Friday, February 28, 2020

Incarcerated people speaking on the COVID-19 pandemic.

A few messages on COVID-19 from incarcerated people in Wisconsin. These are excerpts from recent correspondence. We have released a report  detailing the DOC's lack of preparation for this crisis and demanding drastic preventative action by Governor Tony Evers.

We are now organizing these posts by facility where the news is coming from.

Waupun Correctional
Columbia Correctional

From other facilities:

From someone held at Oshkosh CI:

Not yet. But I did see where CCI and Waupun have it. Plus I know UW-Oshkosh has been asked to house covid-19 patients. Well all of those institutions have one thing in common... There dirty laundry is sent here. Well not Waupun. And CCI only sends there sheets here for laundering. But UW-Oshkosh rents there linens from bsi here. That means there soiled covid -19 linens will come here for sorting and counting. Then they go to a classifier to get separated for proper weights. Then they get into a washer. That will mean anywhere from 5-8 inmates that will touch this dirty linen. And potentially infect everybody in the bsi department. Some where around 90 inmates. Then they go back to there units...etc. So when corona gets into this institution...that will be why!


I think its very important that those in power understand that this virus will only get inside these prison through the staff that works for the state. There's no triages set up outside these prisons and there needs to be so that not only the temperature of every one thats employed with the D.O.C gets checked daily, but they are also tested for the virus,before entering these prisons  They will infect us and I myself wasn't sentenced to death and for me to be at risk because of the D.O.C's negligence is scary. I, myself am already at risk with having health issues and to know that the D.O.C isn't taking the necessary steps to protecting us, has me confused! Its a matter of "WHEN" the covid 19 virus is inside these prisons!!


From someone held at Green Bay CI

I am releasing in about 5 months and I would like for my Fiancée to get involved with pushing some the demands stated in the update; not just for me yet for others also. Could you please send me any direct contact information that I could send to my fiancée so that she can get involved. Please and thank you. I'm fortunate to have support and would like my support to get involved. There is a lack of precaution here at GBCI and I've previously written HSU and The Warden about them. I'm doing what I can to help brothers with hygiene and moral/vocal support if they need it.

Thank you and all others who are fighting for us and I'm anticipating the day I can be involved. Again I'd appreciate it if you could get that contact info to me for my fiancée. Thank you, Peace


And here’s one from a staff member who commented on an online post.

As the secretary of the department of corrections for Wisconsin, he exerts a lot of power and influence and is therefore responsible for making correct choices. I just started working at a prison in late January and I have been absolutely appalled at the lack of communication and how slowly it comes. people that are familiar with the DOC are telling me it's the norm but it's unfortunate that it's the norm during this time. Now thankfully I have found out that the prisoners at my institution are given soap and are not having to pay for it and they still can go to rec, etc, just in smaller groups. A lot of the prisons are run even worse. And the fact that we didn't have enforced social distancing of groups fewer than 10 until a few days after Evers announced it shows you just how slow they act. Pressure does need to be put on him.

[Clarification on soap: before COVID-19 different security levels allow different amounts of soap from the state. Some people get little hotel-style bars, which is not enough if the DOC is restricting showers and requiring people to take “bird bath” showers due to lockdown. In administrative segregation, people get far less: little plastic ketchup-style pouches, and not enough to even wash hands once daily. We’re hoping that, in this epidemic they give more soap than usual, especially to people in seg.]                  


OSCI is still only allowing 3 phone calls per policy. The phone has a default of 5 calls. But per policy it says 3 calls. With inky one free per week right now. The administration says they are working on it.
Thanks for including me in the email. And yes..there is a lot of uncertainty right now in here. We don't know what's gonna happen from day to day. Nobody wants to go in lock down..but it is inevitable. Corona will get inside. Then what? Just wait for us all to die? How many of these c/o's will stick around? They sure won't want to bring t home to there family. And FYI... The Dodge transfer buss that runs all the time just delivered 15 inmates here Friday. Why in the hell is that still running? 
I'm am old law inmate who has been parole eligible for a decade! One program is holding up my parole. Yet if I'm truth in sentencing my program participation doesn't matter. I'd be released no matter what. Why am I still in prison?

Thanks for fighting for us

The illogic of Stanley CI’s Response to COVID-19  by  Harlan Richards


Partial quarantine and 4 sick people moved from OSCI:

Hey FAM hope all is well . I just wanted the masses of those who care to know that I am in Oshkosh Corr. Inst. In dorm X and I has been placed on quarentine since 4:17 pm Saturday March 21st.2020. We are not sure if the four guys taken from the dorm has covin-19 or not , but nothing is coming in or going out  of the dorm and some guards that work over here said they are taking vacation now. Personally I am doing fine.


Tuesday 4:43 pm
   After closing down visits, today a group of 6 people were toured around at 12:45. And as precautions the receiving and orientation unit has been shut down and emptied to be used to house anyone that might get sick. Even though we have a newly built fully functioning infirmary( that has never been used due to not having enough staff to run it.)
  Just thought I would catch you up.


I predict that the Coronavirus will be our Bubonic Plague, and millions will die before a vaccine to treat it is discovered... Once it begins to spread within the DOC, I expect that inmates will be placed on lockdown and because of this virus' ability to go airborne for several hours, it will spread easily from inmate-to-inmate. I don't foresee staff working in such an environment and risk taking this virus home to their family, so the National Guards will have to be called in to police the prisons. The cost of treating thousands of inmates who will become infected over time will be astronomical as will the death rate. The Secretary of the Department of Corrections may be forced to use SAR just to control the spread and avoid effectively sentencing people to possible death. Right now those of us who are out on work release are still being permitted to go to work but I don't see that continuing for very long. I can't foresee how long we won't be allowed to see our families, could be weeks, months or years! But, it would be clear: this pandemic will impact EVERYONE in various ways. I don't know many families who Incarcerated people speaking on the COVID-19 pandemic. can afford to forego a weekly paycheck indefinitely, but I will be pulling for everyone. Good luck. ♥

Earlier today the DOC suspended all visiting to all facilities until further notice. Some facilities are locked down and I suspect that will happen here as well in short order, particularly since Pres. Trump just issued a national emergency. I think that things are going to get messy within the DOC/prisons for an extended period of time. Y'all take care, be well and stay safe!

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