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Two essays from SHAKIR (TERRY JACKSON 121898)

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With Coronavirus spreading rapidly throughout United States & Wisconsin. Prisons will be the least safe place to be. With an American scientist suggesting that humanity should at least remain six feet apart to be at a safe distance, that makes such requirements impossible in prison environment. With inmates doubled up and at close distances throughout the prison compound its evident that this is a recipe for the same catastrophic deaths we witness going  on in society.

With an incubation period of 14 days before any evidence of contraction  is 14 days this virus will be passed before ever showing any symptoms and with the prison only method of determining exposure is looking for symptoms of fever from their staff 14 days after exposure.
Is 14 days too late of exposing inmates to this virus. So its not a matter of SCI not presently having the virus but when one of these staff members become contracted without knowing it for 14 days and coming in here and exposing us. This is the only way the virus can be passed to inmates with visit shut down.

 So basically we're just sitting ducks waiting for the inevitable to happen which is like sitting on death row waiting for our lethal injection (exposure.) Its clearly irresponsible for the DOC system to wait for the inevitable to take place before considering letting the people that's most vulnerable and at risk out of prison. Specially if their elderly and been sitting in prison over twenty five years or more and 50 years old or older with underline health conditions that has clearly been established vulnerable to this virus. This is clear justification for compassionate release for those within the age range just mentioned with hypertension, sever respiratory condition or a compromised immune system.

In the mean time staff that's coming in the prison system from the public to work should be required:

1. To wear face mask until they conclude their shift and leave the prison

2. To wear gloves when handling mail, inmates property or anything 
     that's exchanged from staff to inmate.

3. If staff isn't going to be required to wear mask and gloves, then
    inmates should be furnished with mask and gloves to protect
    themselves from potential exposure by staff that's not showing
    symptoms but still could have been exposed to coronavirus.

This is the least that could be required until this matter is brought under control. Anything less than this is irresponsible for preservation of human safety and human life. It don't make sense to it down visits if staff is coming in and out the institution putting us at the same risk that visitors would have. Without wearing no protection to prevent from exposing us to potential contraction of coronavirus just because they are not showing any symptoms. At any given time staff can contract the virus in public and not show symptoms for 14 days while exposing us during this incubation period they were exposed. So there need to be requirements of staff wearing mask and gloves while at work or afford us inmates that option to protect ourselves from potential exposure.


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April 12,2020


The reality of Coronavirus is over 700 deaths daily in New York and over 8,000 death in a week in New York alone. United States has taken. lead in the overall death total throughout the world which is over 20,000 deaths in a little under a month from the virus announcement.

as the FLU.

The MOST VULNERABLE are those with underline conditions that consist of RESPATORY CONDITIONS (Asthma etc.), HYPERTENSION (High Blood pressure), and HEART DISEASE ( heart failure/ low heart rate).

The reality for PRISONERS is that being in a prison environment where we can't exercise SOCIALIZATION SEPARATION makes us more likely to contract the coronavirus. The person that will bing this virus to us will be the Correctional Officers sand staff since sitting in all t institution throughout the state is shutdown. Its just a matter of when they will bring it in with a INCUBATION PERIOD OF 14 DAYS BEFORE YOU EVEN SHOW ANY SYMPTOMS which means without them even knowing they have been exposed THEY ARE SUBJECTING US INMATES TO EXPOSURE.

This is why the responsible thing for the DOC to do is release those who don't pose a risk to society. Just because a person has a violent crime doesn't mean they pose a risk to society. In fact, a professor out of Minnesota that studies prison environments has stated the less likely people that would repeat offenses are those who have done the longest time serving sentences in prison. The ones that are most likely to repeat offenses are those who is labeled with nonviolent offenses, because they have not taken the short term they have served in prison serious enough to be detoured from repeated offenses and in some cases commit greater and more serious offenses.

So despite the label of the offense and the seriousness of the crime, all human beings are capable of being redeemed and returned to society a less risk to society than when they came in prison. A Inmate education and self reflection in prison is the key to his redemption. Over the years of a inmate reflecting on his actions and developing consciousness of how to be a responsible person is what will help him remain responsible and not repeat or commit new offenses.

This throwing people in prison and throwing away the key mentality is clearly not the solution to the problem and is only for the purpose of enslavement of prisoners to support the 13 Amendment of profiting off prisoners labor in Billion dollar industries (like sweat shops) such as BSI license place and sticker programs. Inmates are paid $1 tops to make license plates and tickers for cars in Wisconsin, but theses license plate an stickers are being sold for about $160 total for the license plate and stickers for each vehicle you own.

We even have Judges investing in stocks in prison for the people they incarcerate which is illegal, but its kept quiet and swept under the rug through our own ignorance of being incapable of exposing the reason why African Americans are the majority in prison when we are the minority in society population. This is why the system is being hesitant to release prisoners who have long sentences back in society to secure their profits in these industries. This is the reason people are given these long excessive sentences in the first place to secure a consistent source of labor within the prison system to keep the profit of these industries going. This is why society don't have enough jobs for our citizens because a lot of the billion dollar industries are being thrown is prison for cheap labor.

This Wisconsin prison system is not as violent as society is being led to believe, you don't have frequently stabbings and killings in Wisconsin prison as being perpetuated in the news media when one of these unusual prison stabbings happen in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin prisons fighting is the most frequent form of violence displayed and even that's rare in Maximum facility's in this state. But society don't hear that because that's the only way they can justify keeping prisoners in prison for decades is through the false impression that Wisconsin prisons is violent and that they need to protect society from this false impression of violence.

So the DOC is not going to open the flood gates to reduce the prison population because of Coronavirus because they have society convinced that if they do they will be letting dangerous criminals back into society when the reality this prison environment is the least dangerous environment throughout the entire United States. Trust me, if these prisons were as violent as the DOC would like society to believe, then in Waupun Maximum prison would not be bringing their wife and kids in Waupun Maximum prison every year touring the the prison like its a museum. Society don't know about that either because it would go contrary to what's being perpetuated to society should this false impression of violence. Wisconsin prison system is the safest prison system throughout the United States and that's the reality contrary to what society is being told.

In Wisconsin if you see violence subjected to any official then most likely it was provoked by that person who felt like they could treat a inmate any kind of way which doesn't justify it but just provides you the truth. In this state you don't have a bunch of inmates who walk around and just want to hurt officials and such actions is rare.

So at the end of the day prisoners who have served 50% to 75% of their time and is 50 years and older should be released with compassionate release if they have displayed behavior that has been consistent productive behavior for long periods of time and is just being warehoused long beyond the time necessary.

Inmates who are most vulnerable to this coronavirus should not be made to be stuck in prison to wait for death to become the reality of this environment when they have served way over their debt to society by doing majority of the time they were sentence to.

To subject inmates to remain stuck in an environment that scientifically have been proven is the worst place to be with this type of virus for those with underline conditions. To consciously choose to keep a person trapped to be exposed to the great potential of death while allowing staff to keep coming in and out of these prisons without their face covered up is inviting the virus right through the door these staff come through every day. If the Governor can't show compassion under these conditions then the reality of him reducing the prison population by 50% is a dream that will never come true in my opinion.

Its time to wake up and smell the coffee. SHAKIR!

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