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Reports from Inside Columbia CI

Two staff members at CCI have tested positive according to latest (April 2) reports. See updated numbers here. By many measures CCI is Wisconsin's most horrific prison. This is where guards beat Kuan Barnett, where Joe Turney was sexually assaulted for being depressed, and where Warden Susan Novak's policies provoked violent conflicts and a deadly lockdown. With that history, we are especially worried about the extended COVID-19 lockdown at CCI.

TRAVIS STEWART (618325 CCI  1990 29 NA) 4/8/2020 1:13:31 AMUpdate On CCI Covid-19
Currently 3 inmates so far have tested positive for Covid-19 here at Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin. The prison has said nothing to the inmates about these inmates yet inmates are finding out about these positive cases by the Milwaukee news outlets and their families.. We'll see how long it is before other inmates we have in addition to these three (3) end up getting this virus. I'd like to point out that, Correctional Officers and Administration Staff that come in from the streets do not wear facemask nor change there gloves frequently when they do wear gloves. Facemask should be worn as a must when coming in to a correctional facility in inmates opinion as we feel this is how the virus is going to get spread the easiest, and fastest.. Granted they are taking Officers temperatures prior to coming to their post does NOT deteriorate the possibility that they could be carrying the virus. A FACEMASK SHOULD BE WORN BY OFFICERS OR BE GIVEN TO INMATES TO UTILIZE! but they won't give them to us!
**Sending message to all Friends & Prison Advocates listed on friends lists. Please pass along. Thanks in advance.
Travis J. Stewart #618325
Columbia Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 900
Portage, WI 53901

  Dewitt Faulkner
DEWITT FAULKNER (398508 CCI 1980 39B) 3 27
 phone calls and showers
Columbia Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 900
Portage, WI 53901
Here's the the thing, guards are actually upset they have to work. I can't speak o on other units but unit four is still not totally safe for prisoners. Right now there's a guy who is beating on his cell door trying to get the Sgt. attention. His power is out. Now he's been knocking and yelling for the Sergeants. This is second shift. He's up set because we are using the phone, using the kiosks and every other day getting showers. The inmate who is beating could be having a medical emergency. These are the rookie staff prisoners bump heads with. He's young and in definitely in need of proper training. They are treating this quarantine as a discipline act for inmates. This unit is out of control because the unit leadership is out of control, not fit or mature enough in my opinion. Its clear they're not here to be compassionate, understanding, or a moral human being. But young, lost, uneducated
pain in the A*#.
 Somedays, the unit runs smooth. And other days when it starts to get to them mentally, they become very unprofessional and start taking it out on the prisoners. These are the type of officers who makes families very worried about the safety of an love one.  No one has the right to take their personal issues out on another. Stay safe and keep up the good fight. See what an inmate can do to help those outside. I'm sending my love and prayers for you all. King DoC

3/24/2020 8:10:57 PM wrote
It took sometime but we got to shower and made a free  call home. I guess something is being done right. I thank the community for standing with us. No one still haven't got back to us on donating blood. We will also like to help by having a fundraiser for the people who need our help most. We prisoners can donate art work, poetry and make make masks. We will like to help restaurants who are raising money, help low income families feed their kids. If you have any ideas on how maybe We can attempt to get these things done, please add any suggestions.  And, if you know someone I could contact, through email please post. Also if there's a place I can send some poetry and art work for a fundraiser to help families in  the community; free of charge, send me the location or come pick it up.Thank you. King DoC

