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executive clemencies given to prisoners by WI governors 1970 through 1986

note form LRB librarian: the reports you are looking for were published in the Senate journals, some of which are available online -- but only back to 1981.  

My colleague from the Wisconsin Historical Society Library sent me this information, in case you want to look at the original documents ; it should be the same information that was published in the journals.  The links are to UW catalog records:
It looks like WHS Archives does have the pardons from the Secretary of State’s office: (“Record includes copies of executive orders to directors of penal institutions listing terms of pardon, name of institution, parolee, and director, court of conviction, length of term, crime, and signatures of the Governor and the Secretary of State. No records exist for 1948-1955.”) 

There is also a catalog record for “Pardon papers” that includes 1970-1976: This record has a finding aid. The record also notes that there are some restrictions because of confidentiality.

You can contact the archives to find the materials and get help accessing them:

Pat Reichert
Senior Legislative Librarian
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau

urls executive clemencies 1970 to 1986

Attached is the executive clemency report from Gov. Knowles for Jan. 1969 to Jan. 1971 that the LRB has in its Wisconsin documents collection. 

Gov. Lucey pardons from Jan. 1971 to Jan. 1973 as found in the 1973-74 Senate Journals (pages 174-179).  

Gov. Lucey pardons from Jan. 1973 to Jan. 1975 as found in the 1975-76 Senate Journals (pages 379-409). 9/01/lucey-pardons-1975-1.pdf
Gov. Lucey pardons for 1975 as found in the 1975-76 Senate Journals (pages 2300-2315).  From this point on, the report covers calendar years.  

Gov. Lucey pardons for 1976 as found in the 1977-78 Senate Journals (pages 150-159).  

Gov. Lucey and Acting Gov. Schreiber pardons for 1977 as found in the 1977-78 Senate Journals (pages 1520-1537).  This file is 9 pages long.

Acting Gov. Schreiber pardons for 1978 as found in the 1979-80 Senate Journals (pages10-19). 
Gov. Dreyfus pardons for 1979 as found in the 1978-80 Senate Journals (pages 1094-1097). 

Gov. Dreyfus pardons for 1980 as found in the 1981-82 Senate Journals (pages 140-147).  

And for good measure, I scanned the 1981 report from Gov. Dreyfus (1981-82 Senate Journals, pages 2046-2053);

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