Thursday, March 26, 2020

a Segregation Primer

   DO not believe the DOC when they tell you prisoners have tools to protect themselves for the Virus. Not only do the not have adequate sanitizer, many have little or no soap. The indigent in general population get used soap unwrapped and often filthy.

Those in solitary get little packages of liquid soap. shampoo. toothpaste and lotion. scannings below:
 the photo at left gives  you an idea of the size of the soap packet:

I am requesting More than one tiny bar of state soap. GBCI is taking 100% of my state pay, therefore I can't even afford one bar of soap per month".One tiny bar per week is not enough."

answer:"you should be issued up to three bars of soap bi-weekly. Let me know if this is not happening.

Damani Nantambu 594586 CCI sent us samples of the lotion, shampoo, and toothpaste they get in seg. This time we scanned them next to  a ruler.

In this package from Damani  is a short course on CCI RHU Restricited Housing Unit"
1) letter explaining what is here

2) Before 11 19 there were many more items available on canteen to RHU2 prisoners- Here is a before and after:

3) Canteen allowed RHU3

4) Canteen allowed general population

5) total property allowed RH2

6) razor sign up at CCI

7)rules for RHU2 and 3 prisoners

RULES OF RHU2 AND RH3 ( scanned to word)

This document is intended as a general guide of the basic RH2 operations for inmates new to the unit. It is not inclusive of all unit rules or operations. Access to complete Institution and/or Restrictive Housing Policies and Procedures is available in the Law Library. The week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.May 2018

