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Note: we could use help typing hand written reports- especially those from folks in seg who only get pencils or crayons to use . Slowly we will get prisoner's posts here in a form enjoyable to read. any help appreciated- email me:


Kenneth Gray 315302 RCI (1982 31) out 12 20 25

Kenneth Gray

1015 20 May you be well and so healthy. As for me, I'm at ground zero of Wisconsin's third outbreak site -- Racine Correctional Institution.

        I'm on Milwaukee Unit, where out of 167 inmates 131 have tested 'positive' for COVID-19. Out of the 5 times I've been tested all of my results returned Negative! 
      As it stands, we are on a 23½ hour lockdown. One cell at a time, only when they know someone is watching. Otherwise, the positives are mixed w/the negatives. We only have time to get a shower and make a phone call (20 minutes). You'll have to decide, which one of you or your cellmate will clean. Captains and Lieutenants are delivering our 'bag meals' through the traps. 
         Inevitable, it seems before I contract this deadly virus, when I'm 4years past my mandatory release (19.July, 2016) now I worry about my health in this sardine can; when I should have been home. Please stay in peace.

 Joseph Cook 436664 KMCI (1985, 35) out 5 7 27

Joseph Cook

ANXIETY HIGH AS COVID CASES GO FROM 10 to 500 in few weeks 

( a few parts below, whole article here:  )

101220 Our MATC classes are interfered with. Until all unnecessary movement was suspended we visited our loved ones through  Zoom. Stress levels are increased, anxiety is up and frustration is palpable. We are a microcosm of society with 1,100 people incarcerated here at KMCI Covid has shut most operations down. According to an article published by Diana Dombrowski from the Sheboygan Press out of the 1,100 men incarcerated here 2 out of 3 of us has tested positive for Covid. With only ten cases in early September one would think preventive measures would have been taken. Which wasn't the case. By late September, the number of Covid cases spiked from 10 to over 500 in just a few short weeks. Surprising? If society at as a whole aren't capable of properly preventing and containing the outbreak of Covid, should we expect more from prisons? Prisons are arguably the worst institutions in America, and KMCI response to this pandemic has been one of the worse responses.

"Their preventive measures and containment measures were inadequate." Al Carter who tested positive for Covid told me. "In the beginning when face masked were mandated by the Governor these officers mocked the idea of wearing a face mask. And most of the supervisors and unit supervisors did too. They didn't start wearing mask until it was too late. They didn't take prevention seriously." He goes on to say that KMCI also did a poor job in containing the virus."They allowed positives to remain cellies with negatives. Then we are all touching the same toilets, sinks, door handles, spray bottles. Positives should have continued to be quarantined on isolated units designed just for positive cases."

Mr. Hamilton who tested positive remarked that after he tested positive he didn't receive medical attention until 6 days after he was told he was positive. And once he did see the nurses he was told to gurgle salt for his soar throat, and was given the option of either Ibuprofens or Tylenol to deal with his headaches. With over 500 positive cases it's impossible for the medical staff here to treat everybody properly. The numbers, the ratio of positive cases and medical staff won't allow each individual to receive proper care.

In addition to inadequate medical care, Our mental health care isn't being attended to. Prison within themselves are highly stressful and depressing places, with Covid the stress and depression have only increased. ... No psychologist, or mental health doctors are available on the uints which only puts an extra burden on officers who are forced to be many things in one; even though, they don't have the qualifications. Some officers juggle this role gracefully others resentfully, begrudgingly, negatively.

Supervisors deal with problems concerning us inmates by sending us to the hole, or dishing out some form of punishment. Actually solving problems? We don't view supervisors as problem solvers. So our questions, our frustrations, our concerns aren't directed toward them like they would be if trust existed. And the opportunity to reassure and calm that real leaders are capable of during chaotic times are missed by the lieutenants, captains, unit supervisors and the administration staff as a whole.

