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So who ARE we incarcerating? let's look at some truths being hidden behind the politics


this is 2020 post but more  relevant than ever 

Some of the categories of prisoners that help us                   understand the different needs

1) About 2000 prisoners are older prisoners, many in their 60's and 70's and up, who were convicted before 2000 , ,when "Truth in Sentencing"( TIS) came about and many have been eligible for release for decades. These people have in the main long been ready to be constrictive citizens but are kept in prison thru series  contradictory parole and program rules. They  make the prisoner industry enormous amounts of money through taxpayers funs and are a main incentive to keep the prison population up and the public in fear. 
           A)All these prisoners are over the age of 40 and statistics show that crime reduces dramatically after 30 and goes to nothing after that. Crime is a youth problem  ( chart:)
          B) In the main, Old Law ( OL ) prisoners were by statute eligible for release after serving 1/4 of their sentences, so most have been eligible for decades. IF their behavior was good they would be released, if not they would serve the entire term. So I judge would say, for example"" I want you to serve 10 years so I am giving you 40,.Tragically , all this was misconstrued and cobbled when "truth in sentencing" came in and these guys, long eligible,  are trapped still. 
 Introduction to old law prisoners=Some cases:
 a) those convicted as juveniles ( under 18)

DarRen Morris- see blog and pintings

 b ) those non citizens who were slated by the court to be deported but because we had no treaty with their countries , are still entombed here
coming: Sonniel Gidarisingh
Lene Cespedes-Torres ( See blog)
Juan Navarro

 c) the very old, and those very sick
no compassionate release for old law prisoners

    d) those who still have strength and health and are ready to serve-in fact most old law prisoners want nothing more than to give back to society. and they have so much to give as many if not most have focus and the ability to concentrate and are no overstimulated like w are out are> They KNOW the drk side of America and where it needs to change .

2)Many of those convicted after 2000 are Younger prisoners,  under what is called "truth in sentencing"  and they are released at a certain date no matter what. With the prisons severely overcrowded and staff so short there are few programs, most prisoners are released without treatment or training. For many of the mentally ill, this means releasing straight after months, if nnot years in solitary. Most do not make it..           some cases: 

3) Those revoked/reincarcerated for rule violations: Over half the admissions each year are for NONFELONIES- NO NEW CRIMES. for rule violations and although there are guidelines for parole officers to use, in many cases a zero success rate is lauded- and prisoner are brought back to jail with little or no due process. coming

4) and most astounding of all are the hundreds and hundreds of prisoners incarcerated because we have  few to no  mental institutions or affordable mental health therapy for the poor. "NOT GUILTY DUE TO MENTAL DEFECT OR MENTAL ILLNESS" is what the court dictates and yet these peole end up in prisons and ofter in solitary confinement because they cannot handle it in general population. and the prison does not know what to do with them. 
    a.coming :the statute allows this
    b.DOC profile of many mentally ill prisoners entombed in out deepest most torturous gulags
    c Stories and letters from some of these prisoners

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