Monday, March 23, 2020

Occupation Outside DOC Secretary Kevin Carr’s house.

Some people have started a dawn to dusk occupation outside Secretary Carr’s house supporting incarcerated people who are in jeopardy due to COVID-19. They are making livestream updates at least hourly, on the hour.  We’ll be collecting those here.

TUESDAY March 31

7:00 pm March 31- petty rule provocation at Columbia CI

12:30 pm March 31- MSDF Car Parade

MONDAY March 30

9:30 am March 30- Update call with Elijah

 6:00 am March 30- return to early morning with Secretary Carr

7:30 pm March 27- lightshow and demo outside MSDF

8:30 am March 27-  update from CCI Matthew Schumacher


4:00 pm March 26- update from Elijah

2:00 pm March 26- Exposure at MSDF

12:00 pm March 26- CBS coverage of protest

10:00 am March 26- update, occupy Kevin Carr's email inbox!


8:30 pm March 25- debrief after a nap and next steps

1:30 pm March 25- driving home from Madison, discussing the morning (cut signal a few times, so multiple)

12:30 pm March 25- at the Governor's mansion

11:30 am March 25- Governor Evers office closed

11:19 am March 25- Ben on testing protocol at state capital

11:15 am March 25- Tai speaking at capital

10:45 am March 25- arrive at state capital

7:00 am March 25- Ben reportback on convo with Secretary Carr

6:40 am March 25- Carr leaving for work

6:00 am March 25- Sunrise


7:00 pm March 24- Sunset

6:00 pm March 24- Talking with Carr's neighbors

5:00 pm March 24- response to DOC FAQ and Carr returning home

4:00 pm March 24- Repeating our Demands

 3:00 pm March 24- Universal Soul Explosion

2:17 pm March 24- call from Bill Ledford

2:00 pm March 24- call from Elijah Prioleau

1:00 pm March 24- escape from Yakima County jail

Noon March 24- Governor Evers’ “safer at home” and record on mass incarceration.

11:00 am March 24- Staff conduct at Columbia CI-

10:00 am March 24- Chrystul Kizer-

9:00 am March 24- reports from incarcerated people

8:30 am March 24- Glendale police call us a nuisance

8:00 am March 24- mental health in isolation

7:10 am March 24- inflating balloons

7:00 am March 24- carweels for Carr!

6:00 am March 24- sunrise, encounter with Carr


7:00 pm March 24- Glendale police acting petty

5:00 pm March 23- speaking to Carr's facade

4:00 pm March 23- tour of the amenities

3:30 pm March 23- Cops made us take down banner

3:00 pm March 23 pt II- updates from inside

3:00 pm March 23 pt I- updates from inside

2:00 pm March 23- not much to say

1:00 pm March 23- refuting new DOC memo

Noon March 23- listening to The Final Straw

11:00 am March 23- shout out to allies

10:00 am March 23- demands and online petition

9:00 am March 23- call from inside with Elijah

8:00 am March 23- where are we?

7:00 am March 23- reading Wisconsin Death Trap

6:30 am March 23- arrival and first encounter with Carr


8:00 pm March 20- demonstration outside MSDF

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