Unlike society who will go back to their normal lives, after Covid prisons will remain a hot bed for systemic racism. Systemic racism and not Covid is the illness that plagues KMCI and the WI DOC as a whole. The symptoms to this disease are the officers lack of basic dignity and respect for us incarcerated. Another symptom is an officers ability to write a conduct report based on a perceived,  and not an actual threat to the prison's security operations.
  Whole article here:  

From: ROGER EDWARDS (162540)(162540) ( 1971,49) out 3 3 49

Roger Edwards

 9/17/2020:lady-L you want  this, you remember my latest letter to you regarding the way this institutions is handling the covid 19, I was very upset because they was refusing to retest me because my first test came back negative but my roommate came back positive and two days after I took the test I got very sick, and my roommate was in the room with me for 2 days after we took the test waiting on the results now once the results was in he was immediately quarantine, alone with 6 other inmates just from this unit and I remained in

general population, once I got very sick they then quarantine me in (general population) refusing to retest me, then one week later take me off quarantine because I'm complaining of being retested even though I'm still showing symptoms. now check this out lady-L more and more people started complaining about being retested so they retested this unit of 59 inmates, we started with (6) inmates testing positive, it is now 39 just on this one unit and they decided to quarantine the whole unit and their is one other unit worst then this one.

these people are not protecting us from this deadly disease, which they are obliged to do so this is a clear violation of our eighth amendment and I want to challenge this but I'm going to need help, this prison is nothing like waupun, portage, or boscobel where guys is studying law,. lady-L did you have any luck with your contacts? have you heard of a group called, all of us or none? if so do you have any information on them?

OSCI COVID protocols:

Adam Ebert

OSCI Adam Ebert 543837 OSCI (1986 34 

 Saturday, October 3, 2020 1:39 AM

I just tested positive for covid-19! Hey just got my test results back they they said I tested positive for covid-19. Not sure if they going to take me off the unit or what this whole unit is infected. I was working in the servery with a bunch of people who also tested positive for covid-19. So now the staff should be serving all of our meals to us. But I'm sure they won't do that.Everyone's going to be sick here soon and test positive. Because they take this very serious. I was very clean and look I got positive covid-19. This is crazy! I'm not happy about this at all! They will probably move me around super sick covid-19 people. Then things will get worse. I knew this was going to happen.So if no one hears from me in awhile if anything happens to me you know why because things have been getting out of control with covid-19 here. Everyone thinks of it as a joke intill it spreads. I'm not happy at all and more could have been done but now its too late they will have to retest this whole unit again because its spreading like a wild fire now. I'm not happy at all. They wanted me to be quiet about it here. Why should I not speak out. Why shouldn't people know what's going on here. How its spreading all over the prison system. I guess when the ambulances come they won't need Tony Evers to make bed space because the virus will do it for him. Shows how good of a governor he is and that he don't care. Well I need to settle down I'm pretty mad so I'm going to wrap this up and get it to you before the decide to take me out of the unit even though the whole unit is infected with covid-19. Love to all Adam God bless everyone pray for your loved ones 

11 20 23 TIS          

I ended up writing Governor Evers to let him know what’s been going  on in his Wisconsin prison systems.  Not sure if that will help anything at all. I ‘m in contact with inmates all over Wisconsin and some from other states so I hear a lot that goes on in different prison system all over the Wisconsin I believe in change and forgiveness . And the only way we will ever get that in a broken overpopulated Wisconsin prison system is if we all come together and try to get them to bring prison reform to Wisconsin.(  Has written many news outlets about the spread of the virus in the prisons. Poem in included in link- needs typing

AN EARLY REPORT ( July 2020)George Manders 602006 OSCI ( 1943, 77)  out 9 8 2025 TIS 

george manders

718 20(early in the cycle) All staff and inmates are suppose to wear masks to stop the spread of the virus. That would make sense if they didn’t give us useless masks. They have inmates making them out of cloth. They are either mad way too big where it don’t seal your mouth and nose or they are made too small where the mask barely covers your mouth They tested all inmates and we all tested negative so the only way we could catch the virus is if the COS and staff bring it in. that’s the scary part because the guards run around the unit with no mask on or covering their chin or forehead without covering their mouth or nose. I am so scared of my health.(asks us to contact warden and Madison, which we did repeatedly)

OSCI Matthew Stechauner 378235 1984, 36 out 11 14 31 TIS

Matthew Stechnauer

OSCI Howard Grady 58316 1954, 66 out 12 13 33 TIS

Howard Grady 058316, OSCI( sum) It was a shame how covid-19 ran thur the prison so fast and one inmate has die. Don’t know how long we will be lockdown. We all have to be retested soon. I was negative for covid. But I also had health problems as well . I did tell staff about it at 3 am one night. I had a fever and cold chills at my age 66 years. L was afraid I pray to God not to let me die in prison. My results came back negative, my cellie he tested positive . They moved me into a cell where the inmate was negative. I use to warn the old cellie about keeping his hands in mouth daily while we watch tv. He stated he had a CD conditions. He was tested positive so they moved him. 

