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FFUP CASES: policies, rules laws the corrupt


No treatment  is such a big issue system wide- no treatment or programming until  near release- and no programming at all in Maximums. 

Addiction treatment :John Wayne Taylor 366565 RGCI/bd1973, 50/release date Brown county 2028/  John is drug addicted and mentally ill. He is listed by WIDOC as malingerer and is after mental health and drug addict on treatment before he leaves prison. He is denied. He has been revoked and will not make it, he thinks,without treatment. He has two friends in there and that has been very positive. They all are into the destress project. and with prompti ng he said he likes self help books and gave me a couple titles. t He is supported by his aunt who says his parent died when he was young and he was brought up by other family and never got much nurturing- has poor self concept-and is always depressed. He has a dull tone in his voice- and is very passive. He is trying though.

This is such a big issue- no treatment or programming until  near release- and no programming at all in Maximums. 


CHRISTIAN WALLING.674338  674338 Native American( bd1997, 27)NLCI out 6724

Do: call parole agent again, go higher finally


 CHRISTIAN WALLING on 3/6/2024 3:07:32 PM wrote

So peg they just handed me an application for a TLP house and forcing me to go on ehs and pay for the ehs for a couple thousand dollars i was wondering if you can make some phone calls to find out their reasoning behind it im not a sex offender and i have looked up how many other programs and resources that i havent called or been able to call because they are trying to force me to go to a tlp house i have also requested another call with my agent to no success

Parole agent:715-919-3127

1)Went to Community corrections, they gave me  parole number-have couple messages in so far.

Emailed and Zach Osell said :” I’m not sure what EHS is, but it sounds like Christian’s agent is going to give you a call back this afternoon to help answer your questions. Let me know if you need anything else. 

Actions- Have two calls into parole agent- will go higher on next call if no answer/will ask ofo assisance if cannot get further


2)William steele 166853 RCI

Letter to go to court explains/will send as soon as William corrects and I get printer ink  ( on order)


Judge Jennifer Dorow /Waukesha County Courthouse./ Courtroom: SC-1016./515 W. Moreland Blvd., Waukesha WI, 53188.                                 

             RE: Friend of the Court Letter For William Steele 166853 RCI

March 17,2024/Your Honor,

     I am writing you on behalf off William Steele. He is incarcerated at Racine Correctional Institution. This is his 7th  DUI conviction and he has come to me for help in  obtaining , finally, treatment. In each of his last convictions he has been released without addiction treatment, only to go back to the same old behavior when stressed. He knows he needs to develop a new support system and needs help doing that now. I come to you for hep so is again not again released to the same merry-go-round.

    The DOC policy here is hard to understand - William’s sentence was 5 in and 5 out. With his 7th DUI the mandatory “in “ time is 3 years. You added a year to that. You have to have over two years left to get on the waiting list for addiction treatment. The treatment then is two years. Because you added a year to his mandatory 3 years,  making it 4 years when he gets finished with that, he will not have enough time to do the two year program and he will be denied. He is asking you to take off the extra “in” year you  gave him so he can get on the waiting list in time to get the program.

 WIlliam wants desperately to do the right thing and needs our help- he needs the treatment program while in prison.. Please either order that he be put on the two year waiting list now or take away the extra year you gave him. 

It is my experience that most prisoners leave prison untreated and untrained, traumatized . Here is an opportunity to buck that tradition Please help. 

Thank you for your attention/Peg Swan/Founder, Co-director FFUP/Forum for Understanding Prisons,  501c3 non profit/, 608-536-3993/29631 Wild Rose Drive; Blue River, WI 53518


3)Louis Domenech 108063 WRC

Again, letter to court will explain for now-this will go out after Domenech corrects and I get printer ink. Laso have advocated for him on deaf issues  compassionate release for his father Luis Domenech

                                               RE:Friend of the Court Letter

for Louis Domenech 108063 WRC/|MARCH 17, 2024 

Your Honor, I am writing you on behalf of Louis Domenech, a Wisconsin prisoner. He has a bullet lodged in his spine that needs to come out and he believes that bullet, if preserved, could provide vital evidence leading to  the overturning of his conviction. I am part of a non profit that works with prisoners and their families and have been trying to find a way to make sure this bullet gets into the right hands when it is removed from Domenech’s spine. Louis believes there was a cover up in his case and thus extra effort is needed to preserve the bullet. I am coming to you to ask if you could order that the bullet be preserved and /or advise me on where else to go to get this done.

