Thursday, April 30, 2020

Take Action for Prisoners Against COVID-19!

This is an organized list of eight ways to participate in the struggle against COVID-19 in the DOC.

1. Contact Governor Evers. 
Governor Tony Evers
PO Box 7863
Madison, WI 53707                 
Call him: (608) 266-1212
If VM full, try his MKE office- 414-227-4344
Email him:,
Make your message personal, or share our mass email.  

2. Join or amplify COVID Compassion Campaign.
We are helping incarcerated people demand that Governor Evers expand his clemency and pardon criteria to include considering releasing people. We're helping people file clemency waivers. We send them in batches and post them here: batch 1, batch 2.
We've also held regular online press conferences, which are on our YouTube channel.
Organizers have also planned various pressure actions  designed with social distancing in mind to stay safe from COVID-19.
Follow FFUP on Facebook for updates. Videos of actions are here, if you don't use Facebook.

3. Contact DOC Secretary Kevin Carr and other prison officials
Email Kevin-
Call DOC and ask for the Secretary's office- 608-240-5000
DAI Administrator Makda Fessahaye- 608-240-5100
John Tate II, Parole Commission chair. 608-240-7280
Gov Evers' policy advisor Katie Domina (cuz Evers doesn't listen)- 608-266-1101
Again, make it personal, or use our mass message

4. Sign and share our online petition
Its at: The ACLU also has an online petition and a better infrastructure for collecting signatures, so feel free to sign that one too.
5. Directly support incarcerated people.
If you know someone inside, put money on their books so they can buy needed materials.
If you can't do that because the DOC's money scam (deductions for various fees under act 355) order what you can for them via 
They won't let you order soap, but here are some other suggestions:
#8018     American Health® Ester-C with Bioflavonoids 1000mg Capsules (90 ct.)
#15691   Nature's Way Alive Once Daily Men's 50+ Ultra Potency Multi-Vitamin (60 Ct.)
#8160     White Handkerchief (SOMETHING to wipe down with, breathe through, or blow noses into when tissues run out)
#8236     16oz Mug w/Lid (to avoid using the facility’s cups)
#8039     5 Pack Prepaid Forever Postage #10 Envelopes
#4536-W Glue Top Writing Pads (legal ruled)

8. Read and share stories from inside. 
A list of aging and infirm people who must be released immediately. 
If you don't already know someone inside, please consider writing to and supporting any of the people whose contact info is included.

9. Read and share these other resources. 
A report on the humanitarian crisis in WI prisons BEFORE covid-19 exposure.
Our Covid Compassion Campaign videos.
Open letter to the legislature and DOC
Images to share on social media:

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