Monday, April 6, 2020

Reports from GBCI Prisoners

Brandon Ulledahl.

1)BY PHONE: Brandon Ulledahl 617623, GBCI
3 27 20 about 8:9 a.m. / BD1997/ no family in state/ maximum release date 7 22 2

       Brandon was in observation because he feared he would self harm.  He found the cell unclean and in corner of shower was a razor blade/he showed the staff the razorblade and said he cut himself/ the guard walked away and Brandon cut himself/

      FFUP response, called HSU about Brandon and two other GBCI prisoners and after several referrals, the Nurse at reception desk said she would not take any information and prisoners need to fill out forms. I explained that he as done that many times. she would neither  take my name nor and notes on the three prisoner.  So I wrote The DAI administrator

    My letter was referred to GBCI Warden who called me irate that  I did not go to the prison first,  explained that I had. He said my info was inaccurate and that the three prisoners were fine, We discussed the corona virus and he said they do not use Alcohol 70% but do use something else as good and all and all protocol is being followed and everything is under control. The call was cordial, I told him I was getting HIPPA forms from the 3 and will continue to do my work.

  Phone call from Brandon Ulledahl just released from Segregation into general

1) The prison staff refuses to hand in HIPPA form Brandon filled out.

2) he confirmed that as an indigent prisoner now in general population , he gets only a small bar of soap used and filthy. They say it turns the water black with flecks. His new cell is “dirty” and he has inadequate supplies to keep it.

3) He says he knows of no people with corona virus yet.

4)he gets out on maximum release in july, has no family in state,  his brother was just killed in Milwaukee. FFUP will be working with him to make sure someone in the advocacy community picks him up on release and helps get him situated. “maximum” release means he gets no support and the WIDOC has not hold on him-no supervision.  This give us the opportunity to help him. Usually we are prevented by parole agents.
Jason Kurtz

JASON KURTZ (495483) GBCI 3/21/2020 6:59:31 PM Movie I think were living a sequel to, "Night of the comet". If yuv never seen it, i recommend renting and watching it:)

VINCENT JUDD-RAPP 665512 3/26/2020 4:33:50 PM GBCI ( bd1992)
Vincent Judd-Rapp
     I work as the Lead Clerk in the library, for both the recreational library side and the law library side, and volunteered to haul a cart of books up and down the various tiers of cells in each cell hall, and into the dorm, so that people can at least have something to read to help escape their environment and keep their minds active.
I was told, "We'll discuss it." That was on Wednesday. No response of any kind.
Meanwhile, breakfeasts have been only in bags and they have rapidly become smaller and smaller. When we began avoiding eating in our cells, which was before they locked us down, we would get the following in the bag breakfasts:

4 oz. of cold cereal
Muffin or Breakfast cake
Fresh fruit (apple, banana, orange)
2 Slices of wheat/rye bread
2 half ounce packets of peanut butter
2 half ounce packets of jelly
2 half pint cartons of milk

Ultimately, you'd, basically, end up with a small 4oz. bowl of cereal, a PB&J sandwich, a piece of fruit, a muffin, and a cup of milk.  A okay breakfast, right?
That lasted two days. Then the bags became smaller and smaller until, today, we were given:

A 4 oz. bowl of cereal (half full, so only about four or five bites worth)
2 Slices of wheat bread
1 half ounce packet of peanut butter (wasn't even even to cover a slice of bread)
2 half pint cartons of milk.

So, 4-5 bites of cereal, 2 slices of bread with not even a teaspoon worth of peanut butter on them, and some milk. At this  point, I'm wary of what they'll remove from the meal, if that's what it can be called, next.
Anyway, I'll send this to you now. If I receive any more news I'll pass it on to you. Thank you for your time. Vincent

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