Friday, June 5, 2020

Third Submission to Governor Evers

Pleas for release sent to Governor Tony Evers June 20, 2020 
  This is the third installment and last.  The response from the Governor's office has been to remove the waiver from the application. We continue to pressure this office and to find other avenues to bring relief to the most vulnerable. We believe that prisoners cannot protect themselves from the virus and therefore their welfare is all our responsibility. 

Juan Navarro 136027 WSPF (BD 4 30 1949, 71yo)
Juan Navarro
Juan Navarro has been locked up for 38 years and was eligible for parole in 1993. He has always maintained that he killed the man in self defense. He was ordered by  judge to be deported back to his home in Mexico "but these authorities are refusing to do it" and he has seen the parole board 10 times. He had a stroke in 2008 and two surgeries to repair his aorta vein and has "not been the same man since." He had emergency surgery again in 2018. He is here legally, with a green card but is a citizen of Mexico.

Jose Almazan 643772 NLCI, (BD 1970, 50 y.o.)
Jose J Alazan
Jose is at an age where he is at heightened risk of experiencing complications of he contracts Covid-19. He has served 4 years of his sentence for drug possession and faces deportation upon release.

Clayton Bahr  256979, JCI  (BD 1959, 61 y.o.)
Clayton Bahr
Clayton is at an age that puts him at increased risk of experiencing complications should he contract Covid-19. In addition to this, he has rheumatoid arthritis, which further increases the level of risk he faces. He is currently in prison on a revocation as a result of marijuana possession. There is debate about whether marijuana possession should even be a crime in many parts of this country, but even in those places with the strictest laws—the punishment is not a death sentence.

James Barnak 637932 RGCI , (BD 1939, 80 yo)
james Barnak

James has emphysema, COPD , Hypertension and high blood pressure and is on oxygen 24/7. What is this man doing in prison?

Charles Brown
Charles Brown 624255 RGCI ( Bd 1971,49 yo)
Charles was convicted of possession with intent to deliver. He speaks in the waiver of how"stupid" his crime was that he didn't ask for help getting out of the financial crisis he was in.  He is a diabetic, was born with asthma, has heart murmur and uses two asthma pumps daily.This man is at particular risk in the prison environment,

Robert Clark 659319 Winnebago corr center, ( DB 1995,24 yo)
Robert Clark
Robert says he committed his crime of burglary because he thought he need more and now has matured. He needs to be home with his fiance who has severe asthma and needs his help badly.He did want to be a police officer and started at the Fox Valley technical Institution but dropped out" becuase Icouldn't figure out what I wanted to do. My father died during my incarceration and that has completely changed my thinking  and made me mature quite alot." This a boy  on his way to becoming a man and he shoul d be encouraged and helped.

Chris LaMar Crittendon 228962 RGCI ( DB 1070,50 years old) This man has been in prison since 1992. IN his waiver, He describes a scene of complete confusion in which he was pursue by a group of people who mistook him for someone else. His co-defendant tried to help and someone ended up dead. The shooter got the lesser sentence. affidavit of defendant included.

Lawrence Dalton 005267 CCI  (BD1945,75 y.o.)
Lawrence Dalton

Lawrence has been imprisoned for 42 years, and because of his age he faces extreme risk of complications if he contracts Covid-19. He is currently being held in a facility with numerous cases among staff, so this puts him at even greater risk.

Jose Felix DeHoyos 357072;61 years old
Jose Felix Dehoyos

Jose is at an age that places him at heightened risk of complications if he contracts Covid-19. In addition to this, he is a diabetic which could further complicate his ability to recover.

Christopher Maxwell Fidler 581587, SCI  (B.D.1989, 30 y.o.)
Chirstopher Fidler

Christopher has a history of asthma which makes him vulnerable to experiencing Covid related complications should he contract this disease.

