Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WCEHTP doccuments needed form prisoners

From: Wisconsin Committee for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Prisoners (WCEHTP)
Subject: Documents to be submitted by prisoners who request public review of their continued long term segregation status.
Date  December 7, 2011
Attention: long term seg or / AC or other prisoners:
The following documents would be the initial requirement for this independent public committee to use and assess your long term confinement in segregation status. If you meet the thresh hold criteria, i.e. been in segregation or AC for five or more consecutive years or have psychological concerns, send us the following documents so we can see if we can help.
1)  your last PRC results
2) Your initial and last AC recommendation sheet and your initial and last AC- committee decision sheets
3) a six page statement from you pointing out in clear and legible format why you think you should be released and/or why you should not be continuously held in seg/ac. (Note: the 6 page requirement, is approximate and we understand that it is too much for some with disabling mental illnesses. We are flexible. Make the statement clear and reasonably detailed.)
4) A two page outline of all legal and court actions you have attempted to get relief; meaning sec 1983 suits or writs of certioraris etc.
5) to better understand the scope and principles behind this committee, see the accompanying WCEHTP mission statement sheet.
6) This is a volunteer project so we cannot make any promises or commitments to anyone. Time and resources are weak so do not send originals. Only send copies as we cannot afford to send documents back.
7) After our initial assessment, we may then request more detailed information and documents. To keep this simple, anyone who sends more will probably not be reviewed. For simplicity is what is required at this stage.
You prevent us from helping you by not following these pertinent instructions.

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