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latest FFUP offerings-

 10 25 20- Here one month later- about parr- I am intake worker mainly, this is FFUP founder PEg-and mail has been overwhelming paper and Corrlinks as well as phone. I do read all and try and fail to answer all but do my best-


           let us know if you can spend a few hours a week posting updates on what is happening in our prisons . There are two uses= 

              1) to inform the public and get reports organized for media.

              2) we are doing a covid lawsuit and these reports will be vital in proving our points- We will be calling for the reduction of population to the point where the WI DOC can effectively deal with the virus starting by getting those most vulnerable out.  On October 21st, the court ordered the Halving of the population of San Quentin Prison. Here are couple news articles on that:

and San Quentin Court Order:.


Paper filing 10 30 20 deadline

Online filing 11 21 20


9 17 20

NOT Getting to web very fast but there is alot happening and prisoners are hungry to get their concerns out . 

For families who can print stuff out- latest paths to release: 

a)Mini newsletter,(pdf ) starts with articles prisoners can use to bolster their arguments for release. Then an overview of Executive order 31 and PAC 108 pathways. Executive order 31 is working for some old law prisoners of they get it to Tate. Page 7 through 14 is the full motion to modify sentence template, originally done in March by public defenders office in Madison, updated by Nicholas Morehouse in September.:

 Motion to modify sentence template alone , on word so can be easily modified. ’

Executive directive 31 For old law prisoners only. one page, two sides- there is no application or template- here are criteria. Again, this is working IF you send it to warden AND Tate.

 There is much confusion about PAC 108.  And I think it is poorly written- again also no template- If the prisoner is either old law or TIS and is over 60 and has served 10 minimum, OR over65 and has served over 65 minimum- he/ She is eligible. From what I garner, the Final decider is parole commission. I will stick the original notification here too.

all four together:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Report on Covid and GBCI 

First some end of August reports from CORRLINKS on Covid:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Report on Covid and GBCI

Letters from prisoners- ()

1)Phil Keller ( OSCI)reports seeing guard destroy mail/ complains to everyone gets video watch . being type is pencil letter where is says he is being retaliated against and expects transfer to CCI

2)Harry Fumich (GBCI)calls and write a lot- has covid and is an has been in much pain, is filing motion to modify sentence with Racine county. Here are HSU requests for pain medicine other than Tylenol.

Harry Fumich covid diagnosis and docs he is sending to crt

                                  Requests pain meds:

                                motion to court:

Report on a death- sent widely:

Daniel tornado Wachowiac wants to sue for  million dollars ( the only humorous one in the bunch)


B)Summations-unscannable letters typed letters coming soon./ GBCI was just tested by national guard again last week- we expect another  load of messages and phone calls on new results soon. :

1.       Terrance Kirksey 168172 GBCI  BD1992 (received 9 16 20)

Tested positive 8 25, been tested 4 times and classified as “quarantined” three times , While in RHU cell 362 was “extremely mentally Distorted(?)”was having mental breakdown and wanted to self harm.  Blames all on staff allowing positive people to mix with negative.  Due rto HIPPA laws nooone knew who was positive. BEieves inmates have the right to know the risks.  Neg and positive inmates kept on same tier with same air. Staff not sanitizing every two days.Inmates with COvid shower with those who do not have  it. Staff either do not wear masks or wear them improperly. Inmates write complaints about this but nothing happens/Those with covid are only given Tylenol and places back in smecell with cell mate even if he does not have covid , so disease is passed back and forth- the one cell mate reinfecting the other in cycle./Inmates in general population with covid see nurse every day- those in seg see nurse only when they complain of symptoms. When inmate covid doc

Gives and eloquent appeal for help /wants civil rights lawyers-

 2) Milan Stewart -643607 GBCI BD 1998-tested positive for covid/ complains GBCI failed to isolate inmates who had covid . 8 17, roommate tested positive and was sent back to same cell. Milan complained and told he was already exposed- now he has covid too. No one gets any help unless they send HSU request slips . told nurse he had headaches and loss of smell and she said that was not covid related she is only concerned is he cannot breathe.


3.       Jason Kurtz 495483 GBCI BD1976  informs me regularly of what is going on- Says many prisoners in seg are particularly stress and self harm is way up- gives list of some solitary inmates needing help- FFUP is putting starting a Stress release project and first installment goes out soon. Jason is educating me and volunteer on what is needed and possible. New to me GBCI seg prisoners.Says one really need thing is weekly news blurbs as they can have no radios or tvs- we are finding out just what is allowed and will work on expanding that. Link to first “stress relief  newsletter  here:




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