Howard Grady

David L Greenwood

OSCI David L Greenwood 363177 OSCI 1983, 37 out 10 30 2026 TIS     

The prison makes it difficult for prisoners to file complaints on conditions:

 (sum)   I never thought I’d get the virus! My family has been distraught and outright furious with the DOC! They’ve been contacting Madison , news media outlets to expose what’s going on here. They had over 60 positive case of Covid in this dorm and have us quarantined on one side of this dorm. They’ve been putting new cases in with us that have been quarantined for 14 days as I speak. They just retested the negative inmates on the other side again to see if the are infected. A lot of us are still having symptoms of covid after 14 days and the unit manager, Kathy Sabel , told us that we cannot get reinfected per HSU staff buts its been confirmed that you can!

I’m in the process of exhausting my administrative remedies because I wasn’t sent here to catch an infectious deadly disease! The ICRS has been giving me trouble as I attempt to file my complaints on the conditions of confinement on the dormitory. They are mailing me file individual complaints on each horrendous condition. This is wrong and conditions of confinement issues falls under the totality of circumstances approach clearly! They are trying to limit my complaint voice, and discourage me from pursuing this. We/re only allowed one complaint per week but when it comes to health and safety we are exempt form this restriction. These conditions  put me i=at a risk for reinfection clearly.

OSCI Ralph Nickel 322916 1976, 43 out2 22 36 OL

ralph nickel 

OSCI Nicholas Camargo 51951533  1985,34 out 4 29 24 TIS


OSCI Wesley Hair 589874 1979, 41 out12 4 21

Wesley Hair


Ken Huss 172441 OSCI 1967, 53 out8 10 21 OL

Ken Huss

I’m on unit K/E at Oshkosh . I’m not sure what its like on the other units but us inmates on unit K are getting tired of the inhumane treatment we are getting . They wont let us clean our room , or do personal laundry , if we get caught doing our personal laundry in the sinks they write us up. You try living in a n 8 by12 room with another person and have dirty laundry sitting there for a month with no air flow. Any help you can give us would be much appreciated.

OSCI Reuben May 108111 1959, 63 out 3 22 25 OL 

Rueben May

OSCI Patrick Moran 150807 1962, 57 out8 24 30 OL

Patrick Moran
I would like to plant this “seed” idea, these DOC officers, Sgts, CO II, etc all  complain to Governor, etc about harsh working conditions and hostile environments, hazards etc and that they need all this extra pay to be able to tolerate their jobs. That is so much BS they al congregate in the blind spots from the many cameras. Mostly behind sgt desks areas in offices down at BCE and offices at he gym, at any given time you ca find 4 to 8  officers and sgts all hiding out of camera view Feet kicked up on desks and counters their backs to “all these dangerous inmates and conditions, etc. they are constantly eating and drinking so they do not have to keep their covid masks on. ( more in letter)




Subject: Lockdown  9/24/2020 As of yesterday we

're once again locked down but only monarch and the dorm's so no movement off the unit this is overrated we just got off lockdown I believe they are taking advantage of covid-19 and abusing their power enough is enough 14 day lockdown again and they say they won't confirm or deni the covid-19 I'm tired of this  

Date: 9/26/2020 4:01:32 AM Subject: Corona virus  (TCI)

Since the pandemic of cornavirus has been issued back in January the TCI prison is using the cornavirus as an excuse to lockdown the prison which they are taking advantage of the issue claiming they can't confirm or deni the case so we're being punished as a means to not wanting to deal with inmates. It's not like we get to do a whole lot in prison anyway so next week we'll still be on lock down the system is certainly aware of the issue but refuse to do anything about it. If the c/ o aren't wearing their mask  but enforcing the rules why should we suffer . They are the ones bringing the virus in some of us inmates have major health issues and they don't seem to give a crape . Governor Evers isn't holding up to letting prisoners out of prison but want to  get elected president first of all he can let people out if he really wanted to and take truth and sentencing off the table.

