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prisoner letters from DOC covid hotspot- this week it is Green Bay

 8 24 20  :HEAT CRISIS GBCI-Prisoners not allowed fans. 

below are relevant parts of letters- I alerted many during high heat days end of July and see we have to rev up efforts to get any action- reports are that nothing has chanced-please call and email DAI head  and warden of GBCI -

1)Dylon Radtke,Warden;GBCI;2833 Riverside Drive;Green Bay, WI 54307-9033;(920) 432-4877/

I don't have his email

2)Makda Fessahaye DAI Director:,

P.O. Box 7925/Madison, WI 53707-7925/(608) 240-5104 Office

here are bits from pencil letters on the heat:

GBCI and heat crisis( typed from penciled letters/will not scan)
        Louis Keys 587973 GBCI 7 27 20:Note at end of letter: Hopefully I can get my time ( street time)and get the hell out of here This shit is sad, Peggy, guy had a seizure, laying out, head bust open, unresponsive. And instead of going in with the nurses, Lt Cole gassed him with a MK-9 phantom, nearly killing him!! I need out peg, Cells 90 degrees plus daily.
      Alfonso Gonzalez, 114135 GBCI: “it’a hot in seg, it feels like you will die from how hot it is. Without   your fan, Can you help me and all the inmates in GBCI get their fans in their cells please
     Jason Kurtz 495483 GBCI: I’m still in seg, this prison’s gone crazy-
-staff wouldn’t let me have 5 greeting cards that said “love mom” in them cuz they claimed I’d reuse them.
-I got a soliciting ticket cuz I wrote a unit mgr that they were smart, intelligent and awesome . even after 4 ½ yrs o good conduct
-Staff won’t let me go to rec, cuz cuffs won’t fit behind my back
-They won’t allow us our fans, despite 100 degree cells
-They force double celling, even if psychological issues
-And the mailroom denies any penpal company fliers, which they previously allowed.

Here are more letters from GBCI on the 57 cases of covid and what is happening

We will soon get summaries out to accompany all letters- we all know GBCI has 57 cases of covid so far- inmates have had no visitors for months and spend most of their time lockdown and know that staff and the construction crew are bringing the virus in yet, they are blamed while staff wear masks around their chins. 

 first are letters type because prisoners are not allowed pen nibs-they get pencils and sometimes ribber pencils

GBCI Covid crisis 8 18 20 (relavant parts typed; written in pencil and will not scan)

1) Louis Keys 387473 GBCI:12 inmates in the Couth Cell Hall have covid. . They had cell mates and movement with entire cell hall. Staff have it and had to bring it in here. There have been no visits for months. There’s no telling how many people total have it.

---I just spoke to a Sgt and he told me as of today its 24 cogirmed cases here in GBCI and that’s not including  staff. So with staff it has to be at least 30-35. Get the news involved immediately please. 

2) Jason Kurtz 495483 GBCI:Here’s the rundown of what’s going on here. Nothing’s changed here. It’s still outside temps in here and  & they rejected our fans in seg.I’m still in seg and they’re trying to force me to double cell. I’m on my second refusal to double cell. I used to be red tagged. They’re putting covid patients in seg too, w/out their property and not medically assisting them. None of us have our property. Inmates  daily scream for their fans. I’m not allowed rec, because  rear cuffs don’t fit me. I don’t get to come out , 30 + days of in-cell. And their mistreating me for refusing to double cell. Can you please look into the Geneva Convention 1955 Act that lists its first act as 1) Individual cells shall not accommodate more than one individual overnight,

I am also a PSU patient and state law states that  WI prisons cannot force double celling of a psychological patient. Can you find that state law- 1990’s maybe. Also I enclosed a letter, showing you mail doesn’t always get sent out from seg, doesn’t always get mailed. ( Note: letter is enclosed from friend confirming that she did not get his letters) I hear stories of them tossing out our mail, but I am not accusing anyone. I do know they’re creating more issues that I’ve ever seen before in 15 ½ year of confinement. Also, I’m a model inmate,  I write a supervisor that she’s smart and very intelligent and awesome and it led to 5 tickets, mistreatment, 50 days so far n seg and I‘m considered model behavior, LOL.  I’m perplexed, others here won’t write , for fear of their retaliation. I was sent here for refusing to double cell at FCLI and WSPF. Now, 4 ½ years later, I’m in seg here, for the same thing.  But at least WSPF has AC in seg ( asks me to help him get moved to WSPF) I have 111/2 years to do and they are threatening indefinite tickets and seg time here for refusing to double cell> I’m also a big muscle bound 322 lbs and read cuffs don’t fit and I need a floor level cell and they’re not don’t accommodate them. I just want to do my time w/out troubles. You know I do not frivolously complain. 

 Alfonso Gonzalez, 114135 GBCI: “it’a hot in seg, it feels like you will die from how hot it is. Without   your fan, Con you help me and all the inmates in GBCI get their fans in their cells please. Mrs peggy swan I Alfonso Gonzalez am not safe n GBCI , do to the Latin Kings trinh yp beat me up and kill me in Gp. Cos in GBCI are nothelping me I put SPN in the latin Kings and asked to go on  PC(?) (AC?)do to it and move me to WRC or CCI. WRC because I have mental health issues I would like your help. I’m not safe in GBCI

I’m in seg because I made weapons because I don’t feel safe do to the Ltin Kings ( explains he is sending the CRon weapons and he did,ays he is always”real “with me. 


received 8 20

Other  news 

1) GBCI:Call last night from Joe Turney- a long time prisoner friend who was going to write the complaint for our lawsuit to get treatment for the mentally ill.  He has covid symptoms an is not getting treated or tested. He has been on hunger strike trying to get treatment and is putting himself into seg- I talked him out ( I hope)  of the hunger strike and will rabble rouse to get him treated and tested. His roommate, Jason Dodd 391909 tested positive for the virus and probably gave it to Joe - he asked for our release template to send to judge- is asking for hospital .


2) WSPF Guard "Godfrey" out with covid and huge shortage of guards. Guard named smith walked off job a few days ago and a guard named Schneider got walked off for giving an inmate a cigarette. This writer Travis WIlliams, expects lockdown soon- no because of guard shortage.


3) WCI- Chance Wallows has had severe pain for months- MRI shows bulges, lessions etc in spinal column. I have been writing asking for stronger than over the counter meds. His letter yesterday said nurse agreed but the "Nurse practitioner will not be at the prison for two weeks. There is noone on duty to prescribe anything!!

WCI has no doctors or nurse practictioners on duty daily?


4) Retaliation against litigators has ramped up and i am getting more letters from new victims- general in OSCI about anyone who tries to help others with their cases- in the library where they can meet. Did open records to OSCI asking for complaints on retaliation against litigators ad got  blanket denial for security reasons.


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