Friday, November 20, 2020


Letters late Fall- sampling

Derrick Smith

November 11 Derrick Smith writes to FFUP, asking us to contact sisters- he has covid , " the headaches, tired dizziness and worse of all the difficulty breathing. I sometimes struggle so bad I just want to stop went up the DOC chain- no return calls, noone answers, FFUP writes Court where Derrick is litigating his PREA case and trying to prove his innocence asking them to intervene and send him to the hospital. AS it is there is not treatment- the covid positive prisoners get tylenol and are left in their cells. Tylenol does not touch the pain. 

Derrick's letter and request to HSU for treatment :

FFUP's letter to Judge Duffin, where Derrick is litigating two cases.

CALLING OUT THE LIE-no hand sanitizers and lots of transfers

11 18 20: Daryl Strenke 434084 Redgranite Correctional Inst ( RGCI)

 On channel 26.1, last night. (11/17/20) they had a update on the covid virus in prisons and the DOC is lying to the news media and the public, because the news lady said that the dept of corrections was providing extensive cleaning supplies, and no inmate transfers. Here at redgranite, they are doing transfers every week, and when the bus from Dodge, the inmates getting off the bus are not quarantined , instead they go directly to a unit, and they have been transferring inmates to minimum facilities just last week, and they just took 5 inmate from our unit and quarantined them on H unit for 14 days and once that's done they get shipped out. Redgranite is not providing any cleaning supplies, and the units are not getting cleaned extensively as the DOC claims. Redgranite staff quarantined guys to their cells, and they never kept track of them even though they tested positive, the inmates who were suppose to be quarantined, were up of their cells using the phones, going out side without wearing their mask, yet staff did nothing. One guy got out of quarantine from restrictive housing unit and came back to his cell and they RGCI staff placed this guy in the room not knowing the other guy as positive for covid. Staff are so distinctions and fail yo take this seriously. The DOC is lying to the public, and this needs to be brought forward, and the news media needs to be notified to ensure the public is well aware of what's going on in these prisons. PS: About the only cleaning that is taken place is a few guys go around and spray disinfectant on the door knobs, other then that nothing.

Note: We have been badgering the DOC since the beginning to allow disinfectant to inmates-  most will not abuse- OR at least plentiful soap = a few weak attempts at soap then nothing. Lying is cheaper. 

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