 From: FELICIA BOON (684342)TCI Subject: Frustrated 

 Hello I know a couple of you have asked about updates on current conditions. I am

sad to say it's a very unorganized situation. Officers are supposedly trained before getting this job as well as some sort of ongoing training. That thought is questionable due to some officers and other prison staff conduct. We are constantly told to be patient and stop pressing the button asking questions but we are locked in a cell and have no way of communicating unless we press the button in order to ask questions. I needed ice and water and a officer told me I could get it then another officer told me to wait. So an hour later I asked again and was told OK someone will be down soon. Two hours later I asked again and was told we are in the middle of something. Finally a officer was doing a round and allows me to get ice and water after 4 hours. I was also told I could use the phone after another lady was done. As soon as I picked the phone up to call home a different officer told me to hang the phone up and lock in the cell. I explained to the officer I was given permission by the previous officer and she said no lock in. So it appears there is no need for consistency in this institution and no need for professionalism. 

When I asked to speak to a sergeant during the last couple of days they say OK he will be down but the sergeant never comes. At least tonight a sergeant came but he did not honor the previous officer orders that I could use the phone. What I appreciated was he came to address the concern and he maintained integrity. Some officers here are not displaying integrity, honesty, concern, compassion or even adhering to their job duties. Sometimes when the button is pressed the officer will come on the speaker and cut it back off without even seeing what was needed. Also the other day the same officer waited 10 plus minutes before answering the speaker and that is not good when people could be having a medical emergency. At this point some staff is using the lock down as punishment. Its easy for them to ask women with no training as well as all types of mental health issues and separation anxiety to be patient but they have training as well as get to go home to their families and can't show the patients they looking for. Its backwards!!! 

I also had video court today and was 30 minutes late for it due to a lack of preparation and concern. We wait for months for court dates but they don't care here. I started asking them to prepare for this over a week ago but I was still somehow not able to do it. I finally was able to call in because they refused to allow me to go into another part of the building to use the other zoom computer set up once seeing they didn't know how to use the one that was in front of us. 

In most cases Covid is coming in institutions through the staff but we get locked in and deprived of talking on the phone to our loved ones and cut off from all human contact due to them spreading the virus to us. We have to keep masks on at all times out of the cell but some staff don't follow that same policy and its a double standard. How about the staff has to stay on grounds and spend the nights here and get a 15 minute call when done with their shift in order to control the spread. We are all facing challenges but we in a way it seems like we are forgotten about and pictured as unaffected. We are at times treated like our need to check on our families is a gift they will grant to us if they feel like it instead of it being our right or need. Many staff members will not even try to see our perspectives and they take a power trip role and abuse their positions by talking to people like they are titles instead of humans. What they don't realize is this could be them. 

We were told we were being tested for covid again soon now we were told today we are not be tested but just staying on lock down to prevent the chance of spread of covid. There is tremendous amounts of misinformation and no way to tell what is happening from day to day. It is super frustrating and unrealistic to be expected to be OK mentally and emotionally. Covid has shown so many flaws in so many different systems but people want to turn a blind eye to what is clear.

JCI Jose Soto- Guzman 535929 (1975, 44) out 8 10 22 TIS 

JoseSoto- Guzman

Ron Schilling


KMCI Ron Schilling 32219 life sentence OL

KMCI Daniel R Fuerst 141339 1938  82 out 11 17 29 OL

Daniel Fuerst


GBCI Milan Stewart 643607 1988, 22 out 6 29 23 covid positive TIS

Milan Stewart

GBCI Jason Kurtz  495483  1976 5 7 31 TIS8 18 20 

Jason Kurtz

Jason Kurtz 495483 GBCI

HI Peg, Here’s a report of things I’m witnessing here.

1)      Covid patients are being housed in seg w/out their property and treated like a punitive status, and no rec for 14 days,

2)      inmates(  me included) they can’t rear cuff, HSU won’t see -( including covid patients) or permit rec for.  They won’t front cuff ANYONE.

3)      Inmates stipulating they’re suicidal, are rarely tended.

4)      State Books are hard to get. I NEVER got a bible I asked for.