Any ways all that is being reported and said about the measures doc is taking at this facility isn't complete accurate. 1 they have this one " supposedly no training janitor", who don't know how to properly sanitize infected area's. They allow him to come twice on the range to wipe the handle on our cells door. He's not protected himself, no mask or equipment. Only a water down spray bottle of this " Mark E all purpose, chemical. One towl that is used when we have to spray phone down before the inmates make a call.
When the food get handed thru our traps, that's not getting sprayed down, the inmates passing the trays instead of Styrofoam which makes me feel more safer,they have no mask on and they're to close to these guards who only GoD knows whether they are infected. These guards has not been screen,or tested for this virus. They don't get checkout when they enter or leave this facility. They haven't revealed who this officer was who has this CoronaVirus. And yes, a whistle blower confirmed he was a TOJ.
We don't even know if We are infected. And yes  I've seen inmates walking up to hsu.but I don't know why. We aren't still being able to clean cells everyday. We clean once a week, not considering you have two people to a cell. Look at Dane co.jail.  when you don't prepare for the worst and hope for the best you get situations like that. Why not give us package food. Some inmates don't eat because they are afraid they might contract this virus. Seeing what's happening at home scares some of us. Look at Milwaukee, and Madison. No one has come to put minds at ease.
The guards are so done with this that its stressing them out to the point they don't want to give us what we got coming treating this quarantine as a discipline act. The stress is building and anxiety is kicking in. We the prisoners are feeding off the energy of the staff and what We seeing on t.v. They're doing a terrible job. An officer last night didn't want to finish running kiosks for the people who didn't get through to their love ones. Some of these officers are just not ready to have certain responsibilities. I hope We all can agree with that.
We really need the department I work in, maintenance, to come through the whole institution and thoroughly clean up. Its crazy how people look at all prisoners as the ones who have no sympathy, remorse or compassion. We are the ones who only wish We could got involved and help this Gated Community and the public community. I've wrote hsu to asked if we can donate blood. I asked laundry if We can help make masks for the prison. I've tried to educate my fellow prisoners and my family on this issue and make suggestion on what we can do to stay healthy.
I don't know about other prisons but they dropping the ball over here. Plus with this phone system half on the time you can't get through because its not registering your voice recognition. We get 15min exactly and no exceptions. When your time is up its up. Say it take u at the most get to the phone, another 60sec to push all those buttons, then it takes a little over 60sec to get your call accepted. That's not 15min to talk. Or considered having to go through that same process just for the phone to say multiple times, you can't make a call at this time. Try again later. Ain't no later the guards ain't giving you a call later even though it was the phone system acting up.
I'm just saying this is getting stressful. I'll try to call this weekend to speak on the conditions of Wisconsin Max Prison and how We holding up. Stay health, clean and safe my brother and you and ffup is doing a hell of a job. Thank you.Luv. King DoC.

Write to Dewitt:
Dewitt Faulkner
Columbia Correctional Institution
PO Box 900
Portage WI 53901
DEWITT FAULKNER (398508) 3/26/2020 2:23:31 AM
           Ms Peggy Swan I'm housed at CCI. My name is Mr DeWitt Faulkner#398508
Don't believe all the hype I'm going to do my share and if they don't do what's in The DAI memo from administration and Evers, I'm in contact with Mr Ben Turk. So, yesterday we got showers, use the phone for free and some got to use the kiosks to put funds on their tablets. This was 3.24.20
        Today,3.25.20, We used the phone again but wasn't able to clean cells( sanitation). They have to remember that there are two people to a cell for some and germs, pathogens and bacteria is always being spreader w/o notice. That's why its important to stay clean, take a shower, and try not to put others at risk who might not have not know they infected. This keel the paranoia down and keep it smooth around here. Thank you mam even before I come to know you for all your organizations does. You are what I'm striving to be. A freedom fighter. Its in my DNA. My Grandfather fought in WWII. So when I'm oppressed my ancestors channel's my spirit and We " get it popping ".
          I've requested that a fundraiser be allowed so We can work together from inside out to give to struggling families. I also got prisoners who are willing to donote blood at no expense to save a life. Even if I do it myself, I want to help. I'm also trying to get my people involved in filling out absentee balances for early voting. So far I'm an independent who believe in values on both sides. And as of now The Governor hasn't did nothing he promised my people he would do. Prison Reform, Pardons, and reducing the prison population. So anyways send me who I need to contact so we can really make a difference. By the way Ms Babet a friend of mine says she know you and my Att. Mr Gary Grass. Just thought I would add.
Best, King DoC
DEWITT FAULKNER on 3/24/2020 8:10:57 PM wrote
It took sometime but we got to shower and made a free  call home. I guess something is being done right. I thank the community for standing with us. No one still haven't got back to us on donating blood. We will also like to help by having a fundraiser for the people who need our help most. We prisoners can donate art work, poetry and make make masks. We will like to help restaurants who are raising money, help low income families feed their kids. If you have any ideas on how maybe We can attempt to get these things done, please add any suggestions.  And, if you know someone I could contact, through email please post. Also if there's a place I can send some poetry and art work for a fundraiser to help families in  the community; free of charge, send me the location or come pick it up.Thank you. King DoC3/26/2020 2:23:31 AM

