Monday, March 27, 2023

WOMEN 's prison issues and individual cases

 Women’s Prison TCI- conditions and diabetes health care mess

Carrie Metz 350814 TCI bd 1983, 39 native American/ out 4 16 26, scared of release, Current problem is the practice of forcing diabetic prisoners to walk quarter mile to HSU to get diabetic supplies - they are not allowed to wear coats or anything but thermals and about 15 prisoners have none- she has wrapped other warm things around here and been sent back without insulin. SHe aslso has a child who just got covid second time- and is afraid she will lose him- has lost one child- wants supplies for him.

MY ACTIONS-sent her letter to a gal with church connections( no) and to a few others and bought Carrie one pair of cheap thermals from Marcus but she needs two warm setss. Glad it is getting warm but this is long term problem==heard from some prisoners that they are trying this with some men’s prisons. Need to investigate- would like to have someon in group write Carrie and establish connection as I am too infrequent- she has corrlinks- we three could work together on this- both stopping the practice and getting the warm clothes.Will send her info to my MJS contact- she expects this,

she also needs the room project


Contact info for other women prisoners

Marcella Trimble - had surgery for Carpal tunnel and stitches were left in for inordinate time- with damage to hand- suing

Is head of our TCI/men’s prison penpal program

Wrtes of conditions in the women’s mental health treatment facility WWRC- which was a healing place and seems to hve gone sour:


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