Monday, March 23, 2020

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JEREMY CLARK (301538). 3/20/2020 7:23:31 PM Waupun "virus news"

Thank you for the information and news update from out there! Here is an update from the current epicenter of the virus within the DOC. At this point WCI has been placed on a modified lockdown. Just prior to being placed on it inmates housed within the North Cell Hall, A-Range were moved and relocated to cells throughout the cell hall. Their cells were then turned into "Isolation Cells" and sick or exposed inmates were then placed in those cells, STILL within the general population. As I am sure you have heard there is a staff member here who has tested positive for the virus, as I understand it and according to several sources it in the Doctor here, Doctor Jeffrey Manlove. Also, according to several sources inmates who came in contact with him are now housed within the North Cell Hall, where I am housed, on A-Range in general population. Likewise, there are still inmates, not in isolation housed on the same tier, where every one housed in the North cell hall have to walk pass their cells in order to shower!
According to another reliable source staff who have been exposed to the infected staff have not been instructed or ordered to self quarantine, but instead only to self-report symptoms. They are not otherwise subjected to any screening. It should be noted that this information is current as of today's date. Food service workers continue to work along side inmates to prepare food, and staff continue to work in close proximity with inmates, despite there being a confirmed case. Inmates are not currently being given access to cell hall kiosks to place money on their tablets to send emails and keep regular contact with family and friends. The morale among inmates close to me and those I know is low and we feel helpless. Our first knowledge of a confirmed case came from Fox 6 News. There are people here, including my roommate, who have less than 2 years to release and there have been no attempts to release them or move them to other low security facilities. I hope this assist in you and other's endeavor. I would also ask that you provide me with information from the ACLU.

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