DEWITT FAULKNER (398508)3/21/2020 9:01:37 PM We have numbers!
I have prisoners on all units willing to give blood by the gallons. Hundreds of inmates says they will stand with America and give blood. All y'all have to do is get someone from hsu to visit the housing units and draw our blood to give to the hospitals all around. No profit expected. Please do not ignore this. For as of now they got my back and willing to give help.
 "Bless the pure in heart for they are the children of God". "Bless are the meek and humble for they will inherit the Earth".
 Love my brother, King DoC. aka DeWitt Faulkner

Bill Ledford

For the record, by this email, I give my permission for my name to be used as to anything I write about herein.
        I am a Type I insulin dependent diabetic within multiple health conditions, including COPD, a challenged immune system, heart disease, a double amputee (i.e. my feet) in a wheelchair, and am 57 years old.  In short, I am at the top of the food chain for COVID-19.  I am currently confined in the Columbia Correctional Institution (CCI), probably the most troubled facility in the DOC.
        Because of my medical and physical conditions I was dumped in the Lower A Wing of Unit 6.  This wing has eleven other men, who, like me, were dumped in this facility and Wing due to being seriously chronically I'll, physically disabled or aged, mostly a combination of all three.  But Unit 6 is primarily an SMU (Special Management Unit) for the seriously mentally I'll.  The reason I and the others are in this unit and secluded is because it is the only place in the whole DOC which has an elevator, an elevator which breaks down on average of every month to month-and-a-half.  If we have an emergency or fall out of our wheelchairs we have absolutely no way to call for help other than to yell or bang on the door.  However, if we do that we are retaliated against by being written a conduct report for "disruptive conduct" (their "catch all" charge); if we bang on the door then staff will also impose what they call a "door inspection fee" of $25.00 (though no "inspection" is done) and/or a "door painting fee"  (I don't recall the amount).  Also, they recently confiscated the small wooden cell brooms from us so that we could not use them to bang on the door to signal/call for help.  However, they obdurately refuse to provide a means for us to call for and obtain assistance.  For example, on three separate occasions I filed formal DOC-2530 Reasonable Modification/Accommodation Requests under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to have an emergency notification system installed, such as a Life Alert system or emergency call button/light system.  In particular, Del. Warden Lucas Weber and then-ADA coordinator Pam Schmidt refused to follow policy and procedure, lied about staff actions on the unit, and refused to provide an emergency notification system.  And in at least one case the Institution Complaint Examiner (ICE) improperly interfered with my ability to exhaust remedies (not an uncommon event by ICEs).  All of this is well-documented.
         Furthermore, the DOC has been allocated $8 Million for a geriatric facility since 2017 Wis. Act 59 (see sec. 301.16(1ww), Stats.), but which has been amended to the renovation of an existing facility (I.e., Oak Hill Corr. Inst.).  It has been three years with no actual building or renovation being done to speak of.  Instead, I (we) are stuck in a lower wing of a mental health unit though we are general population (GP) prisoners.
        In addition, CCI is badly in need of nursing staff.  They are very short staffed and the turnover of nurses is great.  Part of the reason is the constant interference by the security and administration staff who, for all intents and purposes, run and control health services at CCI.  For example, during the November 8, 2019, lock down Warden Novak withheld the flu shots for several months.  Security determines what medications they want or don't want in the facilities due to possible abuse or misuse by prisoners (though in the past, security staff were often caught stealing medications until narcotics began being handed out by nursing staff).  Last year CCI got a new Health Service Manager (HSM) named Cindy Buchanan.  She came from the private sector.  In my experience and opinion she is a very decent person who listens to men and works hard to get men what they medically need.  I have had a good deal of interaction with her from the outset and she has always looked out for my interests.  Again, the problem exists with interference by administrative and supervisory staff.
        Now we are one doctor (out of two) short because she took off - at the beginning of the lockdown - for allegedly being fatigued, which is very possible.  Dr. Martha Masciopinto is one of the better prison doctors I have dealt with.  But now, with COVID-19 in the institution we have one doctor (whom nobody really likes) for over 800 prisoners.  We are not allowed any type of sanitizers whatsoever because they have alcohol in them.  When more cases of CV-19 appear -and they will - medical staff will be immediately overwhelmed.  The only "plan" the institution has is to completely lock us down with no real medical care.  As Mr. Turk suggested, it is unlikely that we will be allowed any hospitalization because we are prisoners.  We will be locked in cells with no real medical care or treatment, and it will be nothing more than "hope for the best, expect the worst."
       Ben says the DOC stopped transferring prisoners.  However, on 3-19-20 there were eleven (11) prisoners transferred to CCI.  According to a nurse and two guards they were held briefly in R & O, and then after be checked to see if they had any symptoms and then were sent immediately to the housing units!  Not a very brilliant  move, to say the least.  And staff are still doing pat searches!
      Phone calls and showers are being allowed and we were able to turn in our canteen orders (though we don't know if we will get the orders next Tuesday) and the memo was placed that we can spend $100.00 for the order (CCI is a bimonthly facility).  I just had a cashier's check for $1000.00 sent to Access to be credited to my account.  It should be there by Thursday, but we don't have any idea if Access will be doing business by then given all of the shut down orders being issued.
      I guess that is all for the moment.  I will provide more when and as it arises.
      Take care and be well, stay safe.Bill

