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Campaign plans and latest actions are described in newsletter and following two letters. slowly I will get all published in more reader friendly form here. 

Latest Newsletter: Bridge of Voices Summer 2024

 Open letter to Secretary Hoy 5 24

letter to Governor Evers 5 24:

2008 rally by families of prisoners in front of the WI DOC headquarters

                   FAMILIES for a  SECOND CHANCE 

WE invite you to join us in an epic task= Families and concerned people working with prisoners to bring back The DOC’s mission to keep the public safe and to rehabilitate. It does neither now.

   JOIN US by email by phone, in our weekly conference calls. WE NEED YOUR VOICE!!

          Email us: peg:,

          Phone: 608-536-3993 leave you phone number and when to call you back if no answer

          Website: “www,”

Overriding goals- 

  • to bring out the human face of prison, to state emphatically that truth matters and that prisoners are not their crime; everyone deserves a second chance.
  •  to start a movement by connecting the various WI prison activist organizations with  each other and with prisoners and their families so we work together, supporting and aiding other more effectively.
  • To educate the public on WHO WE ARE INCARCERATING with stories, with facts.


1)Weekly conference call. ALL WELCOME

                    Mondays 6pm/Wednesdays 5pm: dial 267-807-9495

                                then you will be prompted for this number: 568-065-540

if you are the first on in, punch 7568

  •   WE do invidual support as well as strategize on issues that effect all                                                        
  • If you cannot attend the  Wednesday meeting- we can meet in smaller groups any time by conference call or 2 of us via regular phone. 
  •   so again:

      Phone: 608-536-3993 leave you phone number and when to call you back if no answer         Email us: peg:


FIRST PETITION : put individual hygiene and food in Marcus Catalog.


      Making hygiene and extra food available to all is a big deal for prisoners and their families. Now only those prisoners with lots of money or family support can afford snacks, deodorant, shampoo or soap in quantities needed. We start with this in order to build a coalition that can petition, make calls and write letters on issues that effect all as well as individual issues. If we work together and help each other with issues, we can create a movement for real change, 

OLD Campaign 2023

Madison day in spring. -WE need to prepare now.

This is a combined effort with EXPO and WISDOM  we converge the the capitol and talk to our legislators. This is an incredible opportunity for families of prisoners to actually speak to their representatives. There is much preparation to do as  making APPPOINTMENTS with the legislators is important and this takes a lot of phone tagging.  For those interested:

A) ontact FFUP with your information if you would like to  participate. We need zipcodes  also to assure we  make an appointment with your legislator.

B) A bus or ride share to the capitol is possible I am told, if there are enough people. (Contact info at end)


  •  We need  push-back to the constant barrage of misinformation this election has engendered- I was writing my usual parole letter when  the Rant about rapists and murderers came on the radio and my letter turned into a tirade which in a few paragraphs outlined the whole fiasco. I morphed it into an “OPEN LETTER” to the parole chairman. I suggest you do the same- Let ‘er rip- about whatever your issue- parole/ health care/ wrongly convicted or held/ no support treatment or training/harassment/ abuse- whatever it be.

We will be trying to connect with family members to form an activist group where we can tackle many issues together and support each other with our individual cases. SO if you are interested in composing one of these open letters, or who want to get more involved in other ways, contact us (


to new parole Chairman Blythe

to secretary CARR and Governor Tony Evers 


5)Spreading your stories through all venues- facebook, blogs, newspapers online and paper etc etc

We are looking for web savvy help to spread our message. If we get the grant, this will be a paid position.


 WISCONSIN Center for Investigative Journalism ( WIWATCH) reporter is working with us. We have spread the word about him and he is digesting and gathering the responses, We are working with him on these issues but he is interested in all complaints.

  A)Especially  compelling are stories of the impact of the prisoner’s ordeal on their families- we need contact of prisoners and their families who wish to be interviewed.

B) The mentally ill entombed in RHUs as that story will unwind to include all of the systemic corruption. And we have a doable solution that the DOC once embraced and then abandoned- a mental health treatment center and redoing of policies and rules.

C)health care is the second issue on front burner for Journalist.Let  us know of suits you are pursuing - we can get complaints from PACER and if you have filed complaints but gone no further, sum these to us. Also general stories are appreciated and contact information of families who are invested In helping you. THIS INCLUDES mental health issues also- lack of treatment in general population etc.

C) All other issues and FFUP focus- I will be concentrating on helping WIWatch go forward but also continue to gather and use information on all the issues and will see that WIWATCH gets them when they are ready. We are putting these on a private website  and docs for which we have permission to share, will go on the regular web- I use blogger as it is the most versatile. So keep that information coming - all of it- Although swamped, we learn to move forward anyway and do find a path through that coordinates all the factors


FFUP Reaching out for funding and legal help

1)Grant request sent to two grantor foundations in October- waiting

     Starting with grant for pilot project for 3 month room rentals for newly released prisoners- this grant will also give FFUP funds to HIRE STAFF

   One Grant request here:  

   Pamphlet here on pilot project here:

2) Letter of request for representation for two class actions sent- waiting and more going out.

view template letter to Lawyers

attachments sent: 

   issue one:

  issue two: Stop textbehind, the third party mail system

   two magazine articles on the new third party mailing system:

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