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Reports from Prairie Du Chien Correctional Institution(PDDCI)

Prairie Du Chien Correctional Institution

CARLOS ABADIA (222093) Wisconsin's New Death Penalty courtesy of Evers

Dear Governor Evers & Lt. Governor Barnes, I want you to know that my family, other prisoners families & love ones, friend, friends of friends all across the prison system are organizing & gathering up support all across the board because we will not be voting for you, as you have undermined the powerful influence prisoners have over their families.
          You deceived us about closing down MSDF, You deceived us about pardons & clemency, we just no longer have trust and faith in you as our supposed leader. If you look at other states, governors have been releasing hundreds of inmates & you have executive powers as governor, why do you not use them? You are suppose to be the leader of the great state of Wisconsin we look to you for answers, but you must also listen to our suggestions & ideas and hold true to your word. 
       As a tax paying citizen & a voter of this great state we want to give you the benefit of a doubt but right now we don't believe in you, I mean so many Governors from other states have been releasing inmates by the hundreds. why have you not ordered the same? These men were not sentenced to death as there is no death  penalty in Wisconsin.
          There are currently 2,800 old law prisoners left, most of them are in minimum security prison settings and majority of them have underlying medical issues.
         I also write on behalf of Mr. Carlos Abadía #222093 who is minimum custody and has a release date of December 1, 2020.  Carlos has underlying medical issues, before I get to that I met with his parole agent, please beware that Carlos has a strong support system and a place to live.
      Carlos's underlying medical issues are as follows which will be a death sentence for him and many others like him once Covid 19 reaches inside all the  prisons, [it's already reached the inside of a few prisons due to the carelessness of staff, and today a food service staff at Prairie du Chien Correctional Institution where Carlos is warehoused, was allowed to come in sick, she (Food Service staff Ms. Klema)  knew she was sick and it was supposedly discovered later that she was really sick and it was only then that she was sent home.]
    Carlos has had bronchitis followed by pleurisy, asthma and he also has sleep apnea, these are the pulmonary issues, but that's not all, he also has a compromised immune system due to his ulcerative colitis disease, followed by rheumatoid arthritis and I'm baffled as to why you are not releasing inmates, because parole have been slow in acting or not acting at all.
            I'm requesting that you please order the release of all inmates whom have been imprisoned for rule violations (crimeless revocations), release all inmates including but not limited to all old law inmates whom have less than a year before their release and or underlying health issues.
           Khadijja S. Alî (
A copy of this is being forwarded to:

Maria Perez (Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel) (
John Tate (Parole Commissioner)
Ben Turk (FFUP) (
Peggy Swan (FFUP) (
WISDOM/Expo  (
IWOC staff (
Abadía Family (mom, dad, brother, sister)

All other parties of interest

1)BOBBY AYALA (258916) Temporary COVID-19 Lockdown 4 2 20

P.D.C.I. Temporary COVID-19 Lockdown

Wednesday April 1st@12:04pm

      So our P.D.C.I. Corona virus lockdown is over, lasting around 32 hours, as of 6pm yesterday (3.31.2020) It was a very disturbing experience.

      On my unit, an older inmate was sick and went to HSU on Monday (3.31.2020). Though the whole unit was called back for a lockdown around 10am, we were still allowed to walk to the chow hall to eat lunch.

      After 12:40pm count was cleared we were place on a complete institution lockdown. 

      The craziness about the whole thing was the ineffective way things were ran or not ran during the lockdown.

      I am like most people in the world right now and have a concerns about this COVID-19 pandemic. Concern for the safety of family and friends and the world's population. As a individual with underline health issues I try to keep myself informed about the Corona virus.

   So, ONE of my main concerns is knowing my environment. Once the lockdown was in place the only information we were given was what we couldn't and could do. And those were mostly given to us  after we asked unit staff about things. Like after count I asked for a shower and told to “ go ahead ", minutes later as I'm going in the shower an announcement came over the unit PA stating “ no showers ".  I would of imagined that we would be informed about the situation so we can take any extra precautions needed.

      These examples, plus the unit staff not knowing what was going on, that I truly believe that there was NO PLAN here at P.D.C.I. for an infection of COVID-19.

      If I wasn't on the unit where the sick elderly gentleman was living on I wouldn't of known why the lockdown took place. I believed that he would be tested for COVID-19 to confirm if he was positive. He has been sick through most of winter and didn't interacted with much staff. So, I believed he was just normally sick.

      I later asked a whiteshirt about putting money on my tablet so I may be able to send emails to my family and friends to let them know what is going on with me. He then explains how important the D.O.C. feels about us communicating with family and friends. Then when I asked him if I can put money on my tablet account by using the email kiosk, he tells me “ no ". I ask  how or when can I put money on my account. I was told that “ tomorrow we'll know a lot more ".

      So there is another example of the “ NO PLAN " they have here at P.D.C.I. These type of procedures should of been ready and in place to go when someone is sick. Like the roommates being allowed to clean the cell immediately. Or how we can use the phones and email kiosk.

      I am hoping you may add the following to requests to the D.O.C. in your negotiations.

