Sunday, October 1, 2017

FFUP REPORT: Deaths and Extortion by Gang Members

                   Two  Suicides : a guard, an CCI seg inmate/
                    Two opioid overdose deaths at CCI
             Gangs targeting native Americans for extortion

1)From Norman Green, Uhuru 228971 CCI
This morning, at approx 3:36 am., a prisoner or AC over on this range HU-7  B-31 committed suicide.  Enclosed is our collective input on what going on.  I’m not certain you will even receive this.  But I need someone to type this article and circuit it to everyone and send me six copies once its proof read.  Let me know you got it immediately so I know.  Otherwise I’ll have to keep writing and sending it.  When I don’t have the energy and my hand seem to be getting worser.
Before this happen they actually got a court order to forcely medicate him.  The Warden, he said, told the court they needed the order to stop him from doing this.  He felt like he needed to do what he claimed they lied to the court about, as if they had planted the seed in his head.  Someone need to file a open records on these deaths its been a few since I’ve been here.  As all due to the conditions.  The fact that no one don’t care or paying attention it will continue to happen.  People need to make noise. They created this hopeless milieu- they feed us less,  take all our money, disrupt court access, keep us in the oppressive hole for years, lie to us, beat us.  I’m aware of at least 3 or 4 deaths since I’ve been here.  Attempts are made every week though.  Let me know you got this.  Uhuru out.
PSYCH Incinerator at CCI claims another victim :

2)Guard commits suicide: this is all I got: from the new email kiosk:prison is Stanley.
Monday at 8 am
9 18 17 10:53 AM
For those who are interested, Stanley is currently on a modified lockdown. It started at about 9 am Sunday. I won't speculate on the reason for it so that this message does not get blocked. I'll leave it to others to follow up on this. Meanwhile, I don't have to go to work so I'll spend the morning drawing. TTYL

9/21/2017 6:41:01 AM
Lockdown Ends
The modified lockdown ended Tuesday morning. A guard killed himself on Saturday night so they shut down the prison Sunday morning. I don't know why. It makes no sense, it had nothing to do with the prison.

3) Two opiod deaths at OSCI-long lock down and repercussions still felt- starting late june through last month I was hearing about  crazy rules at OSCI following opiod deaths. First a complete lock down for about month and then rules that made no sense to inmates- like their envelopes were destroyed for incoming letters. Later an  inmate threw some hot water at a staff member and all the hot water in the institution was turned off. Last letter here states an obvious point: staff should be thoroughly screened coming in and going.
Here  are some letters:
OSCI Memo from Reo Covington alerting to lockdown:
Malcolm Campbell alerts me:
Matthew Stechauner describes conditions post  lockdown /shredding envelopes, little time outside :
Carlos McDaniels complains of sexual misconduct by a guard during lockdown:
Shawn McGowan essay stating that Guards and staff should be more thoroughly scanned for drugs :

4)Gangs target Native Americans
 Extortion of Native Americans at WCI by gangs as guards stand by and do nothing
Cody Long 558710 and Mathew Garcia 302643; more names of victims coming
Letter to warden etc:
Letter to warden and Secretary Litscher , above , is pretty self explanatory  - Beatings, stealing and forcing them to write families asking for money-(all native Americans are rich, is the commonthink.) One of the big problems is that the Both victims are trying to restrain from fighting because it just puts them in seg which is a horror to them. Cody is mentally ill and has worked very hard to get out of solitary/Is now not coming out of his room for fear of being beaten if he does not fight and has missed many meals- Is on hunger strike to protect himself. In letter I ask for feed in cell.. Mathew is just getting out of seg and is terrified of having to fight and just get put back. 

It appears as though the guards are in cahoots with the gangs- they have stolen stamps I sent and have sent him a slip saying the docs I sent him,( which were his documents being returned )were contraband. Lots of letters to authorities do nothing. According to Cody , they make no attempt to hide their shenanigans, telling he should tell his people  to send more than one pack at a time (implying if he wants any)(And used “their broke ass” in reference to his family). I am sending him stamps through his roommate who is a good cellie. He wants a ‘red tag cell and food brought to his room. Has turned down one offer to move him that was a pot luck offer- he treasures this short time where he has a cellie he can trust and wants to make sure the next place is better.

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