Friday, March 20, 2020

Updates from inside Columbia Correctional Institution

These are statements regarding COVID-19 from people incarcerated at Columbia Correctional Institution. We will continuously update this document, with the newest information at the top.

Other than putting us on lockdown nothing has changed in regards to cleanliness.
• we were offered the two free phone calls for one week this week the computer controlled system isn't allowing it.

• the problem with allowing already arrogant incarcerated people to self regulate if they think they are sick, they are afraid to be quarantined so they will be sick and just pass it on. And some of the guys are so paranoid they scream medical emergency when they sneeze (multiple times a day screaming medical emergency).

 From Damani Nantambu:

This is what they did so far:
(1)send all 1,000+ of us a memo telling us a inmate tested positive for covid-19
(2)after dinner they passed out hand soap
(3)we are completely locked down absolutely no movements
(4)we are eating in our cells (I am on single cell status so I eat alone)
And here is what they are not doing:
(1)making staff wear face mask
(2)having the nurses come to our cells once a day, to see who may or may not be
ill(I have been coughing but when the nurse comes on the tier,to give the diabetics their shots she won't stop)
(3)forcing the nurses to wear mask because most of them leave a hospital and come straight here putting us at extreme risk,simply because they are working 2-
I'm not gonna lie fam,I'm scared....just know I'm gonna do my best to stay safe,but I must get this toe checked out.
Stay righteous,

Write to Damani
Damani Nantambu
Columbia Correctional Institution
PO Box 900
Portage WI 53901



As predicted the CIA released the coronavirus on the inmate population at CCI and as a result the entire institution is on lockdown as of 3-21-20.The CIA created the coronavirus for population control and now it has spread all over the United States, inside the prisons terrorizing everyone both the healthy and unhealthy. It won't be long before every inmate at CCI infected with Covid-19. I have been urinating blood since February 3rd,and so when covid-19 hits me it's going to take me out of the game comrade.
I have been incarcerated since the age of seventeen, November 2nd,1993,and I attended my first parole hearing 5-16-19,it was denied and I was given an eighteen month deferment, and my next hearing is scheduled for December 27th,2020,Insha'Allah. I was prc'd to a medium last month and I am waiting to be transferred, Insha'Allah. I was a juvenile when the judge sentenced me to life June 27th,1994,and I too deserve a second chance. It really bothers me when activists' ask for the release of prisoners you never include those of us in prison for violent offences as we are irredeemable. I no longer possess a criminal-colonial mindset, I am without question a servant of the people.
I did not receive the mass email from Mama Peg, so please let her know.
I'm a germaphobe, OCD is one of my clinical diagnoses, and this whole coronavirus thing is freaking me out to the max comrade Ben. Every inmate at CCI and other institutions are going to die from the coronavirus because there is no cure or vaccine for it. I'm also concerned for my mama whose health is very fragile and also my eldest brother and niece.
If they come for you tonight, they will come for me in the morning. All power to the people and may the people's revolution be with you. Shindano Jendelea!


I just wanted to speak on the most recent lockdown we have been put on here at CCI, on Saturday they did an emergency count around 3:15 an we havent been allowed out of our cell since. They sent us memos sayin someone in this institution has potentially tested positive for the virus so we are being places on lockdown for our safety. Its crazy because for about a week now we have been told by multiple CO's that a guy that got transferred here from dodge has the virus an is in r&o. They changed our rec schedule an how we go out an eat meals then they lock us down. They havent taken any steps towards keeping us safe as far as staff wearing masks an gloves like they should be, they are the 1s that are going to bring it in to us, we dont have any visits so how els is it going to get into the prison?? Through them. Its funny though because they lock us down an say its for our safety but they let the workers out to make our food trays an pass them out. The way this prison is designed we have showers on our tiers next to the showers, they can close the tier door an pop 1 door at a time for us to shower an use the phones but they are choosing not to do either, so we can't shower nor use the phone an check on our families during this pandemic. If it's safe enough to have workers running all through out the unit it's safe enough for us to shower an use the phones on the tier. This is just another instance of them not using common sense before they do things. We only get 3 showers a week as it is, thats not keeping the prison or inmates healthy safe or clean, thats disgusting an forces us to wash up in the sink in our cells.
Thats the update an im aware of someone being released from a county jail in rock county due to the virus. So that letter they sent to Tony Evers must of worked. Thats the only person im aware of that got released.
Stay safe out there an please lmk if all the other institutions in wi are on lockdown as well, thank you for what you do...


Excerpt from James J Emerson's letter

during Carr's interview, he was asked what other preventative actions the doc is implementing, and,his response , so far as is visible here, at Columbia corr. was false in its entirety!

     let it be clear all I'm saying, at this institution these systems should be change and run a lot more efficiently!!!

    And what I'm complaining about is how a top administrator of the doc system has gone on public radio talk show and given false truths to the listeners.

    When this is done , ESPEACIALY from the very top of the doc, unchecked, accountability becomes impossible.


So today a lot of action has taken place due to the virus. All programming, volunteer services, recreation and library has been cancelled until further notice. They are also letting us eat in the day room, but only 2 people allowed at each table.

I have written officials here trying to help with the lack of activities going on. We can be proactive with what they are doing in New York with the prison and having them make hand sanitizer. Not sure what we could do, but I have raised ideas to try an raise money to help Wisconsin residents. No action as of yet, but we won't have a warden until April and hopefully someone in Madison can force some action. Some of the ideas are as follows:
  1. Allow videos, education materials " khan lite app ," and photo app to be added to the tablets.
  2. Allow more phone calls
  3. Add channels to our tv system. Create a fund that if inmates raise enough money we get a certain amount of channels and the funds raised goes to the communities in need.
  4. If we are allowed put us to work making hand sanitizer or putting together masks if needed.
  5. Allow "I Care," gifts from companies already doing this type of work. We've been told by our canteen officer to take precautions with ordering canteen the next few weeks. He told us we'd be better off ordering as much as we can cause he's not sure how much longer we'll be getting canteen.

Thank you for your time and all you're doing. Stay safe.



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