5)      Peg, there’s people in seg here, that Definitely belong in Mendota on Winnebago, They don’t last in GP and they have NO resources in their seg cells. They just bounce around from cell to cell in seg . some yell at themselves day and night.

6)      They also force double celling. THAT leads to most issues.

7)      They gave me ANOTHER ticket and 60 days more seg time for refusing to double cell again.

8)      Staff forces issues the DOC doesn’t even enforce.

9)      The security Director, Captains, Sgts and RHU manager, Don’t respond to written inquiries. Many staff don’t respond back.

10)   Staff AREN’T protecting seg inmates, they DID, though, 10 years ago.

11)   They’re overusing seg ( more turnover now, means pettier infractions go to seg instead of GP reprimands in cell)

12)   Its gotten A LOT more harsh here. 10-12 yrs ago her, staff went to great lengths to keep inmates from seg. NOW seg is a common rotating door, because there’s a lot of seg cells and somebody has to fill them, It’s overcrowded.

13)    All segs, should be haIved, otherwise the state sees them as cells that fill overcrowding. Prisons here would NEVER leave seg cells empty. But many years ago, it was common. So to prevent frivolous d-sep, segs should be halved.

14)   Staff here write too many tickets.

15)   Inmates in seg here, don’t have enuf activities to stimulate their minds or the resources to obtain things that stimulate the mind.

16)   I’m in seg cuz I gave a Bookmark to staff that read “Jesus in me loves you” I actually think I’ve sent you a few of these too. 50 + days in seg so far. I read, write and have 2 radio stations to listen to and 1-2calls a week.NO rec and little canteen. I am told they won’t single cell me, Peg. I’m a model inmate and NOW my chances of early release are in jeopardy. Peg, they’re creating problems with inmates. I’ve observed VERY many unfair practices here. It NEEDS all new oversight/NEW views. 41/2yrs ago there were little complaints, now it’s a circus. Fights are up, it’s wild. Stagg break rules but are super strict with us.

17)   Staff allow inmates to harass others, which never happened before. Staff can’t seem to control inmates like before/yrs ago.

18)   I’ve notices a change with the newest warden, for the worst.

19)   I’ve been observing staff less and less friendly and inmates more disrespectful than ever, toward them.

20)   It’s a lot louder that it ever was before, especially at night , when staff allow excessive noise. It leads to more excessive unruly inmates, even outside of their cells. Controlling them while they’re in their cells, is equally important as outside of their cells,  And staff really haven’t been controlling their in- cell noise levels.

I hope this helps, Jason Kurtz


Willie Simpson
GBCI Willie Simpson 331231 1967, 53out 6 2 56 OL

CCI Phil Keller 395959 1971, 48 out7 30 21 OL ?

Phil Keller

Matthew McAfee

GBCI Matthew McAfee 444947 1988,32 out10 26 63 TIS

terrance Kirsey

GBCI Terrance Kirksey 688172 1992, 27 Out 12 21 23 TIS

GBCI Luis Granados 288849 199129 out 4 25 25 TIS

Luis Granados

                                                                                                                                         I am writing to share with you the problem we are having in segregation with mentally ill inmates not receiving adequate mental health treatment: 1)lack of PSU staff (psychologist, psychiatrists ) 2)no treatment programs for those who self harm 3) the PSU staff have not been following policies and procedures regarding psychological conduct reports for their actions, and they continue to house mentally ill inmates in segregation , even though they understand these inmates don’t adjust well in seg. So far I’ve wrote complaints and exhausted my administrative remedies but this problem is so much bigger that me peggy. Its sad,, its immoral and its torture that’s being nest move is a civil suit cause I’m labeled mentally ill but I’m doing more better as of today.

        But I guess my real concern is that the DOC has been letting this virus overshadow the real problems and its scaring us, and people don’t see it. When will we be free?

