Monday, April 6, 2020

Reports Racine Correctional Center

LARRY BRANCAMP (392597RCI ) little is knowen bout wut staff talk bout the virus  so little is given to inmates  as i an inmates  in the  wis department of corrections and wua at an institution that wuz on lockdown due to the flu the whole social distancing  dose not work in the doc because the inmates the inmates live so close togther and use all the same areas it basically impossible  to keep the 6 foot distance  from everyone  and we dont get all the safty equipment  to sanatize at all the only way it will come into the institution is by staff becuase they r the only ones who come and go

 KONITZER (105033 RCI 1964 55) plague
today's date is 4-04-2020
dear peg
hi again. well this is interesting...woke up this am for breakfast and was still locked in from the overnight. then doors started popping. went to breakfast and only one tier was called at a time in addition to this, we were told "only two to a table." this is a departure from the way things had been.
  I neglected to mention in my prior email to you that there is a real serious problem right now with the amount of disinfectant that is being sprayed around the unit. these units are essentially being poisoned with this stuff, which is ineffective unless allowed to sit for ten minutes. however, inmates never let it sit this long, they put it on mist, then wipe the surface they sprayed it on, right away.  this stuff is serious. the spray they use can cause permanent lung damage when breathed in. its not suppose to be breathed in. its sprayed around us even when we are eating. we have fans in the unit day rooms. three ceiling fans. these fans should be turned off when
disinfectant is being sprayed around the day room, but they never are. as a result, this misted spray is floating around on thermal air currents when the cool air from the fans is being pushed toward the floor. we are breathing this shit in on a daily basis. these dumb ##### don't have the sense to put this disinfectant in an empty peanut butter bucket and dip a rag in there, ring it a bit, and wipe stuff down with a saturated rag, allowing it to dry on its own. all this stuff being done for covid won't be worth #### if they are causing inmates to develop permanent lung damage, cpod or lung cancer or other lung disease from this #### being sprayed all over the unit.
  I get it that it has to be used. its how it is being used that is the problem.
this #### is not suppose to be sprayed around food or people who are eating, but this is routinely being done. and its being done for nothing, since it is not being left on the tables long enough. they could get the same effect
from water being used. everyone is in such a dam hurry to get something done that they don't care whether its being done right. I was told in no uncertain terms by a graduate of the janitorial program that this yellow disinfectant spray is a serious health hazard and not to be routinely sprayed where people will breathe it in. or around food or people who are eating. I am going to get the info for the company that makes and distributes this stuff so you can verify with a phone call how dangerous this stuff addition to all this, inmates are mixing the stuff, not staff, so the #### is also ALWAYS stronger than it is suppose to be. its suppose to be a very very pale yellow, I have frequently seen it much darker than this however. we have one idiot over here who believes that if a given amount is good. then twice that amount will be better!!!
 well, I'm going to get this off to u. I love you my friend. take care and stay well and safe. DD.
37)SCOTT KONITZER (105033)4 420
today is Friday 4-03-2020
dear peg
hi there. it was great talking to u today. I'm glad to hear u are okay. I have to say I'm worried about u a bit. its good to know u are keeping isolated.
  I think u are being lied to about how the system is dealing with corona.
  the facility came out with a memo to try and minimize social contact and part of that is to not have inmates crammed into the dining room. it is my understanding that one tier of one side of a unit is to eat at a time. which
means four separate groups. however, some staff are doing this and others are saying they aren't going to do it because they think "its stupid." I guess
it wouldn't be that stupid if they were packed in there like we are. inmate movement is limited and only one tier is allowed day room at a time. however, this is being ineffectually enforced with inmates frequently coming
out to use the phone , shower, courtyard and microwave and staff are not
really keeping this type of shit in check. they have the ability to lock the cells electronically of the tier that is not suppose to be out but aren't doing it. in addition to this, they are still making everyone stand count outside their cells
every day, four times a day. standing only a foot away from each other. it would be possible for staff to walk the tier and do counts with inmates in their cells. but apparently this is too much work, or just "stupid."
  in addition to all this, they are MAKING us eat in the unit dining room. there
is no option for inmates to get their tray and bring it back to their cell to if. I know at least a dozen guys that would if allowed to, including myself.
I foresee that this shit is going to make it into the prison system and it is
going to spread like crazy due to the half added social distancing by inmates, some of which we have no control over.
  I have to tell u I am kind of scared. I'm forced to go to his twice a week to get my hormone patch. they could send this patch to the unit but they came up with this bullshit where inmates who are on the patch have to change it at his. they claim this policy was created due to credible evidence that inmates were trafficking in female hormones, which frankly is either a paranoid fantasy, or, an attempt to get inmates on the patch to give it up in exchange for pills. this became clear when I complained about this to my MD and she asked me if I was willing to witch to the pill. I of course TD her no, since the pills are dangerous for someone my age. anyway, for 18 years this class of medication was non controlled, and a couple years ago they changed to controlled, with no LOGICAL explanation for doing so. just bullshit and lies.
  anyway, I will get back to you on the other stuff we discussed when I've talked with my contact out there.

COLIN GELFORD (164500) Virus Update 1967 52 RCI
Dear Peggy,
Word here is that a medical doctor brought the virus into Waupun Correctional Institution and infected at least 11 inmates. I guess he also works at Dodge Correctional Institution (DCI), which is the sole intake facility for all male prisoners coming into the WDOC system. There seems to be no embargo of DCI inmates migrating into other WDOC facilities. Thus, its fair to assume that, if he may have infected other inmates at DCI and they were subsequently transferred to other facilities throughout the state, this could be a major problem.
Saw on the news that the warden of Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution has refused to test inmates. I guess the life of a few hundred prisoners isn't worth the expense of the test.
Here at RCI, we're pretty much on lockdown. Virtually all programs have been closed indefinitely. No visitors, school, religious services, treatment programs, library/law library, etc. Inside and outside recreation is still happening, but their starting to limit even that. However, from what we've been told, the guards who come in (most of whom live in the Milwaukee area which has a huge number of infected cases) are not screened in any way. With the situation at WCI, its surprising that they're not screened, especially since, if the virus does get in here, it'll likely be brought in by one of them.
Moral here at RCI is really low. Many an inmate has been heard that, if we're gonna die from COVID-19, what else do we have to loose?

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