Barber services will be made available for inmates unless in TLU status. Inmates will be afforded the opportunity to have the inmate barber cut their hair and trim their facial hair one time each month Barber services will be offered on Friday Requests for haircuts must be sent to the 2' shift Sergeant prior to Thursday for approval. No barber services on holidays or training days. Magic Shave is available to order on canteen and therefore only one barber opportunity will be offered each month. Magic Shave can be kept in the cell.
Inmates will be permitted to submit canteen orders every other week. On Friday afternoon a canteen order slip is supplied to each inmate. The inmate must fill out his canteen order slip and return it to the unit sergeant prior to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night. Maximum limits and restrictions will be enforced. Excess canteen items may be destroyed or returned to RH property.
Inmates wishing to see a member of the Health Services Unit should submit a Health Services Request DOC-3035 form (blue) to a unit officer who will place the reque,st in the Health Services mailbox on the unit. Inmates who need to see Dental need to submit a Dental Service Request DOC-3392 form (yellow) for all dental requests to the unit officer who will place the request in the Health Services mailbox on the unit. Inmates wishing to see a member from Psychological Services need to submit a Psychological Service Request DOC3035B form (green) to a unit officer who will place the request in the Health Services mailbox on the unit. Inmate's names and DOC #'s should be on the back of the forms they are submitting. You must let unit staff know what forms you need during form pass/exchange.
Routine re-orders of prescription medication may take up to ten days or longer based on availability. Re-order your medications well in advance. It is your responsibility to re-order your non-controlled medications.
Inmate complaints and appeals should be placed in a sealed envelope and routed to a unit officer who will deposit them in the ICI box. Inmates name and DOC #s should be on the envelope they are submitting.
The Chain of Command must be utilized prior to filing an inmate complaint.
Inmates wishing to speak to the Unit Social Worker, Restrictive Housing Unit Manager, or other institution staff members should initiate contact via an interview request. Inmates name and DOC #s should be on the back of the forms they are submitting Interview requests and other forms wiIlpe of(ered 6n.'shift on Wednesday and 2nd shift on Sundays Limit for forms at each pass is 15 and 3 ICE envelopes.
Inmates will be allowed access to the Law Library for one 60-minute period per week based off of what tier you are housed on A tiers offered on Tues and Thursday, B Tiers offered on Monday and Wednesday Requests must be submitted to the 1S or 2nd shift restrictive housing sergeant. No materials may be removed from the law library. Inmates may only take one pen and two sheets of paper to the law library.
If an inmate abuses the Law Library privilege, he will be subject to loss of the privilege. When an inmate is scheduled for the library use and he refuses to go, he will forfeit his turn for that week.
RH Library
Inmates wishing to obtain a book from the RH library must submit an interview request to the RH2 Programming officers with the numbers of the book you want. Inmates are allowed to have 3 PSU books at one time.
Inmate mail will be delivered to inmates as promptly as possible after mail is delivered to the unit. The last mail pick up for outgoing mail placed in cell door will be at 11:00 p.m.
Any mail that does not fit through the doors need to be picked up during bedtime medication.
Meal trays will be delivered and returned via the trap. Inmates MUST be at their doors with their LIGHTS ON when meals are announced. If your cell lights are not turned on, and you are not standing at the cell door that will be counted as a refusal for that meal. Inmates are permitted 20 minutes to eat their meals.
Any misconduct with meals and meal items will result in progressive meal restrictions and a conduct report will be written and inmates will be demoted and moved to RH1.
Step 2 and TLU Phone calls will be conducted on second shift, the days will be dependent on what tier you are housed. Monday and Wednesday will be calls for B side tiers, Tuesday and Thursday calls for A side tiers. No more than one call per week (Sun thru Sat). Exceptions must be approved by the RH Unit Manager. Phone slips must be turned in the night prior to the call being made.
Inmates in TLU will be permitted to make one phone call per week. Inmate must be in a restrictive housing status at CCI for thirty days prior to being eligible for a phone call once off of TLU.
Requests by your attorney for legal calls will be scheduled through Program Services OOA. You must write to your attorney if you wish to have their contact 608-742-9100 Ext. 9165 to arrange a day/time for a call.
NOTIFICATION CALLS: Inmates arriving from another institution may contact the unit social worker and request the social worker place a notification phone call, to notify immediate family.
Step 2, Step 2A and Step 2AE =2 calls per month
Step 3 Unlimited phone calls made during dayroom
Administrative Confinement (AC) = calls made on Sundays. Follow the AC general guideline chart.
Step 3 inmates are allowed one 60 minute dayroom on Sundays during 2" Shift. A makeup dayroom day is on Wednesdays only if needed. No more than 6 inmates at a time will be allowed in the dayroom. Each inmate will be in restraints in front with an escort belt and escorted at all times. You will have the choice of using the law library, phone or tv. If you use the law library during dayroom that will be considered your one 60 minute law library opportunity for that week. Step 3 Inmates will make their phóne calls during dayroom You will have the ability to make unlimited phone calls while out of cell for dayroom. You will sign up for the use of the phone and the phone Will be utilized in that order Once you are done on the phone you may add Your name  to the bottom of the list and make another call if time permits. You will only have 15 minutes per call. Your 60 minute dayroom starts once you are seated. If you are done with the phones and want to move to the tv then you will wait to be escorted by an officer. Anytime an inmate wants to move during dayroom he must be escorted. If an inmate gets up and attempts to move on his own his dayroom will be done and he will be escorted back to his cell. If the inmate continues that same behavior during his next dayroom then he will be demoted to Step 2 and a conduct report will be written.
NO Administrative Confinement dayrooms.
The following are the personal property items that will be permitted inmates in:
TLU, Step 2, Step 3 and AC:
Cup (1), Fan (1), Carbon Paper, Eye Glasses (1), Writing Pad (2), Stamped or Blank Envelopes (25 total), Legal Envelopes, Address Book (1), Legal Materials (21x21x21 Box —Active Case), Magazines (4), Soft Cover Book (6) Religious Text (2), Personal Letters (15), Newspaper (4- no more than 10 days old), Greeting Card (5 from canteen or chapel), Dictionary (1), Playing Cards (1), Photographs (10),TV (Step 3).
Inmates who earn their Step 2 status will be allowed to have a fan if they have one in their property, but no other electronics are allowed. Inmates who earn their Step 3 status will be allowed to have to one electronic (radio or television) if they have one in their property and have earbuds or headphones (co-ax cable or dipole antenna only). Administrative Confinement inmates will be allowed property concurrent with the least restrictive status housed on the unit (Step 3). Non-oscillating fans are allowed.
Inmates wishing to obtain allowable items from their stored restrictive housing property must submit a written request to the RH2 Property Officer.