Tony Franklin

Tony Franklin 267631 WCI (BD 6-1-1980, 40 yo )
Tony believes his sentence was  based on wrong information and is stiffer than it should be.  He has serious health conditions and is at great risk in this pandemic . He has asthma and tested positive for Tb around 1993 which he believes makes it dangerous  to come in contact with the virus. He also had a scan that showed that every disc in his neck is either mildly or severely damaged This is not being treated and the Doctor is refusing pain medications..

Rodney Gatson 162886; FLCI; ( BD 6 16 70. 50 yo)
Rodney Gatson

Several sections of Rodney's application were very light and so typed section are added to clarify.
Rodney states he was convicted of attempted homicide and they noone was hurt, it was not premeditated, his victim has forgiven  him. He accepted a plea that then was not honored by the judge and was give 25 years. He has diabetes, hypertension  and uses a
cpap machine because of his apnea, He is in a barracks situation where there is no social distancing possible and feels his life is at risk daily.

Kenneth Montrell Gray

Kenneth Montrell Gray
39 years old

Kenneth remains incarcerated for a crime he committed when he was 14 years old. Everyone makes mistakes at that age, and given the environments we are in at that age, some of those crimes may be more serious than others. No minor should be given a life under any circumstances.
Jose Soto Guzman

Jose Soto Guzman 535929 JCI (BD 1975,45yo) Jose has severe asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and type 2 diabetes. His crime? He sold and traded drugs to support his addiction. We need to invest in treatment,not prison for guys like this.
Timothy Hagberg 356508  OSCI ( BD 1955, 65 yo)
Timothy  Hagberg

Timothy is at an age that puts him at risk for complications should he contract Covid-19. He has served 22 years of his sentence, and has the support of his sister to rejoin, furthermore his parents are nearly 90 years old and would be comforted to know that he is in a safer space.

Jeffrey Harris 032866, OCI,( BD1954, 65 y.o.)
Jeffrey Harris
Jeffrey has served since 1978 and given his age is extremely at risk of experiencing complications of Covid-19 if he were to contract it. Many countries have a maximum sentence of 25 years and the recidivism rate of people convicted of murder is the among the lowest of any other crime. He has a defibulator in his chest to help my heart beat which effects my breathing.He explains his enormous health problems in the waiver and that he lives with two other cellmates which are changed often , any of which could be carrying the virus and have no symptoms.

Leon Irby 033802, CCI ( BD 1946, 73yo)
Leon Irby
73 years old
Leon is at an age that puts him at increased risk for complications should he contract Covid-19. Leon has served since 1971 and has since been rehabilitated and de KMCIsires to re-enter society. In addition to his age, he has over the years had a number of health issues that could further complicate things if he contracts Covid-19.

Jeffery Lynn Jamerson 654769 KMCI  ( BD 1963, 57 yo)
Jeffrey Lynn Jamerson
Mr Jamerson explains that his was a crime of passion and one not to be repeated. He has bronchial asthma, high blood pressure. hypertension and as an african american man over 50 especially at risj with this virus. 
Bradley D Keso 245233 SCI ( BD 1968, 51 years old)
Bradley Keso
Bradley has asthma and is at an age that puts him at heightened risk of complications should he contract Covid-19. He has served 27 years of his sentence, for a crime he committed when he was 23 years old. As he says in his response, “the man serving time is not the man who committed these senseless crimes.” 

Claude Amil Komorowski;193111; ( BD 1968, 51 years old)
Claude Amil Komorowski
Claude is at an age that puts him at heightened risk of complications should he contract Covid-19. Beyond this, he has elderly parents who would benefit from his care during this pandemic. His inability to stay safe within the Wisconsin Prison System and given his own health conditions is rightfully concerned that he will die if he contracts this disease.

John Kulitz 442984,SCI ( BD 1952, 68 y.o.)
John Kuslits
Due to John’s age he is at a heightened risk of experiencing complications due to Covid-19. He has served 17 years of his sentence and has used that time to reflect on the impacts of his actions on the people affected by them.