            1) Once a COVID-19 lockdown happens that the inmate population immediately be informed.
            2) That a plan is in place for inmates to have a limited ability to use the phone and kiosk, and shower.

      I will be writing a letter about these issues to security staff here and will send you a copy and any response.

Thank you.
Bobby J. AyalaTemporary COVID-19 Lockdown

RE:Covid19:Update at P.D.C.I.
BOBBY AYALA (258916)
March 22nd 2020@11:59am
      I want to share with you what is going on in the institution I am currently at and share reports from other institutions within the state of Wisconsin.
      I'm currently at Prairie du Chien Correctional Institution ( P.D.C.I. ) which is a medium\minimum in the southeast corner of Wisconsin right next to the Mississippi River.
      The first thing they did was cancel visits (3.13). Then they canceled all school and program groups (3.18).
      Around the same time they had a meeting of all the janitors where they were told about new cleaning protocols.
      We have a dog program here called WAGS, where we train shelter dogs with issues to prepare them for adoption. The trainer is not allowed in here anymore so they took the dogs back to Coulee Region Humane Society.
      The inmate housing is a 4 floor building with 2 units per floor. There is also a one floor building with half seg and half pop. inmates with special jobs, like seg workers and inmates who work outside the fence. The workers were move to the housing building, and the inmates who were transfered here from Dodge Correctional Institution ( an intake-like institution ) and other institutions were moved to where special job workers lived to isolate them from the rest of the population. (3.16)
      A bus is due today but I heard after this week no more transport buses will come here or anywhere. (3.23)
     They stopped inmates from working outside the fence. (Around 3.16)
     Our chow hall is across the institution. They usually call units to chow back to back. Now, there is a pause in calling the units and the units are separated by a roll of tables. (after 3.17)
      They installed an automatic hand sanitizer in the med line where we go to take our medication.  ( around 3.20)
     Since I last checked (3.22) there wasn't any recorded infected person in this county (Crawford county).
      All inmates in Wisconsin are receiving 2 free 15 minute calls a week until the Corona virus is under control.
      It's reported that the maximum prison Waupun (W.C.I.) had a doctor  who was infected. And the the HSU staff was sent home to isolate themselves. 18 or so inmates are in isolation. Waupun is located in a town that has one other institution, Dodge and a minimum center.   I'm not sure but I heard that the minimum center has stopped letting their work release inmates out.
      I, myself, am what we called an “ old law " inmate. The “ new law " inmates are under truth-in-sentencing. As someone locked up before the year 2000. I am able to see the parole board and can be released on parole after serving ¼ of my sentence. There is around 2000 “ old law " inmates.
      I could of been paroled after 15 years incarcerated. This is year 26. In the past our governor was a tough-on-crime Republican. We now have a Democrat, Tony Evers, who ran on easing the overcrowding in the correctional system.
   I should see the parole board this week. In my last parole hearing I was told by the board that they want me to go to a work center and work outside the fence. Then at my next parole hearing, we can talk about release. The next day I had a PRC hearing where I could be a approved for a transfer to a work center. PRC denied me. So now at parole I'll have no programs to finish and no work release for me because of this whole Corona virus crisis. There is no other steps for me to take for my release.
      I'll gladly send you more updates as I get them.
Bobby J. Ayala

CARLOS ABADIA (222093) 3/20/2020 12:15:30 PM RE:Covid19: keeping yourself safe and strategies VIRUS

      Greetings of peace and hoping you and the entire FFUP team is healthy and safe. Well I don't have to reiterate what's happening and how vulnerable we are in here. The problem is that people who are coming in, as inmates in the main kitchen were told by employees, that they (staff etc...) don't need to have their temperatures taken when they come in because they have no symptoms.
    This is a problem and a concern for us because it's not us prisoners bringing diseases in, neither is our visitors because visits have been suspended/cancelled, here's are some proposals that needs to be implemented & presented to Kevin Carr & hopefully no fake temp. Log is designed:
• Everyone coming  into PDCI need to have their temperature taken each time before coming inside to work
•Also (especially social workers, teachers, unit managers and other staff alike) should not be allowed to leave the prison for outside breaks or lunch, they should plan ahead and bring their own lunch to avoid any spread, or they can have their food delivered.
•No more dogs should be brought into any institution, especially PdCI and any dog going out should not be allowed to come back into the institution
• We know that the nepotism in the DOC, especially here at PdCI, runs deep, there are staff who are coming into work sick, coughing, sneezing etc... Yet however they still come to work more than likely refusing to take their sick days/leave.
•It's not us that need to be on a 100% lockdown is that they need to take their temperature coming in and if they're even remotely sick turn your ass around and go home, but that's not happening, instead they are working getting as many hours and or overtime possible putting us in here at risk.
• I need not mention what's happening at Waupun Correctional and Allah knows what other institutions that we don't know about that has been exposed.
• Has any body been suggesting to WDOC or WPC (Parole) about releasing guys who have less than a year to go?
-----Peggy Swan on 3/20/2020 9:21 AM wrote:

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