Write to Bill:
Bill Ledford
Columbia Correctional Institution
PO Box 900
Portage WI 53901

Justin Welch

3/26/2020 12:51:31 PM
The disaffection spray we get is mostly water. We get no alcohol disaffection of any kind. We get no bleach disaffection of any kind. The spray we get is cut with water. I don't think the CDC would clear it as disaffection of any kind after their DOC adds water to it.
I was told it's 50/50 haft disaffected and haft water.It has no smell to it and it looks just like water. You would think a disaffected spray would smell different but this stuff has no special smell or look to it maybe because its mostly water!
Now will it kill COVID 19? I don't know. Its the same crap we always used nothing special.
More and more staff with masks on in CCI. Its in CCI I just don't have the numbers yet. When I get the number of infected I will update you all. Truly Justin Welch

3/21/2020 9:23:31 PM COVID 19 HIT'S CCI......
Its Justin Welch here at CCI letting you all know as of 3/21/20 at 3:45pm, CCI is on lock down do to COVID 19.I guess as of now there is only one case this place knowns about but that means there is more in here. No way in hell only one guy has it, to many people to close together. It will hit us all in here its only a matter of time. I'm a young man only 37 so I should be OK when I get sick. But the older men in here are going to have a hard time.
I'm a unit worker so I was one of only two worker's let out to feed the whole unit. But its a full on lock down with only two worker's on each unit feeding all the men.
Prison is a place one does not want to get sick. And now no matter what in here everybody will get it and there is no stopping it now.
If you have questions feel free to write back.
Truly Justin Welch

Since COVID 19 is here at CCI that is a real problem because that means if one man has COVID 19 IT WILL BE CARRIED CELL TO CELL BY THE VENTILATION SYSTEM. CCI ventilation system was made to only move the ari around in the units. So that will intact infect every person on that unit........ And that is a fact. This is a real problem and will be deadly for all the older men in poor health.
CCI knows COVID 19 is air born and the ventilation system will move it around to every cell and room on a unit. I'm seeing staff with masks on so they know its here at CCI but its only a matter of time before this prison has a real problem on there hands do to the ventilation system. See WCI and GBCI don't have the same ventilation system so it can be controlled better. But CCI is the only max with this kind of ventilation system and it will be deadly for a good number of men in here.
I think CCI should move all its older men that are in poor health to other places that wouldn't put them in such harms way.
But if nothing is done about this soon CCI will have the biggest problem its ever faced with this COVID 19.
Truly Justin Welch

Write to Justin:
Justin Welch
Columbia Correctional Institution
PO Box 900
Portage WI 53901

Matthew Schumacher
You may post this publicly and with my name.

WEDNESDAY 3-18-2020: Still eating in the day room, but only 2 people at a table.
FRIDAY 3-20-2020: Recreation was held in the morning and afternoon. Had emergency count around 4pm and then had to eat in our rooms. Only tier tender and servery workers were allowed out to serve the food. And R&O was cleared out "9 cells," which is going to be used to house anyone that has the symptoms or virus.
SATURDAY 3-21-2020: Tier tender/servery workers only allowed out. Still eating in our rooms. Two memos passed out around 5:30 PM.

* DATE: 3-21-2020
TO: CCI staff and Persons in Our Care
FROM: Sue Novak, Warden
Columbia Correctional Inst.

