Saturday, January 25, 2020

Columbia Hunger Striker Demands Met! Medical Staff Quitting at High Rate

We received a message from Damani Nantambu. Staff at CCI finally acknowledged his hunger strike and agreed to get him treatment. He is suspending the protest, but will resume if what they promised is not delivered.

He also reports that 6 nurses quit last month and more have put in notice due to Warden Novak's policies.

Damani's full message:

"I just wanted to let you know that I ended the hunger strike (the psychologist came to see me 10-days after the fact, then told me she was not going to do the Paper work since I agreed to eat).I found one of my hunger strike log sheets in The trash,which told me that they were trying, to undermine the hunger strike, by Not fully documenting it. I send you a copy, once I make them.

The HSU STAFF agreed,to provide the following specialty care:
1)return to the podiatry clinic
2)return to the neurology clinic
3)return to the pain clinic for shots in my back in waupon
4)urology clinic
And ordered several test,to include:
A)MRI of my cervical spine
B)echo cardiogram
And renewed my special needs approval for my
1)medical showers
2)gluten free diet
3)special shoe permit

But know if they renege on any of this, I will resume my hunger strike, and 6-nurses quit, last month, due to the Warden's policies, and others have given their 30- day notices, a CO told me recently, so things are going to get worst not better.
I still need you to keep on the pressure, for me to return to UW-Madisons eye clinic, per their recommendations, to treat my cataracts. And monitor my glaucoma suspect status.
Also I want to than you for your aid and assistance, and keep a eye out for some Snail mail soon.

Revolutionary love,

He also sent this message a few days prior, with more details about the meeting, but before he heard the results. It was held up for four days (probably got flagged as a threat to the institution but then released) so we received the letters in the wrong order. Sounds like he had to assert himself, and still won.

Time:8:30 pm

Dear Activist Family,
At around 9:09 am a pro cop nurse came to the unit to take my vitals ,blood, urine And my weight. She told them to bring me to the day-room in handcuffs!!! I refused to be brought out in chains to humiliate me.The rookie in turn went to his Supervisor, and verified that I was not on TLU-status(is:temporary lockup). And The Sgt told told the stiff manning the controls to pop my door and allow me to Walk to the day room under my own power.she was livid,that I thwarted her attempts to put this:"angry Nigger"in chains.
She proceeded to tell me what she was,and wasn't going to do,and I cut her off,and told her,she could take my vitals(my blood pressure, really high,and heart Rate too because I'm not taking my meds to control them)and my weight, and my List of request to end my H/S.She asked why I was not willing to provide bodily fluids and I told:because I'm not willing to give you an justification to run to the
Courts and get a state sponsored authorization to torture me via court order force Feeding.
She is so evil and power drunk, that I have a premonition, they will do me dirty soon.So I'm on guard against it and if you don't here from me daily, I've been locked up.
My thoughts are lucid,goal oriented in the extreme... But my body is busted-up,broke-down,lethargic.
Tomorrow, at least 50-inmates are going to be transferred, who has been waiting To be transferred for between 9-11months.all prisons conduct mass transfers in This fashion for one reason to dampen discontent, by bringing in a populace who Has a go-along-to-get-along-mentality,who doesn't know the difference between The before warden Novak and the current disgraceful debacle. That way they they can implement even more extreme and reactionary policies.
Sunday they were scuttling in the snow with carts going from units to units, collecting inmates property, and guess who the targeted for removal first?The Litigators... Jailhouse lawyers.
They walked a kid to the most oppressive hole from the so call less restrictive hole in a foot of fucking snow,after a cell extraction in DS-2,with no mother fucking shoes on.only socks,they would have never attempted no BS like that,with out the full blessing of the top brass.
And oh,for the first time the heat mysterious started working on the entire B-upper in unit -1,yesterday, so thank you guys for calling up here,that's what forced These bigots to do the right thing.
I'm signing out for the night,with revolutionary love in my heart for you all!!!!!!!


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