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Just Another Lynching by Damani Nantambu

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5/14/2020 10:39:32 PM Just another Lynching

Re:Ahmaud Arbery
While on the lamb on this case,I moved to Charlotte north Carolina (my sister is married to a white cat and they live in chapel Hill North Carolina, now,and has lived there for over 30+years). Shortly after moving there,my guy big O got his
Self in a pickle, by accepting the advances of a married women, if that wasn't bad enough, her husband was not a kingpin, but a drug lord from L.A ,and he kept
Telling me his minions were following him,including a NFL running back name
Broger Graves.(me and Broger,who played for the Eagle's would later become really close after we did time in Virginia and Atlanta)to take him out,for embarrassing the undisputed boss of the South. I didn't believe him,until we were
In his drive way,and I seen 4-cats,roll down the street
in disguises, they were going to smash him right there but they saw me unholster my weapon(had they got out that car,they would have expired right there,I was not going to wait and asked to see their ID's because I knew why they were there. And so did O.

I told him right there, he had to give the chumps wife up,cold Turkey just like that,
He didn't want to,but I told him that was the only way I could involve my people (he was married to his high school sweetheart, who did him dirty when he did 3 1/2 years in the Fed's, I wouldve never taken her back... Had his son calling another man daddy,living in his house... He was getting back at her by cheating but this cats wife was about to cost him his life)they wouldn't go to war for me just for the benefit of sleeping with someone else's wife.he relented, and I had 3-
Car loads of soldiers travel from DC to NC.And the first weekend we went to the
Most popular club in Charlotte, 4-cars deep ,dressed in all black fatigue's, black baseball cap's, and black boot's. Every one who looked in our direction, was struck by fear and intimidation. And that was the plan.I told O to tell me,when ever he seen any of the Bosses people, and when he did,I would approach them and
Asked for a meeting with their employer. They would asked why,and I would tell
Them,because if any harm was to befall O,the next time won't be 4-loads of angry cat's from DC looking for him(me,O,and O's brother made up the 4th car)
But that I would call up a 100 soldiers and run him out of NC,then threw around some names of people in LA,so he'd know I had the juice to accomplish the threat.(most good businessmen, don't want full scale, war because its bad for business. And his wife was using O because he ran that city when he was in the
Game back in the early 80's,but was running successful businesses now, and people assumed he was still balling but he wasn't so they met up and squashed the beef)
However, as we were getting in our cars to leave, I heard women screaming:"help
,help,these Jamaicans are threatening to kill us"!!! I exit O's 735 BMW,and only
Intended to observed, but all three females ran behind me.the Jamaican walked
Straight toward me,trying to defuse the situation... I asked what they did,and he
Told me he had spent hundreds on drinks for them all night with the understanding, they would go to the hotel and get their freak on.The short one name Chantell,claimed she never agreed to that,and he tried to reach around me
To hit her but I pushed him backwards and he fell.the other 3-dudes who were
With him moved towards me, but before I could whip out my strap,my cousin sensing it could get ugly had already, popped the trunk, and soon as they saw what he had hauled their candy ass in 4-different directions.
When we got about two blocks from the club, a gold Mercedes, pulled up on my
Side,and Chantell got out and asked me to roll down my window so she could give me her number. I did,one of the worst mistakes I made in my life...

A month later,I bought a one bedroom condominium, for the both of us for little
More than $30Gs!!!!(cost of living was so cheap in the South back then,and when
Her moms said it was ungodly to be shacking up I bought a 2bedroom for40Gs
Across town for my self).
And every time,that we were out,at outbacks, Denny's, or the waffle House, waiters would intentionally serve white patrons who came after us first,at first I thought it was an honest mistake, but they would do it every where, she would not
Say any thing,so I started challenging the blatant custom. I mean like in your face
Challenge. Then,I would tell her to get her shit,because I refused to patronized any form of racism. And she had the nerve to say:"this ain't DC,this is the south, this is how it is,so stopped embarrassing me!"I snapped,"your people paid all that
Money to send you to a HBU,only for them to produce a punk ass black bitch?you
Are embarrassing me"!
I was going to leave her,I kid you not,I had met a beautiful darkskin sister but I felt
Like,Chantell would turn me in,if I bounced, and I wanted to sell my cars in her name, and my condominium,first.

Then one day after my cousin brought my jewelry from DC,I went to get my watches appraised at a pawn shop,but before I could get in,I saw a heavy set brother bust through the doors,and a white cat on his heels. The foot race lasted
May be 30-40 yard's. It ended with the employee on the brothers back, pistol whipping him,calling him black bastards ,and pieces of shit,the thief was begging
For his life,telling the wanna be cop that he had a kid,begging him not to kill him
That was my que...I told chantell to go move the car to the gas station across the
Street, she asked me what I was about to do,and I told her :"something you'll never understand".she started saying you are on the run,what the fuck are you doing?"thinking about it now, I wish I had of said:something your punk ass father
Should of did decades ago".after she got in the car and pulled off,I began announcing my presence as if I was a good ole uncle tom assisting in the citizens arrest till his guard was all the way down, then I pulled the strap and put it squarely to the back of his head,and tell him I heard all that racist shit he said, and I seen him viciously beat him in the head,after he retrieve what he
I told him I was gonna tell him once:"relinquish his gun or I was gonna put a hole
In his head".He followed commands.and I took all the ammunition out of it ,and told the overweight brother to get gone, threw the gun,and ran myself...
When I got in the mother of Tom's car,she told me I was jeopardizing my freedom for a bum,that I didn't know. I reminded her,that my cousin and those with him when I stepped up for her,said the same thing about her,when I came to her

Then finally, one day we were in line at Waffles House for 45-minutes and my training teaches me to be observant at all times, so when the white waitress waves 3-beefy rednecks to the front of the line, I knew,that they were cops.but the kid and his people ahead of me seemingly didn't know and got into an argument with the waitress, and the cops.the cops started manhandling the kid,then punches were thrown, and one of the racist executed the kid. I walked to the back of the spot,grabbed my strap,and told mysely this is the third time I seen
Pigs execute somebody who looks like me,I gotta act.but when she saw what I was gonna do she said:"that gun is in my name, and if you shoot at one of those
Devils, I'm not going to jail for you".translation: she was gonna do what uncle toms do...snitch. So I fell back, and attended the protests for a week straight, but
I promise you if they did that to my peoples, I would not have waited for a all racist review board to clear them...

Why do we allow them to murder us so easily like Ahmaud Arbery??????


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