RE: Suspension of Administrative Rules
Effective immediately, I am suspending administrative rules pursuant to DOC Administrative Code Section 309.22
The purpose of this suspension of administrative rules is strictly precautionary. Maintaining the safety, health, and well being of staff and persons in our care is our priority. We will be evaluating this suspension on a regular basis in an effort to restore normal operations as soon as allowable.
cc: Makda Fessahaye, DAI Administrator
Douglas Percy, DAI Assistant Administrator
Stephanie Hove, DAI Assistant Administrator

Facility Name: CCI DATE: 3-21-2020

An individual at your facility has been diagnosed as potentially having ( Name of Disease ) COVID 19, which can be transmitted by * airborne, * contact or, * droplet.
Please refer to the Disease Fact Sheet from the Wisconsin Division of Public Health. If you identify as being in one of the risk groups, or develop any of the symptoms as identified on the fact sheet, you are to notify staff and request to see the Health Staff Promptly.
You will not be charged a co payment for the HSU visit related to the above named disease.
FR: HSUM Buchanan

SUNDAY 3-22-2020: Tier tenders/servery workers allowed out. Started phone calls around noon.

MONDAY 3-23-2020: Tier tenders/servery workers allowed out. Getting phone calls and razors. No word on infection being positive.
* Should be noted that we are getting our food from the kitchen still and have been even after getting the memos. No word if they fully disinfected kitchen area. * And the Disease Fact Sheet I have not seen. It may be on our institutional channel, but you won't be able to read it. For one, the channel is really fuzzy and secondly, the pages go by really fast.
1) Allow phone throughout the day. Still only allowing us the limit " 1, twenty minute call a day, 4 days a week at CCI, " makes no sense with us being locked down in our cells and to the tier we live on. Which the phones are on our tiers. Everyone gets their 20 minute call and so on till it gets back to the fist guy and you start the process all over.
2) Here at CCI we have been given disinfectant bottles for the phones. So we are allowed to clean the phone before and after. We also have a memo that instructs the tier tenders to disinfect the whole unit everyday, a couple times a day. Which has been happening on our units. Still would be nice to get hand sanitizer or wipes.
3) TABLETS: Allow photo app, lower movie rentals to a dollar, add more movies, add educational/inspirational videos.
4) CANTEEN: spending limits here were hiked to $100. Which is great if you have that kind of money to spend. Which isn't the case if you're indigent due to 50% or higher being taken. We were told to stock up on canteen for fear canteen may stop for awhile. I propose a few ideas:
a. Cut out the 50% until covid19 is eliminated
b. Allow inmates to use their release account funds or half of it to be able to stock up on hygiene, stamps and food items.
c. Allow inmates to order from approved vendors. JL Marcus, Union have hygiene and food items that we are not allowed to order. During this time of crisis we should be allowed " or loved ones," to order their hygiene and food items.
d. Allow inmates to order I Care packages during this crisis. The following are companies that already send I Care packages into prison:
* Books N Things " We get this catalog sent to every unit in our institution. They offer the following care packages: HEALTHY KICK CARE PACKAGE, over 30 items for $69.95 • MONSTER SNACK ATTACK CARE PACKAGE, a big box $69.95 • CLASSIC SNACK CARE PACKAGE, over 30 items $49.95 • SUGAR RUSH CARE PACKAGE, big box $49.95

Write to Matthew:
Matthew Schumacher
369487Columbia Correctional Institution
PO BOX 900
Portage, WI 53901


Today at approximately 3:13PM Columbia Correctional Institution went into LOCKDOWN suspending administrative rules pursuant to DOC Administrative Code DOC Section 309.22.  This was then followed two memo's issued at approximately 9PM. 

FIRST MEMO - stating the Suspension of Administrative Rules.

 "The purpose of this suspension of administrative rules is strictly precautionary.  Maintaining the safety, health, and well-being of staff and persons in our care is our priority.  We will be evaluating this suspension on a regular basis in an effort to restore normal operations as soon as allowable.


Columbia Correctional Institution 3-21-20
An individual at your facility has been diagnosed as potentially having COVID 19 which can be transmitted by airborne, contact, or droplet.

Please refer to the Disease Fact Sheet from the Wisconsin Division of Public Health.  If you identify yourself as being in one of the risk groups, or develop any of the symptoms as identified on the fact sheet, you are to notify staff and request to see the Health Services Staff promptly.

You will not be charged a copayment for the HSU visit related to the above named disease.

