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Health care cases ( HSU- health service unit)


Aaron Robinson 565665 OSCI/ bd 1983 39YO B/outdate 11 30 27

-two issues:

 1) Ingrown toenail- advocated to get hi special shoes / toenail was removed by surgery-   and now has grown back, Aaron need a specialist which is not allowed unless requested by the prison doctor.

 2) Not allowed to see his daughter as has SOT conviction ( stuatory rape/had affari with minor) has taken course and is more mature--

My actions for visiting daughter: will write and call security director

My actions on ingrown toenail: advocated to get hi special shoes Had zoom visit with him / now ill write HSU


 Luis Nieves 265717 CCI /bd 1976, 47/Puerto Rican/LIFE sentence

Wrote in 9 23 to Mario Koran, WI Watch reporter and he sent letter to me- Has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and new to health director Dr  took all his prescribed comfort aids and meds away.

 MY ACTIONS: Wrote HSU When I called HSU- they said all non life threatening aids are taken away-/ referred him to litigator ./ Just sent TB page through web to find out how he is and what he needs since it has been months since contact.


Richard Paul 112 903 WSPF/bd 1968, 55 Native American/out 2024, old law , in since 1980

Just got this3 25 23. Ostensible reason is asking for advocacy for David Schlemm below but has Aorta problem of his own. Needs a second opinion and is always in pain and has low energy.

MY ACTIONS+ will write through TB web and ask him to sign HIPPA form and send visiting form=will send this  to groups litigators and advocates and also tp  Bell ledford who is doing a major suit again Dr Ribault - the main bad actor here


David Schlemm 198339 WSPF /bd 1969, 63 native America /out 2072-old law -in since 1991

Information sent by richard paul ( above)/ Richard Paul asks me to contact Human rights defenxe center and america Bar association for him, give numbers , has case that needs expert witnesses with medical knowledge for case 21-CV-331-wmc; Schlemm v Fuchs etal. Gives stamp etc order and asks that I be power of attorney.

MY ACTIONS= for both R PAUL And D SCHLEMM- will transcribe this and send to Ledford as he Is doing suit against same DR with similar circumstances( bill lost his feet) Ribault. These Doctors get kicked out of one prison by court action and are just put in another- Bill now dealing with same doc ( In CCI) he acted against successfully before( in WSPF).


Charles Hainer146680 OSCI/bd 1954, 58 W/outdate 12 17 36

 Confused and often abused- was dumped from his wheel chair ( my first contact) and has a son who is rather burned out trying to advocate-I called HSU to try to get him diagnoses/MRI for ongoing erve pain- has trouble with hands, cannot navigate wheel chair etc- and got nothing-

ACTIONS_ reach out again for update and come to group for more concerted action on treatment and diagnosis.( note:This guy is always grateful even for nada- and is easy to put off till later. Son is full of guilt and hard to ignite into action but will reach out about group - that may help him)


HEALTH care from initial USDOJ report

1)The best source of information on the WI DOC health system is William Ledford 80495 CCI ( 1962, 60). He is a main litigator guide for FFUP and  he helps a lot of people with their lawsuits and does win.  He has diabetes and through the DOC malfeasance , has lost both feet. He has succeeded in getting Doctors “walked out” and is on top of all the corruption of the system- he is constantly being retaliated against-he is ready to share his expertise. 

John Doe Petition by Bill Ledford :


2)Matthew Stechauner 378235 NLCI  is another good source for health care information . He has severe untreated issues with his breathing and is also  MH2 prisoner( has severe mental health issues including PTSD) all untreated. He has coped with his mental illness well through learning the law and helping other prisoners with their cases

   He is now  coming out from weeks of trauma after he was sexually assaulted at OSCI and after being moved to NLCI ( he thinks in retaliation). NLCI has no doctor and all his meds were take away. Finally he reverted to behavior he has not used in years=He was left to self harm for hours and hours was finally taken to the hospital where the nurses questioned how he was allowed to do such damage, He is still not getting treatment. ( his statement is under PREA section and he has all the documentation to prove his allegations

 2) Carl McDaniel was recently released with multiply health issues, is now in wheel chair and litigated successfully while incarcerated and is continuing at least one case on the outside as the damage issues are still relevant- he was always hampered by the court's reluctance to issue an injunction due the precedents it would set so the issues would be  resolved while the court watched and then all would revert back, Here is  link to one case . contact information is available   on request. link to one case “

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