Friday, May 15, 2020

Prison Lockdowns Exacerbate Pandemic- COVID Compassion Campaign pt 3


Prison Lockdowns Exacerbate Pandemic

On Tuesday, May 19, at 1pm, Forum for Understanding Prisons (FFUP) will present our third COVID Compassion Campaign online press conference.This conference will focus on Columbia Correctional Institution (CCI) a facility notorious for lockdowns, racist staff, and violent instability.

Our speakers will talk about how CCI's restrictive lockdown and security measures that function as collective punishment, reducing people's natural immune response and increasing their exposure to COVID-19.

Speakers for May 19*:

Damani Nantambu- a radical New African prison rebel and organizer, frequent hunger striker, and whistleblower against the system.
William Ledford- experienced prisoner litigator with diabetes, sentenced under the old law, double amputee due to medical neglect, held in a unit with many other immune compromised people.
Moderator: Ben Turk

*Due to logistical challenges of connecting across DOC walls, and the unpredictability of life and phone access in CCI, statements from the speakers will be pre-recorded in the likely case that they won't get the phones at the right time. Family members and supporters will join the call as live participants to answer questions.

This online press conference is in support of FFUP's COVID Compassion Campaign, demanding that Governor Evers expand clemency criteria, which currently exclude all incarcerated people. FFUP has helped 75 people file clemency waiver requests.

These requests and short summaries about the people pleading for release can be found on

Previous COVID Compassion Campaign online press conferences:

April 21- Introducing the campaign
May 5- Parole eligible people


1-1:15- Introduction and update
1:15-1:45- Featured speakers
1:45-2:00- Questions from reporters
2:00-2:30- Questions and comments from anyone (time permitting)

To join the press conference:

Option 1. smartphone Download the app.
Step 1: Click and install it.
Step 2: Click enter meeting ID
Step 3: Enter this ID: 288 434 5219
Step 4: enter this password: ffup421

Option 2. Join meeting through internet browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari).
Step 1: click this link:
Step 2. enter password: ffup421

These options allow you to see video and request to speak. If you don't have smartphone or internet access, you can use a regular phone...

Option 3: Call in.
Step 1: dial (773) 231-9226
Step 2: enter meeting ID 288 434 5219
Step 3: enter password 806936

Everyone but the speakers will be on mute until the question / answer portion of the event. People using the ap or browser will be able to ask questions in a chat box or choose a "raise hand" option to be unmuted and ask question verbally.

If you are having difficulty joining the meeting, please contact Tai Renfrow at 214-444-9526.

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