Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Muhammad (Larry) Bracey, killed by medical neglect during Columbia Correctional lockdown. Rest in Power!

Larry Bracey as a young man, from FFUP archives.
Today we received news that the man who was killed by medical neglect at Columbia Correctional was an old friend and organizer named Muhammad (state name Larry) Bracey.

Bracey fought hard against conditions in Wisconsin prisons, which is why he spent years in solitary confinement. The biggest tragedy is that he died during  the 29th year of his 30 year sentence. This freedom fighter was about to be released.

According to letters, he'd been requesting medical attention for 2 days, but a "white racist" sergeant named LP failed to summon medical staff. Warden Susan Novak had instructed staff to only see the most urgent cases and Sgt LP checked on Bracey and said he "seemed fine". One letter says he requested his inhaler from an officer named Sgt Grander, who ignored him. The next morning he was found dead. 

Associated Press has reported that his death is being investigated, and results of a toxicology report are pending. We suspect he was intentionally killed through medical neglect because guards didn't want him to get to his release, but doubt a state investigation will even consider that possibility.

If anyone knows Mr Bracey's family, please reach out and let them know we are fighting this lockdown, this warden, and that we will fight for justice. If they would like to participate, ask them to please contact us by DM or email at

Rest in Power, Muhammad Bracey.
Excerpts from letters about Bracey's death. Some details are unclear, like the time of death. Bracey was in the Restrictive Housing Unit (solitary confinement) which makes it hard for others to directly witness anything that happens.The Wisconsin prison system puts organizers and people who stand up for themselves in RHU where lack of witnesses makes them extra vulnerable to abuse.
A brother I knew named Muhhamad (Larry)  Bracey died yesterday in the unit I am now called DS-2, He had been trying to get medical attention for 2 days straight. This white racist Sgt. named L.P who called HSU, and was told to tell him they couldn't see any inmates per the warden unless it was urgently claimed. Then  she says she checked on him and he seemed fine. They went up in there at 11:50 am and found him dead. He did 30 years straight and had one more year to go before he was freed ! This is the scenario I fear the most !!!  That's why it is essential that one has family and friends advocating for you with respect to your health. These people do not care.

I just found out that these folk put me in a kid's cell who killed himself earlier this year named Superman. Another mentally devastated inmate was in the cell just before me. The cell was caked in filth and only god-knows what else. It took me 3-days to clean it fully with nothing but the socks I had on and 3 bars of soap. They no longer give out cleaning supplies any longer in this hole which makes absolutely no sense.

This warden, the racist that she is...her days are done, after the death of Muhhamad. She can hire who ever she wants, my money is on her not completing her 5-year term, at CCI.

Letter from another contact, dated 12 6 19:

So to start this I have some terrible news: While back here in CCI RHU building on Tuesday @ 11 AM  old school Larry Bracey died in seg! I was in WSPF with him. May he R.I.P. He was yelling to a sergeant Grander about his inhaler and Grander ignored him. After they did a count at 11:15 PM they noticed he was laying on his bed unresponsive, they took 15 minutes to enter his cell with a Lt named Sana They tried to perform CPR on Mt Bracey for 1 hour, the EMS took 25 minutes to get here.
They proceeded to cover our cell windows with towels and tape. He was dead for 3 hours. They brought the medical examiner and took him out in a body bag! Peg, he only had one year left after 29 years! WE’RE still on lock down till January 1st I think. There are no emergency buttons to press for help! Staff are negligent and don’t care. WE need to publicize this asap.
A good million dollar lawsuit for Mr Barcey ‘s family- you need to contact them ASAP . 2nd person I’ve watched die since July 28th 2018 in WDOC due to staff careless attitude! I believe both these could have been prevented especially Mr Bracey. But God only knows for sure.


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