Ryan Lemke 468341,(BD 1985. 35 y.o. Native American)
Ryan has been diagnosed with Ulcerative pan colitis with neutropenia, which makes him immune-compromised. He is highly at risk for complications and serious issues if he contracts Covid-19. Because of his medical history, he is also on a schedule to take Remicade which is an immunosuppressant and puts him at even greater risk. He has served three years and is filing for early release as well.

Mark Lucian 168825 FLCI ( BD 1968, 51 YO)
Mark Lucian
. Lucian has renal kidney disease and is on peritoneal dialysis. He blames the DOC for not following up on care when he had an anyerism that bled into his kidney. Now he is at great risk with this pandemic and asks the DOC to finally do the right thing and let him go -he has a good support system waiting for him

Carl Darrel Lusk 564445;( BD 1993,27 years old)
Carl Lusk

Carl has asthma which puts him at heightened risk of complications if he contracts Covid-19. He is unable to keep himself safe while in the Wisconsin prison system, and is currently being held on a probation violation.

Rheuben McClain 149898 OSCI, (BD 1967, 52)
Rhueben MCcClain

Rheuben is at an age that puts him at greater risk for complications should he contract Covid-19. Because of Rheuben’s health conditions (asthma & sleep apnea) he has preexisting respiratory issues that further increase his risks.

Jammie Morris 228988 Robert E Ellsworth Corr Cntr (BD1977,43yo, female)
    Jammie was convicted of PTAC of a felony F Burglary. He drove the car, was coerced to participate by his friends because he had a car. He has expended extraordinary effort to repay society- paid more the 10 thousand dollars restitution, completed all court ordered programs and has held  jobs. He had completed 17 credits at MATC and had one credit left before graduation when the epidemic stopped all. His application is a clear view of both the shame of still holding this guy and the gifts he is ready to give to the community,

Juan Navarro 136027 WSPF (BD 4 30 1949, 71yo)
Juan Navarro
Juan Navarro has been locked up for 38 years and was eligible for parole in 1993. He has always maintained that he killed the man in self defense. He was ordered by  judge to be deported back to his home in Mexico "but these authorities are refusing to do it" and he has seen the parole board 10 times. He had a stoke in 2008 and two surgeries to repair his aorta vein and has "not been the same man since." He had emergency surgery again in 2018. He is here legally, with a green card but is a citizen of Mexico.

Marcus Patenaude 451124 CCI ( BD 1985
Marcus Patenaude
Marcus had an auto accident prior to his conviction that resulted in him having a punctured lung. This injury could lead to further complications if he were to contract Covid-19. He is currently being held at Columbia Correctional where there have already been several cases of Covid-19 positive tests.

Dustin William Peters 437458, OCI( BD 1985.35yo)
His time is particularly dead right now. His crime was possession with intent to deliver- he needs treatment and there is none. To be held here in these dangerous conditions makes no sense.

James L Phillips 402731   OSCI( BD 1983, 36yo)
James Phillips
James is at high risk because of his asthma and his use of two inhalers. More to his point, however , is that he speaks of wanting to be a voice for all victims and wants to start a non profit . HE has been both the perpetrator of abuse and the abuser and sees the cycle of violence ( hurt people  hurt people) and wants to break it. he needs a second chance and it is outrageous that this covid virus in the prison could be his death sentence. He needs out.

Shana Jamar Shurn
 Shana Jamar Shurn 663997,
Milwaukee Women's Correctional Center;
(BD 1985, 35 yo, Female)
Shana explains that she has an 8 year old son with a disease ( NF1) that causes a tumor to grow in his nervous system. His condition is getting worse and he is in the care of her mother who is getting overwhelmed. She has 10 1/2 months on her sentence and asks to 'Do it on paper.' She has 7 children and they need her home.
While bathing one of her children , she left the water running wile she went the kitchen to get her some soap, the child meanwhile kicked off the cold water and ended up being burned, was rushed to the hospital. 
Jeffry Allan Schultz Jr 344012,Mcnaughton Correctional Center;
 8500 Rainbow Road, Lake Tomahawk WI 54539 ( BD 1980, 49 yo)
Jeffry A Schultz

