Monday, April 8, 2013

voice from within

Voices from Within

Prisoners do not have email. or computers.
to contact prisoners or have your questions answered:
1) WRITE PRISONER DIRECTLY using address given in blog or web page. Email us to make sure address is current or if you want to use our address for your retutn address. In that case we will forward inmate mail to you.
2) email FFUP with your question giving your complete address and we will send your question to prisoner and send their answer to you.

View blog Meet Your Prisoners

Darren Morris
Ron Schilling: The parole fiasco explained and illustrated. Essays: To those genuinely concerned
the prison Inductrial complex and need for constant expansion
Briain washing the masses

Essays by Juan Quentin Ward
myth of rehabilitationPrisons as disease spreaders"good time" explained

Ramiah Whiteside asks "How many more nine year olds will fall through the cracks?" A tale of transformation 

 Nancy and Nicole Ezell's outrageous sentence ensnares entire family and brings up questions of racial disparity  

 Tommy Silverstein, most isolated man, artist
Click for his story and art work

    Rufus West, Vanguards of justiceWe  are all on Death Row
unequal justice is an oxymoron 

< Johnny Lacy,above,in seg,poem "I've Always Been Alone"


Charles Anderson: essays:
 2 histories in stamps Lincoln and Obama's beginnings comparedBligh: the enigma of the South Seas

Notes from Sand RidgeThe Future Depends on What We Do in the  PresentDoing Time n the Cheese StateLake Winnebago, Majestic Ecosystem Packers lose their legend

jerry Price,
in MI
very sick yet in good humor Sends FFUP wise sayings

Marteze Harris, (above)introduces himself and begins his blog
Essay "Michael Jackson , The Invisible Man"

Brian Locke's problems and blog reveal a lot about the state of mental health care in Wisconsin today  

Edward Jackson wrongly convicted

 Cordell Marquis Carter, all alone, 
Charles Smith
jeremy Clark
Juan Xarine Berchar
Chaz Moseby
  Some prisoners Present their case for Freedom
Blogs by and for prisoners who consider themselves wrongly convicted or innocent

christopher Berry
short presentations by 12 prisoners
Maxy Childeric
Tommy Green
Edward Jackson
Marvin Wilson

Cory Gilmore
Lorenzo JohnsonTerry Jackson
  Marvin Wilson has affidavit that was not in city at time of crime
Dythanyl Mushatt
Tommy Green, pleads his case for freedom, asking for help in getting DNA testing done to prove innocence

  Write a prisoner in special need .
     We are engaging in a special campaign to get penpals for the specially needy. This is a time of budget cuts that translate into much less family support for prisoners while resources indside prison are stretched.. In addition, since mental hospitals closed in the 80's,the prisons ahve become warehouses of our mentally ill citizens.

 to write someone stuck in segregation, click here

As stated elsewhere, we offer forwarding service if you do not want to use your real address with the prisonser, and we are available for support as you discover penapaling with prissoners. It is very rewarding.

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