Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Waupun Christmas Eve Lockdown “Worst Since 99”

Report on the lockdown at Waupun CI, written by anonymous contact held there.

Pertaining to the lockdown here at Waupun. The lockdown started on the 24th of December and was back to normal functions on January 13th. Trinity students were supposed to have returned to school on Jan. 2nd, but we returned on Monday, January 13th.

1. We were given one shower per week (7 days).
2. We never received a hot meal while on lockdown.
3. We were never given any kind of forms to communicate our problems, concerns, or health to staff.
4. Visits and phones were available to us.
5. We were not given any recreation the entire time on lockdown.
6. After 2 weeks, there were passes issued for HSU,  and Social Services.
7. The warden suspended some rules, but I forget which ones. I will get it to you.

This was the worst lockdown that I have experienced since entry on 4/99.

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