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WHY ARE WE HOLDING These People????

 cases by  alphabetical order

Michael Evans

Michael Evans 344627 GBCI 

BD1980.age 42/Black/

out date given by DOC: 7 -1 35

ISSUES: no mental help treatment and  long eligible and ready for release/held past sentence recommended, He is another of our old law prisoners- eligible after serving 1/4 of thier sentenes but still sitting- For what?

Michael was 18 when he was involved in a fight with rival gang members- they had just beaten him up and a fight ensued and a bullet ricocheted and hit and killed a man. Michael was so upset upon hearing for the death he turned himself in., He is mentally ill and has trouble controlling anger and intake evaluation recommended treatment in .prison.

And he is still incarcerated - much too long sand  he has recieved no mental health treatment in GBCI 

Below is his story of hunger striking and self harm in a effort to get treatment, H eis a good writer and  we willbe doing what we can to help 

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Link to sentenicng memorandum and other relevant docs:


Michael  Evans 344627  GBCI 

 February 20,2023


One sad thing about this world is that the acts that take the most out of you are usually the ones that other people will never know about. by Ann Tyler, “ MStory”


On November 11th, 1993  I answer the guilty plea to one count of first degree- Reckless homicide,  PTAC, while armed and one count of first degree Reckless endangering safety, PTAC, while armed and sentenced to 14 years to 54 years  on January 19th 1999, sentencing recommendation from:Dr Suzanne Lisowski, who perform psychological evaluation,based upon ALL of the above listed information, read the following: sentencing memorandum enclosed.


    I'm on a hunger strike, due to the lack of mental health treatment ,which started today February 20th 2023. since my return from WRC( October 2020), I was assigned to PSU clinical staff Dr Martha  Breen- Smith, who have a bullying personality, need for dominance, humiliation,intimidation ,Power and balance, un -empathetic, with smugness and arrogance characterize Behavior; I have wrote PSU boss,  Dr Hamilton many times regarding Dr Breen- Smith's Behavior, since my return, I have not received adequate medical care for my mental health treatment; in 2021 (Of ?) I started on hunger strikes, due to lack of treatment from PSU, going from 215 lb  to 169 lb at times, I have lost so much weight that at 200 plus pounds now, I look like I weigh about 180 lb, my muscular mass is bone.


 This lasted through 2021 to 2022; in April of 2022,  I lost a childhood girlfriend die, I lost it, after trying to get help from Doctor Breen- Smith with my mental health diagnoses, which are antisocial personality disorder,  unspecified depressive disorder,  nightmare disorder, impulsive- control and conduct disorder.


 PSU undermined all my diagnoses, I went to the hole May 29th 2022, everything went downhill from there, before that, I passed out in the cell Hall from hunger strike after 4 days without food or water, on June 20th 22, I was released from the hole, I went back on the same day on suicide watch, released, on 6-23-22 with NO Treatment Plan, on 6 24 22 I went back to the hole for trying to assault staff with a, phone, I received 120, during my hole time I received no treatment for my mental health issues, PSU staff only would see me at the door stating” they not have the official hearing room”, Dr Breen- Smith  only pulled me out once  for a one-on-one, I was on hunger strike, went on and off auicide watch; on 8/11/20, I wrote the deputy warden Michelle R Hacse regarding my intention to commit suicide upon release from the whole( rhu), PSU staff sent to my door, I was not pulled out of my cell, PSU staff stayed at my door for about 5 minutes; I told PSU staff ”I can't commit suicide in the hole!On 8th 1822 I was released from the hole to GP; less than 24 hours later, after morning meds I went to the highest tier in the cell hall( H tier), I climbed over H-Tier, waiting for the cameras to come to jump, before video camera could arrive, the unit Sergeant run up on me, grab my shirt and tried to pull me back over the tier. I started to assault the sergeant, other staff arrived, LG M e g i a relieved the sergeant of his duty, after failed talking to come down, I was ambushed by (7) staff, I was fighting for release.



A society of sheep must in time beget a government of  wolves. 


,,,My right wrist was cuffed to the top railing by Lt. Me g i a, after a few minutes I gave up and came over the railing, I was placed on suicide watch from F r i m o n, during the whole time, I received no mental health treatment, I was taking off of suicide watch placed on TLU for assaulting staff, received a 120, I started going on hunger strikes, suicidal watch. I was placed in the treatment center on October 17,2022, during my stay, I was not given any treatment one on one )went back to the hole three times, 1121/22, I wrote the warden(Dylan Radtke) with my intention to self harm on 11 25,2022,on  11:22/22, with my mental diagnoses- I self -harmed, after being taken to HSU for treatment ,I was placed on suicidal watch again, released with no treatment plan, so I wrote my own treatment plan for PSU which still has not been considered.


 I spoke to Dr helmets( boss of PSU) on to 2:31 2022, I spoon- fed me on a treatment plan that will work only if I'm out of the hole, I agreed to work with him! not Dr Breen; I was released from the hole on 1 4-23; since I've been in GP, I've not received any treatment, no one-on-one. Dr Breen tried to send me a pass twice, after I wrote an ICE and CCE and notify the warden and my intention to sue PSU staff for deliberate indifference to my mental health needs, I refused and put a DOC 1803: inmate request for separation, for PSU staff Dr Breen- Smith and follow it with an inmate complaint examiner’s office regarding my assigned clinician; intimidation, threatened, harassment, causing me to suffer serious emotional distress.


 Nothing have been done about my mental health, I have received a response today from Dr Hamilton, again, it's always next week or two or three weeks to be seen by PSU doctor Hamilton is a supervisor of PSU.


I have a lot distress and anxious in general pop; if I commit suicide, please!!!! make sure these people get held responsible: Warden Dylan Kay Radke, Deputy Warden  Michelle R H a e s e, Dr Martha J Breen- Smith, Dr Todd L Hamilton, PSU-. M.S Hillary J Berg, Security Director John a kind.


 The art project I wanted to work on is a model kit AMT 1967 Chevy Impala SS it's my dream car and I ever make it out of prison alive the model 981 is $25.99 color royal and 3463 and 284 Sparkle glitter glue - maybe this project will give me hope



 take Hope from the heart of man and you make him a beast of prey.

Enclosed document

1) DOC 3035B- Psychological Service request

1) DAI 2023- 49223,From  John A Kind,Security director

1) DAI  2023- 49239,  from Michelle R Ha e s e, Deputy Warden

1) four pages of sentencing memorandum- January 15th 1999/  missing2 pages(4&5) 


 Thank you for caring, God bless, Michael L Evans


Below is  section from Michael Evan’ s  Sentencing memorandum. Michael was 18 at the time of the incident- He had recently been beat up by the young men. No one knows who actually sort the ricocheting bullet and Michael was so  upset  upon learning of the death that he turned himself him

Further the memo states emphatically that the sentence should be on the short end of the 2p to 25 years and that he be given treatment. Here it has been since 11 11 98- 24 years and his MR release date is 07/31/2035.And it has been all dead time- no treatment.




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