GBCI   Harry Fumich 120028 1966, 53 out1 21 9999 OL 

Harry Fumich


FLCI Adam Fields 385005 1984, 36 out4 27 24/

Adam fields

I am writing to you to let you know what kind of tricks the DOC is up to right now. I figured It would be safer to write this.  During this pandemic we at Fox Lake had been covid- free among us inmates . On Oct 9th it was noticed by us that the DOC covid-19 dashboard showed that we had 2 inmates with covid-19 . To this day FLCI staff have not notified us that Covid-19 is in the institution. In fact, most staff lie to us and saying that its’ not here. However, one sergeant here at FLCI ( wishes to remain anonymous) told me that not only was covid-19 here but that the DOC put it here. He said that the DOC transferred to inmates to FLCO when they tested positive . Both inmates went straight into our seg unit for medical isolation.  Now I am, told that the number of positive inmates is up to 10 here at Fox Lake. To me this is a very scary situation. Since the DOC is trying to hide this. For me personally, it’s extremely scary. Since my asthma makes me high risk for covid- 19 . Also  I live in a high isk environment, while being high risk. So now that the virus is in the institution , if it gets in my unit, I’ll get it. I wanted to write this to  you because I know you will get this information out for us.

Phil Keller 

CCI Phil Keller 395959 1971, 48 out7 30 21 OL ?

CCI Damien Green 384585 1984 36 ,out8 21 25 TIS

damien green

Due to this covid-19 we on lock-down with no phones, no sowers, no movement nothing because they say that someone an officer got covid-19 and some inmates got it. We been on lockdown for over a week. We have not had a shower in a long time and this have not come from Mr Kevin Carr. I need you to please get me the address for 27 news in Madison and please let me know who is Kevin A Carr boss?


RCI Armano Cornelius 544098 1987,33 out352021 


Tony Franklin 267634, WCI  WCI  1980, 40 outdate 5 29 25

tests positive and reports on death of Kenneth Hall: (sum) 

Now I was calling you to let you know that I got coronavirus. The National Guard came into the prisons and test everybody  and it’s about a good over 300 inmates that test positive. In my cell hall alone there is maybe half of the positive cases so its over here the worst. My test results came back on Friday October 23, 2020. At first I was feeling horrible and the nurse only took my vitals one time and that’s the day my test results came back, my vital signs was checked 1 other time about 10 days before then because my cellie was feeling sick and they had moved him out of the cell with me and put him in the north cell hall on isolation but they left me in my same cell in the north cell hall but put me on isolation During the whole time on isolation the nurse never came to check on me like they supposed to…

Tony Franklin
    Also, on Friday October 23, 2020 around 10am the ambulance came inside the prison to take someone to the hospital .. then about an hour later they found inmate Kenneth Hall dead in his cell . The reason I know is because another inmate above me on K Range said they brought Kenneth Hall out in a body bag and many speculating that he died due to covid.  It ‘s in this prison bad. The news said it was 174 inmates test positive but it’s now more than 300 inmates.

WCI Chance Wallow458649 1987 , 33 out 6 20 21 TIS

on Covid and Kitchen Work at Waupun Correctional.  

chance Wallow

Also, on the phone you asked me to tell you about some of this Covid 19 stuff going on. Well, there are multiple inmates that have it in this institution. Just in this cell hall we have about 40. They are so short of people in the kitchen that they got a whole bunch of us volunteering. We started with about 21 people, now we are down to 12 people and we’re working 430am to 630pm. The southwest cell hall is the only cell hall that they are letting work. It’s very crazy and unethical the way they treat us here. I guess the positive thing about us working in the kitchen is we get to shower twice and we get to eat good and be out of our cell.

The thing that is getting to me and I’m not understanding is how so many inmates are catching Covid and they ain’t going nowhere. 


Arthur Foster 213296 WCI 10 13 20

Sitting here in Northwest cell hall on quarantine. Not told anything by staff. Sounds like new outbreak of covid-19. Have you herd anything? If yes, how many new cases do we have? Stay safe out there


Nathan Delano  322632 1978, 41 out 1 25 24 TIS

Nathan Delano

They call him EJ. I am working on getting more definite information. On Thursday October July 30th he had a medical emergency in the shower around 7:30- 8:30pm. He told staff and HSU that he was not feeling well. As the story goes he may have had a blood clot in his foot that traveled to his heart. During the 6am count staff failed to wake him for standing count. Around 7am breakfast was being passed by the tier tenders and he failed to wake up. At that time they notified staff. After HSU, the white shirt the ambulance and all that stuff they carried him past our cells in a black tarp with handles. After seeing the ambulance people not moving fast it was clear what was happening. As they were waiting fr the coroner we could clearly hear them joking and laughing. Bogus, Even though we are doing time we are still human beings and even if we don’t have loved ones , Jesus loves us.I look at my issues and see they are really small potatoes compared to what really is going on in this place. I complain about my diabetes and diet and that I cannot afford a pair of shoes but I am still breathing and fighting to stay that way. Okay, his real name is Eric Johnson, better known to those around him as E.J. I appreciate your caring enough to look into this as I know his family will. 

