through1986, obtained through open records request.
WEB ADDRESSES for executive clemency and pardons given to prisoners 1975 through 1986

                              OUR CLEMENCY ACTIONS
On Wednesday, April 4th we will be sending Governor Evers about 30 CLemency Wiver Applications and will send another about one week later. We are having a press conference/conference call on the 21st to spread the word about this effort. Below are links to more information>

1) Waiver application:
This comes from the clemency application presented by Governor Evers in 2019.
 In that application , he states no prisoners is eligible for clemency and anyone applying must be off paper for at least 8 years.  There is a waiver application in this packet, however. We are told by inmates that this application is available in every prison law library also. Look for it in the clemency application.

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