Access to Dental Floss is officer controlled and will be passed by staff daily during medication pass Nail Clippers will be offered on Monday or Tuesday mornings only during showers A side may request them on Monday B side may request them on Tuesday

(Administrative Confinement, TLU, and Disciplinary Separation status) Récreation is conducted on Sundays Monday Tuesdays Thursdays Fndays and Saturdays. Wednesdays is used as a make up day. A side rec days are Tuesday Friday and Sunday. B side rec days Monday Thursday Saturday. Wednesday make up both tiers The Inmate is responsible to request recreation from staff during 0610 standing count in order to sign up for recreation. The inmate must be at his cell door and standing for count when recreation is offered If the Inmate is not standing for count they will not be added to the recreation list. Weather permitting exercise will be offered five times per week if possible and each exercise period will be one half-hour minimum one hour maximum".1f you recreation period is over 30 minutes long that will be counted towards your recreation time anything under 30 minutes and the time will not be counted and you will be added to the makeup list for Wednesday

Inmates will maintain their cells in an clean Cell cleaning will be done on 2nd shift on Saturday. A new garbage bag will be given on Saturdays ONLY during cell cleaning, Garbage will be thrown out during meal tray pick-up and garbage will be emptied but the bag will be returned. Toilet paper will be handed out on a one for one return. You are allowed to have a max of two toilet paper rolls per person per cell. Tooth brushes illbe exchanged on a one for one basis on the 1st and 15th of each month during 2nd shift evening meal.
Toothpaste will be exchanged on a one for one exchange on first shift.
Linens will be exchanged (2 sheets, 1 pillow case)on Wednesday during 1st shift. This is a one for one exchange.  
Pants will be exchanged during showers on Thursday a A-side inmates and Fridays for B-side inmates. This is a one for one exchange
During cold weather season thermals will be exchanged during showers on Mondays for A side and Tuesday for B side, This is a one for one exchange Thermals will be offered from November 1 till March 31st.

Inmates can take only the following items to showers:
I - Soap   1-shampoo
I - Conditioner 1-washcloth
I -Towel
If an inmate chooses not to shower then clothing will only be exchanged as a one for one exchange and staff must receive the dirty clothing first before new Clothing items are exchanged.
Step 3 inmates will be unrestrained when take to and from the shower

RH2 visiting hours are Monday, Tuesday, Friday between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm, and between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. On weekends and holidays. RHI Visiting hours are Monday, Tuesday, Friday between 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. and between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on weekends and holidays. Visitors must arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the end of the visiting period. The visit week runs Monday through Sunday. Step 2, Step 3 and TLU visits are held in the Visiting Room and are no contact.

Visit Limitations:
Temporary Lockup: One hour per weekday and one hour per weekend. (Limit: Two visits per week)
Protective Confinement: Visits will be one hour in length. (Limit: one visit per week.)
Disciplinary Separation Step 1: 1 visit per week up to 1 hour
Disciplinary Separation Step 2 and Step 3: 1 visit per week up to 2 hours
Administration Confinement: Take place in RH1. Follow AC general guideline chart
LEGAL VISITS: Legal visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance with the attorney contacting the Program Services OOA at 608-742-9100 Ext. 9165. Legal visits are held in RH1.

*Inmates must stand on the floor for standing count with the lights on in their cell. (Not kneeling, sitting, laying, waving, etc....)

*Flooding is strictly prohibited. This behavior will result in a conduct report
and you will be moved to RHI where appropriate restrictions will be placed.

*Talking during the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. will be in a normal tone of voice. There is no talking between inmates between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

* Inmates are responsible for keeping their cells clean.
No personal property may be taken to the exercise area.
*No personal property or legal property may be passed. "Fishing" is nc allowed, and will be subject to discipline.
*No materials or pictures will be allowed to cover, to be attached to, and/c hang from any window, door, wall, outlet, toilet, sink, vent, or light. An covering of your window/light that obstructs staffs view into your cell will resu in a conduct report.
*Gang related materials are prohibited.
*Inmate fingernails must not exceed the tip of the finger. If fingernail exceed the tip of your finger you will not be allowed out of cell until your fingernail are trimmed.
*yelling kicking, or pounding to gain attention is prohibited. This i considered disruptive conduct, and may result in a conduct report.

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