Jeffrey briefly explains his crime: " After Darryl killed Adam, he then turned the gun on me, forcing me to bury Adam while he help me at gun point" They had been drinking all day.
He had been in prison for 18 years and the killer was never charged. Jeffry has used his time well- with a long list of accomplishments. now with covid threatening all- isn't it time for a little compassion? 

in an earlier letter he wrote this , which is very relevant.
"There is a pandemic going on out there over COVID-19. With my preexisting 
 sinus issues I catch respiratory illnesses easily. This virus spreads easily and  is killing people at an alarming rate. Once it gets in here it would not be a matter of if , But when I would be infected. I sit here and watch the death toll  rise every day and I fear for my family and myself. There is also  evidence of
 .an 80%sterility rate for men survivors.  We cannot practice social distancing in here and the only PPE we have been issued is 2 cloth masks, Once it gets in here it will spread like wild fire. The DOC does not have the resources to deal with this, so an in infection has a higher risk of proving fatal. I did not survive that night just to die in prison of a disease,when this situation can 
 easily and safely be avoided."                     

Dustin E Sparks 387387 SCI,(BD 1985, 34)
Dustin E Sparks

Dustin has 9 month left on Huber law which he was serving at the county jail . He walked away because both his parents had died that year and"I was trying to deal with the loss. I am sorry for what I 've done." 
Dustin has a bad heart and as been to 6 different hospitals ,he says, while in custody. He has high blood pressure and high cholesterol and possibly a clogged artery. He has anxiety and depression and takes Nitro for his heart . He had PDR done in DODGE. These are extraordinary circumstances.

Mark Staffa
Mark Staffa 417097, (BD1965, 56 y.o., white)
 Mark has less than two years left on his sentence, for which he has already served 14 years. Prior to his arrest he suffered an auto accident that has resulted in limited lung capacity. As Covid-19 is a respiratory disease, this injury as well as his age put him at heightened risk for complications, should he contract Covid-19.

Antyon Turner 374182 WCI ( BD 1984, 36yo)
Antyon Turner

Antyon explains that he is innocent of the crimes he is accused of although he blames himself for allowing himself to be put in the situation to be accused.
He has severe asthma and sleep apnea. It is imperative that he at least be transferred out of WCI to a safer prison,

Kenneth Wagner 470618; OSCI  (BD 1972, 47yo)
Kenneth Wagner
Ken has breathing problems and uses an inhaler; he is requesting a lower bunk for his adema. He describes his living conditions in the waiver and states he has a third grade reading level. He has strong support of his  m other and sister who need him home .
letter in support from Sister:

Chance Wallow 458649 WCI. ( Bd 1987,33yo)
Chance Wallow

Chance Wallow  is in prison on a misdemeanor and has been incarcerated for 5 years. He has a bad back that is not being treated and  has much anxiety that with the unsanitary conditions he will catch the virus. To expose this young man to this risk is stupidly mean.

Precious Ward 280069 RGCI (BD 1979, 41 yo)
precious Ward
Mr Ward got involved as party to a shooting incident when he was called to a violent scene after his wife called him to say she was being attacked. His witnesses were not allowed to testify. He believes  his trial was unfair. He has some preexisting conditions that make the  conditions in out prison dangerous for him but mainly he states he has  turned his life around and wants " do God's work and help as many  people as possibly can in a ministerial capacity."

Manfred Philip Weisgerber 125922, OSCI ( BD 
Manfred is at an age that puts him at increased risk for complications should he contract Covid-19.

Chad Willette 593741 OSCI (BD 1976,44yo)
Chad is asking for a pardon as his father- in-law is currently over 60 with poor health and is taking care of my youngest child Robin. my mom is in her 60's and is also not doing well. I have Sleep apnea, high blood pressure and his cholesterol.
Chad Willette 

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