Thursday, March 12, 2020

End the DOC Money Scam Action

Since Scott Walker signed Act 355 into law in 2016, the Wisconsin DOC has been taking fees and restitution out of any money that people put on the books of their incarcerated loved ones. Act 355 leaves the DOC to determine the percentage of funds taken, and the new administration has continued Scott Walker's predatory practice of taking 50% or more from contributions. Learn more here.

A Call for Action

We want to hear from you.  We want to hear your story of how providing for your loved one inside prison is affecting you.  Under Act 355, DOC is allowed to withhold an amount or a percentage of any money on your loved one’s account.  This amount can be changed at any time by Secretary Carr or Administrator Makda Fessahaye.

Our plan is to collect your letters before March 31 and host a rally where we shall present all of the letters to Makda Fessahaye. 

Please send your letter to:
Kay Lanctot
914 Marshall Drive
Mauston, WI 53948

Or email it to her here:

Please send by March 31, we will have the rally and letter delivery sometime in early April. 

A letter template- fill in with your own words and experiences.  

Your Name
Street Address
City, State Zip Code


Makda Fessahaye
Administrator, Division of Adult Intuitions
P.O Box 7925
Madison WI 53707-7925

Dear Administrator Fessahaye:

Paragraph One: Here is your chance to tell your story of the struggles and hardships you have faced because of Act 355. What sacrifices have you had to make to ensure that your loved one has the money to buy basic necessities?
-Do you have two jobs?
-Do you go without groceries?   
-Sell personal items?
-Cut back on your own healthcare?
*Explain how the money that you are gifting to a loved one in prison is divided up.
* Show examples:  Deposit of $100.00 of that $100.00 dollars 10% is taken off the top for the release fund that leaves $90.00.  In some situations, 50% of the balance is taken for restitution leaving $45.00 for your loved one. 

Paragraph Two: Remind Makda Fessahaye that Section 973.20 (11)(c), authorizes the Department of Corrections to withhold “an amount or percentage the department determines is reasonable for payment to victims” and that this amount can be changed at any time by Secretary Carr or by Makda Fressahaye.  The sentence of one family member is a sentence for the whole family.
Section 973.20 (11)(c) If a defendant who is in a state prison or who is sentenced to a state prison is ordered to pay restitution, the court shall require the defendant to authorize the department to collect from the defendant’s wages and from other moneys held in the defendant’s prisoner’s account, an amount or a percentage the department determines is reasonable for payment to the victims.

Paragraph Three: Ask that the amount being taken out of your loved one’s account be lowered to a more reasonable amount.

Your Name 

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