Jermaine Hampton

WCI Jermaine A Hampton 406289 , 1982, 38 out11 18 21 TIS

(part)there’s about 394 inmates at Waupun Correctional which have tested positive for the coronavirus 6 of which are hospitalized due to the security of Covid-19. The institution is still not taken this seriously they still are denying inmates the proper use of disinfectants. They expect us not to properly sanitize our living areas. They spray our towels twice in expect us to clean our rooms with it yet since the last outbreak we have not been allowed to clean our rooms at all cuz the institution is on lockdown and we are only allowed to shower once a week there’s no way the virus is going to leave this institution they are not cleaning the common areas used by staff or the inmates they are taken infected inmates from one unit in the institution and placing them in another part which only makes the other inmates in that unit sick from the virus yet the staff are not listening to our demands and our health is being ignored completely. I am in constant fear that I might die.

WCI Tracy Anderson 275721; 1970,40 8 25 29 OL

Tracy anderson

Ones writing to let you know what’s going on with me and my situation. I was tested positive for Covid-19 virus on 10/20/20 and it felt as if I was going to do. I had bad headaches, eyes burning, couldn’t breath, taste and smell gone, I still don’t have any smell or taste. My body still aches and is fatigued. You know I had filed for that compassionate release back in June and I feel this should compel them to get us out of prison, because I fear if I get this virus a second time I will die! They are not equipped or competent enough to deal with this virus. I just seen Waupun on Fox 6 News and they acknowledge that it’s overcrowded and Fessahaye says it’s against the law to have prisoners in double cells especially with this Covid-19 virus and prisoners are getting it by being forced to be in a cell with another prisoner.

I am PRC’d out of this prison and been locked up for two plus years, yet they saying I will be here for a year before I’m moved this is Krazy!Well, Peg ones will close this and get it out to you in hopes you can give us incite on what move I should make next because I shall be release for I am old-law and they need bed space.


Jack Holling 375949 Stanley CI

11/2/2020 Is it lawful for the prison to give all cold bag lunches for all meals of the day? I am just asking because since all the units at Stanley are currently on quarantine and unit 4 is the only one that's not. This is worrying me for the fact its already hard not being able to see my family. I have not seen them in over a year now and 4 months ago I lost my father. My mother is now all alone and now having to worry about not getting home in time to see her and my kids before its to late. This is cruel and unusual punishment. People who do not have a life sentence and that are serving there first time in prison should be placed on house arrest and probation during these hard times. Since the prisons can't handle taking care of us properly during these hard times and the fact that how are any of us suppose to get back on are feet if we have no family to go home to and no one to lean on to get back on are feet. What are we suppose to do? This is constantly on my mind and I don't want to loose any one else. I love my whole family with no equivocations and to loose any of them due to being in here over just an allegation puts me over the top. These courts are all about money and people should stand up for them selves. When is it going to be enough? This is so hard being away from are family and now even harder because of this virus in prison and out there loosing family. Nothing can be worse then being stuck in here eating the same food every day and not seeing any loved ones while everyone is dying and for us to have to loose time without being there to help and see are family before they are gone. Please let us know what can be done? This is a very sad time the whole world is going thru and for us not being able to see any one at all while loosing family. Thank you for your time, pease be with you.