Communications with prisoners are difficult these days and I do not understand the full circumstances here .  I  believe Louis was trying to de-escalate a household dispute when the police were called. He believes that the bullet lodged in his spine will prove that there was another officer shooting and this will force a reevaluation of the whole case.

I have worked with Louis on several issues. He is patient and focused and needs to be for he is deaf and that is a hard road in prison. I see there were ten years between  this incarcerations and the last which in itself shows he is fully capable of successful reintegration into society. He needs this opportunity to prove his innocence and we as a society need this opportunity to get it right.

So the question is- where do we go to see this bullet  is preserved and given to people who can evaluate it without bias.  IS this something you can order or can you advise? 

Thanks you for your attention,Peg Swan/Founder,Co-director FFUP/Forum for Understanding Prisons,  501c3 non profit/, 608-536-3993/29631 Wild Rose Drive; Blue River, WI 53518


4)JAMES POPILEK 519163 , OSCI /  MR 11/29/2026

Wants to end his child support and also wants to fight for custody of his kids when he gets out/ says the kids’ mother is poisoning the relationship between him and his kids. Found a pamphlet on “Ending Child support” which has forms for court et. And it must be done thru the courts.  Here is link to  pamphlet and forms:

Links :Ending child support word:

Ending child support PDF:

 I sent him the text thru corrlinks and will send full , more readable pamphlet when I get printerink.

sex offender laws and rules way out of whack

  Steven Bendix 388932 OSCI (  BD1979, 45)MR 05/15/2024

Also Has many health problems 

Judge did not order lifetime GPS monitoring and yet he is told he will have to be on it. His conviction was for having sex with an under aged girl . she was his girlfriend, Lied about her age, the old story.

Have not started on this- will call agent first. This is part of a whole mountain of sex offender laws, rules and policy corruptions, am working with several prisoners to do a comprehensive report .. a few cases here.

 Programming farces

  “in prison” Complaints are:1) prisoners  moved to new prisons for sex offender treatment, their property is often stolen and then there is no treatment at the new facility

2) They then have to take the treatment on the outside and it is very expensive

3) Not allowed to take treatment until they confess their guilt and go thru all the details. Many are innocent and cannot do this,

David Albrecht 398718 RCI ( 1971, 52); needs SOT 4 training before he gets out of prison. Has been waiting forever like so many- is told now they will get it soon but they are “waiting on madison” and the months roll on - I emailed zach etc and their answer was more spin. Next step is to call program coordinator DR BUHS,have message into her. Much to learn here- there are four programs and one is waiting on Madison. Over the years sex offender treatment has been plagued- almost noone finishes it even if they do get it.Emailed carr’s people and got more spin(link).

Latest 3-24:hippa signed/ will not be allowed into sex offender treatment unless admits  Dr  BUHS ( head) say David does not remember -too drunk and high- presumes he did it /complicated by the fact that story came out when he was trying to protect his daughter from assaults by step father. 3/25 call to Dr Buhs, sot program coordinator / left long message/she called back, listened, she did not know if  hippa was signed so we left it at that, I will call her back is she does not let him do the program. She seemed sincere and focused and SHE CALLED BACK!

  Reports, advocacy gathering


Matthew Davis/ mother Josie, raped, meals taken, Meds taken/strapped in chair 6hours

Fumich, Harry 120028 GBCI: appealed case, judge denied, in for life =suiicudal/talked about him helping with campaign

Luckett, antonio 370043

     Getting 38 staff/Rec showers twice weekly/meals in room, terriible, nothing fresh, noone knows culinary- all prepared     


Poff, Jeff 390966 WCI/denied law library;tampering with main; refusing efiling;stealong docs submitted; last wk whole inst locked down 24hours/security director Jane Pusich/

Report coming WRC Psych Wachtikah intimidates

Write friend of Court letter, William Connelly W district

6 deaths in Waupun in last few months Jeff confirms that WCI RHU staff do not intervene in emergencies occurs- the prisoners dies or not, 

Tabbert, Derek 415637 /was I GBCI rhu  letters (dictate),now GP/ Report coming- GBCI has new zillion $ building unused as not enough staff/hower and rec two times/week, sees Chaplin, rest of time in cell/

Hiltbrunner,Pete 181346 OSCI mother passed away 2022/alone         


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