Thursday, March 26, 2020

Occupy Kevin's inbox!

We’re not staying outside Secretary Kevin Carr's house anymore, but we’re not going to let him forget us. We'll go back to visit occasionally, but you can also join us in sending him emails all day. With your help we can broaden support and pressure on him.

We’ve got a sample email below, but encourage people to make the message personal, especially if you’ve got people locked up in WI prisons. if you prefer making phone calls, you can try calling the DOC main office and ask to speak with someone in his office- 608-240-5000

Secretary Carr,

My name is ____. I am writing because I support the Forum For Understanding Prison demands. I am deeply concerned about the DOC’s insufficient response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Before COVID-19 came to the US, your overcrowded prisons with inadequate medical staff were causing preventable deaths. As COVID-19 spreads, this crisis will turn into catastrophe.

You must reduce population density in your prisons. We do not believe you have exhausted your powers to grant special action parole releases (304.02) compassionate and extraordinary release, cancelling revocations and investigation holds, and other tools.

You must implore Governor Evers to act. He has far more powers to release in this emergency context than you. If you are honest with the public about the DOC’s lack of preparedness and the imminent catastrophe, you will force Governor Evers to act. Instead, you’re concealing and delaying the testing of COVID-19 to cover up the disaster as it comes.

You must give incarcerated people the means to protect themselves. The state issued soap is totally inadequate in both quantity and quality. Refusing to give people disinfectant spray or extra paper towels puts them at risk.

You must provide greater oversight on your staff. Guards, incarcerated workers and other staff are coughing on people, passing out unprotected food, failing to wear gloves or adequately clean. Guards are threatening, abusing, and punishing people, sending them to the hole and stealing or breaking their property because they are sick.

Meet the FFUP demands! Implore Governor Evers to meet the demands!

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