     At approximately 3:13PM when all inmates were instructed to return to our cells for an Emergency Count and all movement was stopped except for showers; when all we were allowed to do as it was eat outside of our cells sitting across a table from another individual instead of 4 people to a table only 2 seats were being filled.  As Recreation, Library, School, and any other group activities were suspended on Wednesday March 18th.  Yet staff members delivered our meals & medication through our cell doors wearing medical masks, and when asked by select individuals for masks for ourselves to wear we were instructed that we didn't need them.  It's unclear what movement we'll have moving forward in the next few days, whether we'll be allowed to be out of our cells or on 24/7 LOCKDOWN and whether we'll be allowed access to the Phone, Kiosk, Shower, and our normalized activities or if we'll remain LOCKED in our cells restricted from doing anything or collecting any pay to support ourselves period during the suspension of administrative rules.   Though it's unclear how COVID 19 got into CCI as our inmate physical contact with the outside has been cutoff for almost two weeks except for the Correctional Officers and Staff themselves or physical mail.  So if an inmate contracted COVID 19 what staff member is also infected??

Just thought you should have the information that we have been given.  If you have or get any further information it'd be appreciated if you share that information with us.  Thank You

FAIRLY EARLS (369129) 3/22/2020 1:13:31 AM Covid 19  at C.C.I.
Every inmate was just given a memo.   Communicable Disease Notice to Inmates.An individual at your facility has been diagnosed as potentially having Covud 19. On a separate memo it says all administrative rules are suspended until further notice.
3/20/2020 9:21:37 PM
Its still not safe from the Staff bringing the Virus in, perhaps they should be wearing mask. R&O which normally holds about 20 new arrivals has been changed to hold coronavirus inmates in quarantine. Not sure if any respirators are in this area. School, library, Recreation have been cancelled until further notice or until some kind of new schedule can be worked out. If the cut the amount of inmates who attend to 10, in most cases an inmate will not get library or access to the Court. How does Electronic filing happen it doesn't right now so your screwed if you have documents that need filing,  the same would apply to notary. No sanitation wipes any where, HSU is only seeing a few inmates and again no mask or wipes. A officer at Waupun from what the Radio said am 1350, has been tested positive for the virus. Its only a matter of time officers here will have it. It makes good sense for staff to wear mask because its proof already the prison officer's will catch it. Like I said some stuff is being done but in order to fully protect the spread of the virus more drastic measures are needed. I am a 67 year old Chronic Care inmate coronary artery disease and triple bypass heart surgery with a Low Risk rating based on Compas  Assesment, non- violent.   Every day delayed by Evers on Releasing  the Chronic Care low level elderly is a death sentence.
     Hope some of this is helpful, Thank You for all that you do.    Earls

TRAVIS STEWART (618325) 3/21/2020 8:45:31 PM Columbia Lock Down
        Today @ 3:00pm (3-21-2020) Columbia Correctional Institution put us on a lockdown and have us eating in our cells and have only two unit kitchen workers out per unit and wasn't going to even let us finish our showers on our tier but finally let us. Nothing is being said why who what or where the cause is for. Someone said someone here has been exposed but I don't know how true this is as one CO will express one thing then the next will tell half of another story. Then a nurse will do the same. I do know that Waupun Correctional Institution is locked down cause a Doctor, Correctional Officer & Inmate was exposed and positive to Coronavirus, this would mean who else was exposed to it at the institution before it was caught. They are NOT even checking correctional officers temps or anything prior to coming into work..
      They are not trying to tell inmates anything as they don't want inmates to panic or worry yet I think it would be beneficial to notify inmates as much as possible so we aren't in suspense of the situation(s) of this virus going on in not only the global pandemic but also what's going on inside the walls of where US INMATES have to live. As IWOC knows DOC and A lot Of Others could careless what happens or is going on with us inmates that are incarcerated.
        Me and my cellie Mr Underwood is going to be trying to reach out to the news channels in Madison, Milwaukee, La Crosse, and Green Bay Areas to express the seriousness of the pandemic being exposed in the prisons and the correction officers NOT being checked prior to checking into the institution. Please try and reach out to the news outlets for us as well if possible.
       Please let me know if this email reached your office. Thanks in advance for your guys time and consideration

3/19/2020 9:07:31 PM RE:RE: Interview with doc
i Peg, yes we all have soap to wash our hands with.  By the way , the next day after I wrote you the email, they changed the policy so we can clean our cells once every week instead of twice a month, and the pH. Company has given us two free pH. Calls a week until until this virus is over. So at least were getting a few things done.
That's all I know for now     take care and we'll talk soon                                                                Jim.    (:

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