Monday, March 23, 2020

Notes on covid-19 from Matthew Schumacher at CCI. Write to Matthew here:

Matthew Schumacher
Columbia Correctional Institution
PO BOX 900
Portage, WI 53901
You may post this publicly and with my name. 

WEDNESDAY 3-18-2020: Still eating in the day room, but only 2 people at a table. 

 FRIDAY 3-20-2020: Recreation was held in the morning and afternoon. Had emergency count around 4pm and then had to eat in our rooms. Only tier tender and servery workers were allowed out to serve the food. And R&O was cleared out "9 cells," which is going to be used to house anyone that has the symptoms or virus.

 SATURDAY 3-21-2020: Tier tender/servery workers only allowed out. Still eating in our rooms. Two memos passed out around 5:30 PM.

* DATE: 3-21-2020
   TO: CCI staff and Persons in Our Care
   FROM: Sue Novak, Warden
                 Columbia Correctional Inst.
   RE: Suspension of Administrative Rules

   Effective immediately, I am suspending administrative rules pursuant to DOC Administrative Code Section 309.22

   The purpose of this suspension of administrative rules is strictly precautionary. Maintaining the safety, health, and well being of staff and persons in our care is our priority. We will be evaluating this suspension on a regular basis in an effort to restore normal operations as soon as allowable.

  cc: Makda Fessahaye, DAI Administrator
        Douglas Percy,  DAI Assistant Administrator
        Stephanie Hove, DAI Assistant Administrator


   Facility Name: CCI                                 DATE: 3-21-2020

   An individual at your facility has been diagnosed as potentially having ( Name of Disease ) COVID 19, which can be transmitted by * airborne, * contact or, * droplet.

  Please refer to the Disease Fact Sheet from the Wisconsin Division of Public Health. If you identify as being in one of the risk groups, or develop any of the symptoms as identified on the fact sheet, you are to notify staff and request to see the Health Staff Promptly.

  You will not be charged a co payment for the HSU visit related to the above named disease.

  FR: HSUM Buchanan

   SUNDAY 3-22-2020: Tier tenders/servery workers allowed out. Started phone calls around noon.

   MONDAY 3-23-2020: Tier tenders/servery workers allowed out. Getting phone calls and razors. No word on infection being positive.

  * Should be noted that we are getting our food from the kitchen still and have been even after getting the memos. No word if they fully disinfected kitchen area. * And the Disease Fact Sheet I have not seen. It may be on our institutional channel, but you won't be able to read it. For one, the channel is really fuzzy and secondly, the pages go by really fast.

  1) Allow phone throughout the day. Still only allowing us the limit " 1, twenty minute call a day, 4 days a week at CCI, " makes no sense with us being locked down in our cells and to the tier we live on. Which the phones are on our tiers. Everyone gets their 20 minute call and so on till it gets back to the fist guy and you start the process all over.

  2) Here at CCI we have been given disinfectant bottles for the phones. So we are allowed to clean the phone before and after. We also have a memo that instructs the tier tenders to disinfect the whole unit everyday, a couple times a day. Which has been happening on our units. Still would be nice to get hand sanitizer or wipes. 

  3) TABLETS: Allow photo app, lower movie rentals to a dollar, add more movies, add educational/inspirational videos. 

  4) CANTEEN: spending limits here were hiked to $100. Which is great if you have that kind of money to spend. Which isn't the case if you're indigent due to 50% or higher being taken. We were told to stock up on canteen for fear canteen may stop for awhile. I propose a few ideas:
  a. Cut out the 50% until covid19 is eliminated
  b. Allow inmates to use their release account funds or half of it to be able to stock up on hygiene, stamps and food items.
  c. Allow inmates to order from approved vendors.  JL Marcus, Union have hygiene and food items that we are not allowed to order. During this time of crisis we should be allowed " or loved ones," to order their hygiene and food items. 
  d. Allow inmates to order I Care packages during this crisis. The following are companies that already send I Care packages into prison:
  * Books N Things  " We get this catalog sent to every unit in our institution. They offer the following care packages: HEALTHY KICK CARE PACKAGE, over 30 items for $69.95  • MONSTER SNACK ATTACK CARE PACKAGE, a big box $69.95  • CLASSIC SNACK CARE PACKAGE, over 30 items $49.95   • SUGAR RUSH CARE PACKAGE, big box $49.95


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