SCI Ross A Adee 644709 1974 46 out3 29 22 TIS

Ross A Adee

CCI Nate Lindell  303724 1975, 45, Life OL

Nate Lindell


Ben Sanders

RGCI Ben Sanders 56262 1946,74 Life OL Sanders-1026-20-rgci-doing-well.pdf

dominic marak


STEPHANIE COUILLARD (336703) 1968,52

Robert E. Ellsworth Center 10 4 20

REECC LOCKDOWN Covid-19 is now officially at our center. I have asthma and high blood pressure, and am very worried. I have served over 75% of my sentence yet can't get the Governor's office to even acknowledge me with a courtesy response to my petition for clemency. So now the virus is here....and he has the NERVE to say I am safer here than at home with my loved ones?! FOOL! I would be far better off at home where it's clean and healthy food is accessible.. ! I'm a class "G" non- violent offender,and that doesn't matter either. Evers has a scripted excuse for ALL OF US TO STAY LOCKED UP.....MEN,WOMEN,VIOLENT, NONVIOLENT, OLD, YOUNG, HEALTHY, SICK...HE'S A BIG FAT FRAUD! I hope he realizes he has lost his base do to his weak leadership and non action to stand up to the Republicans. He has zero excuse for not using his executive powers, and shows how cowardly he really is.I can't wait to get home and expose his pathetic attempt at fooling the Wisconsin voters by finger pointing rather than ACTING IN A CRISIS! #FOLLOWOTHERSTATESLEAD..# WISCONSIN DOESNOTHINGASUSUAL..# PRISONSTATE

 10/5/2020 2:19:33 PM REECC LOCKDOWN 

I am on the wing (B), that is currently on lockdown for Covid 19 monitoring. To date, none of us have been tested, and staff is allowed to come and go,often working double shifts throughout the building. I find that interesting, considering staff is probably how COVID found its way here in the first place. We are confined to our rooms and had no opportunity to contact loved ones before the confinement. We have no access to library books, day space,phones,fresh air, or even catalogues to order supplies as we sit,watching other units enjoying the sunshine outside. This is my 3RD LOCKDOWN SINCE JUNE. This is happening repeatedly every 4-6 weeks now,and no matter what we do,we women here are at the mercy of incoming/outgoing staff every day. By now,the DOC Should have released many of the low risk, short term ladies here. The current accommodations cannot afford us day space use due to overpopulation in the buildings spaces. Most of us will,when finally released,will have become so traumatized or embittered by the Wisconsin prison system,that we may be worse off than before our incarceration. There is no REHABILITATION here as all programs have ceased,along with work release opportunities. Just sitting on dead time,going stir crazy like caged animals on a daily basis,with no ability to communicate with our support systems( ) as each day rolls into the next. Wasted lives seems to be the new status quo as we trudge into our 8th month with zero help from our "leaders". PROUD OF CALIFORNIA..... THEY SEEM TO " GET IT" as they flex their power towards new policies/visions for our citizens BESIDES LOCKING EVERYONE UP.

 Mia L. White #541187

Robert E. Ellsworth correctional center

21425 A. Spring Street

Union Grove ,WI. 53182-

Right now at this moment the Robert E. Ellsworth correctional center has a inmate that has tested positive for COVID 19 better known as the corona virus. A inmate going home on Tuesday was tested as part of her release planning and the test results came back positive. She and the women that lived in the room with her have been placed on quarantine. Though they are on quarantine there is still a lot of people's health at risk because the center is so small and everyone in the center comes into contact with each other daily. Rather in meals, in passing in the hall way or outside with each other where no one where's masks we've all come into contact with these lady's. One of which is suppose to be a student where I go daily for computer legal work.


Our staff rotate from here to metro in Milwaukee on the regular d still comeback here to work. How backwards is this system ? That is clearly putting the lives of those in the center at a much higher risk. This is illegal, I know it is something that can be done other then to put our lives at risk.


Death Reports

1)    from July report

LaLavar spent 5 days in hospital then beck to WCI to quarantine in horrible conditions- no care no change of bedding or clothes or showers or hygiene in”Dirty, Filthy” cell and the forces to shower with gen pop as were other covid victims.

2)      Nicholas( litigator, helps many) in OSCI described decimating of legal efforts by librarian in OSCI and he is banned form library. HE asks many questions and has requests- will start on them and do what I can Open records especially and he needs books as library and typewriter are banned. der-siege.pdf

3)      Bill Ledford (CCI litigator) recounts retaliation against him in corrlinks – I put this last to first- now is going to WSPF- where he got such poor care he lost his foot. Again, many many people depend on his help as does FFUP- will see what I can do about helping him keep in contact with those he is helping. Nate Lindell alerted me to this also-

4)      Fine intro by Ron Schroeder on ACLU prison report and report itself. Prisons and Jails failing.

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