Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A start- two people that need release now to start the healing.

IF These are granted. FFUP and others can spread the word and there will be  many more applications

1)REQUEST FOR pardon/commutation of Sentence ( template for others)
Kamau TZ Damali ( Raynell Morgan) asks for a commutation of sentence/pardon. He is seriously mentally ill -hearing voices, feeling bugs crawling on him, noises in his head and inability to eat prison food – mostly caused mostly by his 14 yrs in isolation. Since being in general, his symptoms have not improved and he needs to be home and free to go outside into the sun.  His application to Evers is below, along with several examples of his writings.

2)Request for Deportation ( this is a template for others)
Below,  Lene Cespedes Torres
 Lene was 17 when incarcerated and has always claimed innocence- he came on the Mariel boatlift and hardly knew English when he was tried and sentenced.  The judge ordered he be deported when released and this is what Lene asks for- the time is now- he has been in 25 years.  Here is his application to President Trump. He got no response

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